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Landscape, 1515, (1943). Creator: Wolf Huber.

Landscape, 1515, (1943). Creator: Wolf Huber.

2-713-919 - The Print Collector/Heritage Images

Landscape, 1515, (1943). Wooden bridge over a river. Drawing in the Staatliche Graphische Sammlung, Munich, Germany. From "Europäische Handzeichnungen", (Five Hundred Years of European Drawings), by Bernhard Degenhart. [Atlantis-Verlag Berlin, Zürich, 1943]


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  1. 0580063217
  1. 2-713-919
  1. 2713919

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  1. Wolf Huber, attributed to: Austrian / German: Artist, painter, draftsman, and architect
People Related
  1. Bernhard Degenhart: German: Author, writer, art historian
  1. Ink
  2. Pen
Picture Type
  1. Landscape

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