Application Programming Interface (API)

  • Heritage Images provides an extensive API for established sales partners to access images and metadata for the Heritage Image library.
  • Extensive interactive documentation is available for exploration, testing and implementation of our API.
  • Check out the documentation
  • For a production level API login, contact our Sales Dept.
  • API logins are currently ONLY available to sales agents under contract to Heritage.
  • For up to date metadata, call the API, but do not cache or store the data, which is subject to update and improvement at any time.
  • Images can be withdrawn at any time. Each usage (sale) of an image should call the API to obtain the image file. This automatically checks image availability and safeguards copyright availability.
  • High resolution images must not be stored on the client system. Call the API each time an image is required to ensure availability and get the latest file.
  • Images should only be downloaded via the API upon sale. Subsequent sales reports are cross-checked with API downloads to ensure accurate sales reporting.
  • API login details must be kept secure and not shared with any person or entity outside of your organisation. IP addresses of API client systems are recorded.
  • API logins can be withdrawn at any time.
  • This agreement shall be subject to and construed according to English law.
Heritage Image Partnership Ltd