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The functionality that cookies provide ensure, for example, that you do not need to login on every page, that shopping cart contents are kept, and other uses to give users the best possible experience.

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The new GDPR data protection law now in force adds additional protections for website users. We have made a number of changes to comply with the new law. We collect data from users in order to identify them, provide services which are hopefully useful to potential image buyers and researchers, and license images to those users.

The information we record is kept to a minimum - we know how boring long registration forms can be. We do not care to know your mother‘s maiden name or your first pet. Sharing this data anywhere online weakens your security. To register we only ask for

  • Email Address
  • Password
  • Title
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Company Name
  • Whether you would like to receive our infrequent newsletter

If you have agreed to receive our newsletter, we may use your email address and first name only to create and send the email via a private external marketing automation platform.

Except for that very limited instance, we do not share your data with anyone. At all. Ever.

If you actually license an image we also ask for the address for the licensor and the billing address, and possibly your VAT registration number in order to invoice you.

You have the right to remove all of your personal information from our website at any time - please log in and go to MyAccount/My Profile and follow the link to delete your account.

If you have licensed one or more images, we have to retain your information in our accounting systems to comply with invoicing legislation.

We encrypt your password in our database and cannot read it. If you forget it, it must be reset. It is good online practice to use a different and strong password for every website you register with and a password manager can help you manage this. We recommend LastPass.

We hope you are reassured that your information is safe with us, so please stay. We are working hard to make Heritage Images a compelling destination for image professionals and you, our users, are the reason we do it.


The Technology team.