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Flower Piece with Rabbit, 1673-1724. Creator: Franz Werner von Tamm.
Flower Piece with Guinea Pigs, 1673-1724. Creator: Franz Werner von Tamm.
Flower Bowl, 1673-1724. Creator: Franz Werner von Tamm.
Stone Base with Flowers and Fruit, 1673-1724. Creator: Franz Werner von Tamm.
Thistle, Pumpkin and a Goat, 1675. Creator: Lambert Doomer.
A Boar Hunt, 1677. Creator: Juriaen Jacobsz.
Swan Hunt, 1699-1798. Creator: David de Coninck.
Dead Game, 1701. Creator: Jan Weenix.
A Hawk Pouncing on a Pair of Ducks, 1701-1755. Creator: Unknown.
Hounds with Wild-Fowl and Game, 1726. Creator: Jean-Baptiste Oudry.
Storm, 1727-1774. Creator: Christian Wilhelm Ernst Dietrich.
A Shipwreck, 1729-1789. Creator: Claude-Joseph Vernet.
Overgrown ruins, with shepherd and goats in foreground, 1745-1786. Creator: Johan Edvard Mandelberg.
A Quarry with a Flock of Sheep, 1748-1808. Creator: Hubert Robert.
Royal hunt, 1749-1848. Creator: Unknown.
Pheasants in a pen, 1749-1848. Creator: Unknown.
Hyena from the menagerie at Frederiksberg Castle, 1767. Creator: Jens Juel.
Landscape With Skaters, 1770-1779. Creator: Peter Cramer.
Landscape with Mules and Goats, 1772-1871. Creator: Monogrammist I.L..
The Bucintoro Festival of Venice, 1780-1793. Creator: Francesco Guardi.
Monument in an Oak Wood, 1786. Creator: Johann Friedrich Weitsch.
View towards Drammen, Norway, 1790-1799. Creator: Christian August Lorentzen.
Thunderstorm at sea, 1791. Creator: Jens Juel.
A wild boar hunt, 1792-1830. Creator: Christian David Gebauer.
Wild boar hunting, 1792-1831. Creator: Christian David Gebauer.
The entrance to Holmestrand in Norway with the road from Drammen along the cliff face..., 1797-1845. Creator: Jens Peter Møller.
View of Sortedamssoen towards Norrebro, 1798-1809. Creator: Elias Meyer.
Moonlit Landscape, 1808-1856. Creator: Thomas Doughty.
View of Vordingborg, 1810. Creator: Heinrich August Grosch.
Peasants dance around a fire on a hillside, Saint John's Eve, 1816-1890. Creator: Jorgen Sonne.
Cattle in a forest, 1817. Creator: Samuel Mygind.
Forest near Charlottenlund, evening, 1818-1831. Creator: Heinrich Christian August Buntzen.
The Gulf of Naples with Vesuvius, 1818-1821. Creator: Franz Ludwig Catel.
From the Harbour at Naples. Gathering Storm, 1820-1821. Creator: Franz Ludwig Catel.
Winter landscape with ice skaters, from Frederiksdal, 1820-1829. Creator: Johan Stroe.
View of the Colosseum in Moonlight, 1826-1839. Creator: Franz Ludwig Catel.
Frigate with rigged undersails in a storm, 1827-1865. Creator: Carl Dahl.
Lisbon Roads, 1827-1865. Creator: Carl Dahl.
Kullen from Mølleleje (?), 1829.  Creator: CW Eckersberg.
Mountain Landscape in Venosta with the Castle Coira and the Mountain Ortles, 1829-1831. Creator: Jorgen Sonne.
Farmworkers going home from the fields with the last load of grain, 1830-1882. Creator: Hans Jorgen Hammer.
A Wood near Frederiksborg Castle, 1831-1851. Creator: Godtfred Rump.
The "Summer Spire" on the Chalk Cliffs of the Island of Mon, Moonlight, 1831. Creator: Frederik Hansen Sodring.
The Southern Entrance to Almannagiaa near Thingvalla in Iceland, 1832. Creator: Johann Christian Michael Ezdorf.
A bouquet of flowers at the foot of a tree; A wreath hangs on a branch, 1832. Creator: Christine Lovmand.
Two Danish frigates signalling to each other in a storm, 1833. Creator: Jacob Petersen.
Landscape by a Lake in Bavaria, Germany, 1833-1837. Creator: Christian Morgenstern.
View of Kullen in Sweden, Smugglers Hiding their Goods among the Rocks, Moonlight, 1834. Creator: Louis Gurlitt.
June day at Rorvig, 1834-1903. Creator: Vilhelm Kyhn.
The Eruption of the Great Geyser in Iceland in 1834, 1835. Creator: Friedrich Theodore Kloss.
A View towards Assens in Funen. In the Distance the Coast of Schleswig, 1835-1836. Creator: Dankvart Dreyer.
A winter's day by the Elbe, 1835-1873. Creator: Georg Emil Libert.
Coast road at Vedbæk, winter afternoon, 1836-1837. Creator: Johan Stroe.
Winter evening, Susåen, 1838-1910. Creator: Frederik Vermehren.
Büresheim [sic] Castle on the Eifel River, 1838. Creator: Frederik Hansen Sodring.
Landscape near Sétúbal, Portugal, 1839. Creator: Thorald Brendstrup.
View of the District near Segeberg, Germany, 1839. Creator: Frederik Rohde.
Forest landscape at Hellebæk - Autumn, 1841. Creator: Johann Hermann Carmiencke.
Flower piece, 1841. Creator: Christine Lovmand.
A Landscape near Himmelbjerget, Jutland. In the Foreground a Gypsy Family, 1842. Creator: Louis Gurlitt.