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Trans-Siberian Railway metal truss bridge on stone piers, over the Kama River near Perm..., c1910. Creator: Sergey Mikhaylovich Prokudin-Gorsky.
Bridge beyond the rapids, over the Syr-Darya from the right bank, Golodnaia..., between 1905-1915. Creator: Sergey Mikhaylovich Prokudin-Gorsky.
Volokov drawbridge on the Vytegra River, 1909. Creator: Sergey Mikhaylovich Prokudin-Gorsky.
Drawbridge on the Vytegra River [Russian Empire], 1909. Creator: Sergey Mikhaylovich Prokudin-Gorsky.
View of Tiazhin Bridge Spans, 1909. Creator: Dorozhno-Stroitel'nyi Otdel.
A Bridge 6 Sazhens Long. Kedrovsko-Borodavskaia Road, 1906-1908. Creator: Dorozhno-Stroitel'nyi Otdel.
A Bridge of 8 Sazhens Length. Mal'tsevsk-Novosibirsk Road, 1906-1908. Creator: Dorozhno-Stroitel'nyi Otdel.
A Bridge Over the Gniluiu River. Dvurechno-Durovskaya Railroad, 1906-1908. Creator: Dorozhno-Stroitel'nyi Otdel.
A Bridge Over the Barsa River. Kedrovsko-Alekseevsk Railroad, 1906-1908. Creator: Dorozhno-Stroitel'nyi Otdel.
A Bridge of 12 Sazhens Length Across the Sosnovka River on the Votinovskoaia Railroad, 1909. Creator: Dorozhno-Stroitel'nyi Otdel.
A Bridge over the Irkut River, 1904. Creator: Boris Vasilievich Smirnov.
Bridge over Khvoynaya Bay, 1904-1917. Creator: Unknown.
Irkutsk pontoon boat on the Angara River, 1904-1914. Creator: Unknown.
Michael Church in Steyr, 1917. Creator: Richard Harlfinger.
New bridge at Lambeth, 1862. Creator: Unknown.
Fall of the middle level sluice on the west bank of the Ouse, about four miles from Lynn..., 1862. Creator: Unknown.
Span of a large iron lattice-bridge to cross the River Jumna, near Delhi, 1862.  Creator: Unknown.
The Moorabool Viaduct on the Melbourne and Ballarat Railway, Australia, 1862.  Creator: Unknown.
New railway-bridge over the Rhine, near Mayence, 1862. Creator: Unknown.
Intended new bridge over the Thames at Blackfriars, 1862. Creator: Unknown.
The town and cathedral of Monreale, in Sicily, 1862. Creator: Unknown.
Commencement of the Thames Embankment: driving the first pile..., 1862. Creator: Unknown.
Preston, Lancashire, 1862. Creator: Unknown.
View of Bilbao, Spain, from the railway station, 1862. Creator: Unknown.
The annual regatta of the Clydesdale Amateur Rowing Club, recently held at Glasgow, 1862. Creator: Unknown.
Scene of the recent railway accident at Winchburgh, on the Edinburgh and Glasgow Railway, 1862. Creator: Unknown.
Circum-Baikal trade route. Boyarskaya station, end of 19th century. Creator: Nikolai Apollonovich Charushin.
View of the Canal, Leading to Gonamu Opposite Canton, 1813.. Creator: Ivan Vasil'evich Chesky.
Main street in Petropavlovsk in Kamchatka. View of Mishennaya Sopka, 1890.  Creator: Unknown.
A Bridge over the Tym River near the Settlement of Rykovsk, 1880-1899. Creator: Innokenty Ignatievich Pavlovsky.
River Landscape with Bridge and House, 1890. Creator: Henri-Joseph Harpignies.
Ryogoku Bridge and the Great Riverbank, 1856. Creator: Ando Hiroshige.
The Civil War in America: the long bridge over the Potomac at Washington, guarded by the..., 1861. Creator: Unknown.
The Archaeological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland: Crowland Bridge, Lincolnshire, 1861. Creator: Unknown.
Plan of the proposed Thames Embankment, 1861. Creator: Unknown.
Opening of the South Durham and Lancashire Union Railway: the Tees Viaduct, 1861.  Creator: Unknown.
Fatal railway accident at Kentish-Town, on the north and south western junction line: scene..., 1861 Creator: Unknown.
View of the ruins of the Lendal Bridge, York, taken immediately after its fall, 1861. Creator: Unknown.
The War in America: the Chain-Bridge across the Potomac above Georgetown, looking towards..., 1861. Creator: Unknown.
Monster swing-bridge at Brest, 1861. Creator: Unknown.
Sketches from the interior of Japan, by our special artist: Stone Bridge at Isahaia, 1861. Creator: Unknown.
The last vestiges of Old Westminster Bridge, 1861. Creator: Mason Jackson.
Reinforcements for Canada: the Guards crossing Westminster-Bridge on their way to the..., 1861. Creator: Unknown.
Fire in the Guard House on the Pont Neuf, 1798-1804. Creator: Claude Niquet I.
The Elisabeth Bridge over the Vienna River, undated. Creator: Franz Gerasch.
The Radetzky Bridge over the Vienna River with its outlet into the Danube, undated. Creator: Franz Gerasch.
Parisian landscape with Pont Neuf, 1907. Creator: Julius Ullmann.
At the Abzucht (in Goslar), 1932. Creator: Rudolf Wacker.
Franconian landscape, 1904. Creator: Anton von Stadler.
The Adige River at Verona, c1894. Creator: Frits Thaulow.
Landscape with Bridge, c1865-1870. Creator: Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot.
The Estacade Bridge, 1880. Creator: Stanislas Lepine.
Boat and Bridge Scene, 1836. Creator: John Wilhelm Nahl.
The French attack on the Bridge Pa-Li-Chian, eight miles from Pekin..., 1860. Creator: Unknown.
'Sur la route de Monastir ; La route de Monastir coupee par les Bulgares en retraite', 1916. Creator: Unknown.
'les Italiens en Albanie ; un auto-camion italienen mauvaise posture sur le pont du Sarantaporos, a  Creator: Unknown.
'La retraite allemande; La poursuite: passerelle jetee par les pionniers anglais sur une ancienne tr Creator: Unknown.
'Sur la route de Saint-Quentin; Le passage par nos troupes d'un pont detruit par l'ennemi sur le can Creator: Unknown.
'Les routes de la poursuite; Troupes britanniques passant la Somme', 1917. Creator: Unknown.
A Bridge over a Forest Stream, 1840s. Creator: Heinrich Dreber.