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Le Pont de Bois, between circa 1638 and circa 1641. Creator: Claude Lorrain.
Harbor with a Large Tower, c1641. Creator: Claude Lorrain.
Isle of Graia, Gulf of Akabah, 1844. Creator: David Roberts.
View of the Small Waterfall and Rapids, Tivoli, c1769. Creator: Giovanni Battista Piranesi.
Landscape with River and Figures, between 1600 and 1699. Creator: Giovanni Francesco Grimaldi.
River Landscape with Bridge and House, 1890. Creator: Henri-Joseph Harpignies.
Environs de Rome, 1866. Creator: Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot.
La nature étaloit à nos yeux toute sa magnificence, 1778. Creator: Jean Baptiste Blaise Simonet.
Study of a Tree, between circa 1800 and circa 1805. Creator: Jean-Victor Bertin.
Landscape with Flock of Sheep and a Dog, 1560s - 1570s. Creator: Martino Rota.
Landscape with Watermill, 1622. Creator: Matthaus Merian.
Fisherman in a Fantastic Landscape, 1868. Creator: Rodolphe Bresdin.
Hashiba Ferry in Snow, 1864. Creators: Utagawa Hiroshige II, Utagawa Kunisada.
Kanagawa, Published in 1865. Creator: Utagawa Kunisada II.
The Sumida River in Colors of Spring (image 23 of 48), 1862. Creators: Utagawa Kunisada II, Ryutei Tanehiko II.
December: Village Scene with Inn, published 1599. Creator: Antonio Tempesta.
The Age of Silver, published 1606. Creators: Antonio Tempesta, Wilhelm Janson.
Landscape with Country Folk and Woodcutter, 1730. Creator: Marco Ricci.
Colossal Statue of the Apennines, 1653. Creator: Stefano della Bella.
"The Murmuring Pines at Hamamatsu" from the series Fifty-three..., between c1841 and c1842. Creator: Ando Hiroshige.
Inokashira Pond and Benzaiten Shrine in Snow, between c1844 and c1845. Creator: Ando Hiroshige.
Kinryuzan, c1840. Creator: Ando Hiroshige.
Oji Inari Shrine, c1840. Creator: Ando Hiroshige.
Shimosa Province, Choshi Beach, Toura, 1853. Creator: Ando Hiroshige.
Cherry-blossom Viewing at Arashiyama, early 1830s. Creator: Ando Hiroshige.
Nippori, mid-1830s. Creator: Ando Hiroshige.
No. 1 - Nihonbashi, between 1847 and 1852. Creator: Ando Hiroshige.
Night View of Matsuchiyama and the San'ya Canal (Matsuchiyama San'yabori yakei), 1857. Creator: Ando Hiroshige.
Tsuchiyama, between c1833 and c1834. Creator: Ando Hiroshige.
Zojoji Pagoda and Akabane, 1857. Creator: Ando Hiroshige.
Sanuki Province, Distant View of Mt. Zozu, 1855. Creator: Ando Hiroshige.
Ryogoku Bridge and the Great Riverbank, 1856. Creator: Ando Hiroshige.
Susaki and the Jumantsubo Plain near Fukagawa, 1857. Creator: Ando Hiroshige.
Act VI: Hunters Returning after Bringing the Body of the Murdered..., between c1835 and c1839. Creator: Ando Hiroshige.
Act III: Bannai, Retainer of Moronao, with List of Presents to Appease..., between c1835 and c1839. Creator: Ando Hiroshige.
Tsukuda in the Eastern Capital, c1858. Creator: Ando Hiroshige.
The Otsuki Plain in Kai Province, 1858. Creator: Ando Hiroshige.
The Oi River between Suruga and Totomi Provinces, 1858. Creator: Ando Hiroshige.
Moon after Snow at Ryogoku, mid-1840s. Creator: Ando Hiroshige.
"The Path to Blackdown and the Surrey Highlands", by J. W. Weymper, from the exhibition of..., 1861. Creator: Unknown.
"The Woodland Glade", by G. Chester, from the Royal Academy Exhibition, 1861. Creator: Unknown.
"The Valley of the Lledr", by J. C. Reed, from the exhibition of the new Water-Colour Society, 1861. Creator: Unknown.
Brolio, the ancestral seat of the Ricasoli family, 1861. Creator: Unknown.
The Installation of Lord Palmerston as Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports: the Roman Dubris..., 1861. Creator: Unknown.
New Boulevard Malesherbes, looking towards the Madeleine, 1861. Creator: Unknown.
The Castle of Dieppe, 1861. Creator: Unknown.
Monument recently erected at Dives, Normandy, in memory of the departure of William of..., 1861. Creator: Unknown.
Monster swing-bridge at Brest, 1861. Creator: Unknown.
The Coronation of the King and Queen of Prussia: view of Königsberg from the tower of the..., 1861. Creator: Unknown.
Birdseye view of the Sulina mouth of the Danube, showing the works of improvement lately..., 1861. Creator: Unknown.
Inundation of the Nile: view below Kafr Zayat, showing the railway-bridge, and train off..., 1861. Creator: Richard Principal Leitch.
Inundation of the Nile: view of villages and encampment on the bank of the Nile, 1861. Creator: Richard Principal Leitch.
Inundation of the Nile: colossal statues in the Plain of Thebes, 1861. Creator: Richard Principal Leitch.
The new range of the Surrey Rifles, Peckham Rye: firing for the prizes at the 550 yards, 1861. Creator: Unknown.
The residence of Brigham Young at the Great Salt Lake City, Utah, 1861. Creator: Unknown.
"The Curate of Glevering", Glevering Green - drawn by S. Read, 1861. Creator: Mason Jackson.
The boundary line between the United States and Canada, 1861. Creator: Unknown.
View of the Famous Chestnut Tree of Mount Etna, called Centum Cavalli, 1784. Creator: Claude Louis Chatelet.
Tomb of Louis XII, François I, Henry IV, Louis XIV, and all the kings of France in the Val..., 1817. Creator: Pernot.
View of the Lac d’Espingo and the Cirque d’Espingo in the Pyrenees, Aug. 21, 1865. Creator: Eugène Emmanuel Viollet-le-Duc.