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Wallpaper, 1920s. Creator: Unknown.
Wallpaper, 1920s. Creator: Unknown.
The presentation of the Virgin,  late 16th century. Creator: Unknown.
Sexta etas mundi. Page from Liber Chronicarum [The Nuremberg Chronicle] fol. CCLVI. Creator: Unknown.
A sheet of studies after the Antique, 1532-1535. Creator: Maerten van Heemskerck.
The building of the " Queen Elizabeth", John Brown's Yard, Clydebank, 1938. Creator: David Muirhead Bone.
Painting Book, 'The Marigold Painting BookKate Greenaway', c1900. Creator: Catherine Greenaway.
Leptoscopus huttonii, Haast specimen B, 1872. Creator: James Francis McCardell.
Kaka parrot and variety Kaka-kura. Nestor Meridionalis. (one-half natural size), 1888. Creator: Johannes Keulemans.
The Titoki. A Forest-Tree / The Taua. A Large Forest-Tree Plate 13..., 1842. Creator: Martha King.
Composition, 1921. Creator: Piet Mondrian.
Needlework pattern,c1870-1900. Creator: Hertz & Wegener.
Needlework pattern, 1800-1900. Creator: A Nicolai.
A Ruin On The Palatine Hill, 1630-35. Creator: Claude Lorrain.
Recto: Seated Prophet, c1677-78. Creator: Domenico Maria Canuti.
The Incredulity Of Saint Thomas, c1569. Creator: Giorgio Vasari.
The Appointment Of The Blessed Alessandro Sauli As Superior General Of The Barnabites, 1610-1624. Creator: Giovanni Battista della Rovere.
Galloping Centaur, c1755-1765. Creator: Giovanni Domenico Tiepolo.
Street With Tradesmen, late 16th-early 17th century.. Creator: Giovanni Maria Tamburini.
Two Caryatid Figures Framing A Cartouche With Two Cupids (Deux Figures De Cariatides..., late 1770s. Creator: Giuseppe Cades.
Saint Onophrius In The Wilderness, c1610-20. Creator: Jacopo Palma.
Jockey, 1909. Creator: Max Jacob.
Saint Peter, c1530. Creator: Perino del Vaga.
Women With A Dog, 1891. Creator: Pierre Bonnard.
Christ And Disciples On The Sea Of Galilee, c1560s. Creator: Taddeo Zuccaro.
Kitchen Interior, c1862. Creator: Theodule Ribot.
Les bêcheurs (The diggers), 1855-1856. Creator: Jean Francois Millet.
Wooded landscape, 1790s-1820s. Creator: John White Abbott.
A Female Satyr, 1527. Creator: Giulio Romano.
A Satyr, 1527. Creator: Giulio Romano.
Galatea, 1896. Creator: Gustave Moreau.
Certificate to Pyotr Efimovich Pimenov, paramedic of the third advanced surgical detachment..., 1921 Creator: Unknown.
Arrival of the Ostyaks for summer fishing, 1928. Creator: Dmitrii Innokent'evich Karatanov.
Russian trading ilimka, 1928. Creator: Dmitrii Innokent'evich Karatanov.
Labaz. Selkups, 1920. Creator: A. G. Vargin.
Cartoon of man with empty pockets, between c1900 and c1930. Creator: Lomen Brothers.
A Bridge over the Irkut River, 1904. Creator: Boris Vasilievich Smirnov.
The Zabaikal Taiga. Hunter near a Trap, 1904. Creator: Boris Vasilievich Smirnov.
Morning Daybreak in the Wilds of Krasnoyarsk Taiga, 1904. Creator: Boris Vasilievich Smirnov.
Angels cleaning Christmas tree, c1900. Creator: Carl Froschl.
View from the artist's studio (right window), around 1805/1806. Creator: Caspar David Friedrich.
Tree study, undated. (c1850s) Creator: Friedrich Gauermann.
Soldiers playing cards, 1880. Creator: Friedrich Friedlaender.
Two men, one of them an amputee, around 1875. Creator: Joseph Eugen Horwarter.
The returning son, around 1890. Creator: Joseph Eugen Horwarter.
Two men in rococo costumes, around 1890/1900. Creator: Joseph Eugen Horwarter.
Man's head with fur hat, undated. (c1860s) Creator: Louis Toussaint.
Preserved! Shall this be her grace", 1878.  Creator: Fritz von Dardel.
Count Emanuel Gyldenstolpe plays Listz on the piano. (c1850s)  Creator: Fritz von Dardel.
"The English legacy". The English Diplomatic Corps. (c1850s) Creator: Fritz von Dardel.
"Wessle, sugar baker". Vaxholm, 1874. Creator: Fritz von Dardel.
"Edman! Which ball do you want scored". Pool scene. (c1850s) Creator: Fritz von Dardel.
"My first hunt". Gimo October 7, 1841.  Creator: Fritz von Dardel.
"Forward march, go on. By Robson". (c1850s). Creator: Fritz von Dardel.
"'General Masquerad-Organizer with staff'. Carl Fred. Piper, Dardel, Ehrnman, O. Björnstjerna", 1845 Creator: Fritz von Dardel.
Tolvfors, 1923. Creator: Ferdinand Boberg.
Peasant woman and peasant, (c1900s).  Creator: Albert Engstrom.
Houses, undated. (c1930s) Creator: Anny Dollschein.
Spring Morning in the Han Palace, 2nd half 17th century. Creator: Unknown.
Wang Xianzhi [Wang Hsien-Chih] and Two Wives Among Willows and Rocks, 1500-1525. Creator: Du Jin.