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Church plan and sleeping apostle, 1220-1240, (1943).  Creator: Villard de Honnecourt.
Studies of heads, c1320-1366, (1943). Creators: Taddeo Gaddi, Agnolo Gaddi.
Detail from 'Allegory of Poverty', early-mid 14th century, (1943).  Creator: Follower of Giotto.
Cathedral and St Michael, c1460, (1943). Creator: Unknown.
Three young women, c1400, (1943). Creator: Unknown.
Apostle, c1400, (1943).  Creator: Unknown.
Saint Margaret, early 15th century, (1943). Creator: Unknown.
Fishermen, mid 15th century, (1943). Creator: Unknown.
Naked man riding a horse, early 15th century, (1943). Creator: Unknown.
Sketches of heads, early 15th century, (1943). Creator: Unknown.
Animal heads, early 15th century, (1943).  Creator: Unknown.
'Madonna with Christ-Child Blessing', 1440-1450, (1943). Creator: Unknown.
Portrait of Cardinal Niccolò Albergati, c1430, (1943).  Creator: Jan van Eyck.
'Portrait of a Man with a Falcon', c1447, (1943). Creator: Petrus Christus.
Portrait of John IV, Duke of Brabant, 1460-1470, (1943). Creator: Unknown.
Madonna and child in an interior, early 15th century?, (1943). Creator: School of Konrad Witz.
Portrait of a woman with a ring, (St Catherine?), 1450-1470, (1943). Creator: Master ES.
'The Baptism of Christ', 1445-1450, (1943). Creator: Master ES.
The Martyrdom of Saint Ursula and her companions, c1450, (1943). Creator: Martin Schongauer.
St Margaret trampling a demon, mid-late 15th century, (1943).  Creator: Martin Schongauer.
Rider and woman, c1480, (1943).  Creator: Martin Schongauer.
Gentleman and Lady in Court Costume, c1420-1455, (1943). Creator: Pisanello.
Head of a horse, c1420-1455, (1943). Creator: Pisanello.
Cow and calf, mid-late 15th centuy, (1943). Creator: Benozzo Gozzoli.
Bust of a cleric, c1450, (1943). Creator: Fra Angelico.
Adoration of the Magi, c1430-1460, (1943). Creator: Jacopo Bellini.
Procession in Venice, mid-late 15th century, (1943). Creator: Gentile Bellini.
Turkish Janissary, 1479-1481, (1943). Creator: Gentile Bellini.
Seated man with astronomical instrument?, late 15th century, (1943).  Creator: Giovanni Bellini.
Four naked men, mid-late 15th century, (1943). Creator: Giovanni di Paolo.
Portrait of a Venetian senator, 1487, (1943).  Creator: Francesco Bonsignori.
'Allegory of the Liberal Arts: Logic and Grammar', early 15th century, (1943). Creator: Stefano da Verona.
Dante and Beatrice, 1492-1495, (1943). Creator: Sandro Botticelli.
Abundance or Autumn, 1480-1485, (1943). Creator: Sandro Botticelli.
Judith with the head of Holofernes, 1490-1495, (1943).  Creator: Andrea Mantegna.
'A scene in an arsenal', c1485-1490, (1943). Creator: Leonardo da Vinci.
'Landscape drawing for Santa Maria della Neve on 5th August 1473', (1943). Creator: Leonardo da Vinci.
The Virgin and Child with St Anne and St John the Baptist, 1499-1500, (1943). Creator: Leonardo da Vinci.
Head of a Young Woman (Study for the Angel in the 'Virgin of the Rocks'), c1485, (1943). Creator: Leonardo da Vinci.
Heads of the Virgin and Child, c1492-1494, (1943). Creator: Giovanni Antonio Boltraffio.
Portrait of a woman, late 15th-early 16th century, (1943). Creator: Perugino.
Pope Julius II, c1512, (1943). Creator: Raphael.
The Madonna, the Christ Child and St John, 1507, (1943). Creator: Raphael.
Battle scene, early 16th century, (1943).  Creator: Raphael.
Seated male nude, 1509-1511, (1943). Creator: Raphael.
The goddess Fortuna, late 16th-early 17th century, (1943). Creator: Alessandro Allori.
Male nude, 1503-1504, (1943). Creator: Michelangelo Buonarroti.
'Christ on the Cross between the Virgin and St John', c1560-1564, (1943). Creator: Michelangelo Buonarroti.
'The Resurrection', c1532, (1943). Creator: Michelangelo Buonarroti.
'Ideal Head', 1520-1525, (1943). Creator: Michelangelo Buonarroti.
Sketch of the Virgin Mary for an Annunciation, mid-16th century, (1943). Creator: Jacopo Pontormo.
Study of Saint Catherine, c1530-1540, (1943). Creator: Parmigianino.
Portrait of a woman, c1515-1557, (1943).  Creator: Jacopo Pontormo.
Portrait of a young woman, c1515, (1943). Creator: Titian.
'Self portrait with a Bandage', 1492, (1943). Creator: Albrecht Durer.
'The Architect Hieronymus von Augsburg', 1506, (1943). Creator: Albrecht Durer.
Barbara Dürer, 1514, (1943). Creator: Albrecht Durer.
Death riding, 1505, (1943). Creator: Albrecht Durer.
'Agony in the Garden', 1521, (1943).  Creator: Albrecht Durer.
'Praying Hands', 1508, (1943). Creator: Albrecht Durer.