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'Sir John Sinclair (1754-1835), 1st Baronet of Ulbster', c1794. Artist: Henry Raeburn.
The Cock of the North: George, Fifth Duke of Gordon', c1812. Artist: George Sanders.
'Eleonora di Toledo,' c1559. Artist: Agnolo Bronzino.
'Portrait of a gentleman with gloves', c1543. Artist: Lorenzo Lotto.
'Lady Hamilton as a Bacchante', 1785. Artist: George Romney.
'The Virgin and St. Anne Teaching The Infant Saviour To Walk', c1470. Artist: Unknown.
Saint Peter enthroned with Saints, John the Baptist and Saint Paul', c1516. Creator: Giovanni Battista Cima da Conegliano.
'Miss O’Dwyer', c1799. Artist: George Chinnery.
'A Royal Scrutoire', c1725. Artist: Unknown.
'The Alarm, La Gouvernante Fidele', 1723. Artist: Jean Francois de Troy.
'Vase of flowers, with Cherries and Almonds on the table, Nature morte; Irises, Delphinium hybrids a Artist: Henri Fantin-Latour.
'Storm Off Whitby', 1851. Artist: Anthony Vandyke Copley Fielding.