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'Fanny Burney (Mme. D'Arblay)', c1780, (1920). Creator: Nathaniel Hone.
'Sadler Over The Lighthouse, Dublin', 1817, (1920). Creator: Robert Havell.
'Fete Du Sacre Et Couronnement De Leurs Majetes Imperiales', 1804, (1920). Creator: Unknown.
'Kitty Fisher', c1750, (1920). Creator: Francis Cotes.
'The Countess of Erroll', c1750, (1920). Creator: Francis Cotes.
'Mary Hatfield', c1828, (1920). Creator: J Wright.
'Master Bloxham', c1810, (1920). Creator: Thomas Lawrence.
'Portrait of Mr. John Maddison', 1783, (1920). Creator: Johan Zoffany.
'St. Michael's Mount', c1830s, (1920). Creator: James Baker Pyne.
'Handel', c1740, (1920). Creator: William Hoare.
'Elizabeth Jane Hinchcliffe', 1805, (1920). Creator: John James Masquerier.
'Portrait of a Lady', c19th century, (1920). Creator: Jan Anthonisz van Ravesteyn.
'Sortie Des Barques A Trouville', 1895, (1920). Creator: Eugene Louis Boudin.
'The Air Balloon', 1783, (1920). Creator: Unknown.
'Three Pique Snuff-Boxes', 1920. Creator: Unknown.
'St. Jerome in his Study', c1530, (1920). Creator: Circle of Joos van Cleve.
'Miss Elizabeth Phelps', 1778, (1920). Creator: Matthew William Peters.
'Silver Tankard, 1695; Jug, 1746; Cup and Cover,1658', c19th century, (1920). Creator: Unknown.
'Lady Hamilton as the Goddess of Health', c1790, (1920). Creator: George Romney.
'Judith with the Head of Holofernes', c19th century, (1920). Creator: Peter Lely.
'In The Bey's Garden', 1865, (1920). Creator: John Frederick Lewis.
'Portrait of Sir James Oxenden, 2nd Bart., (1643-1708)', c1670, (1920). Creator: Edmund Ashfield.
'Byron', c1800, (1911). Artist: Richard Westall.
'Byron', c1800, (1911). Artist: Richard Westall.
'Tis The Pace That Kills', 1911. Artist: Unknown.
'The Charmers', 1796, (1911). Artists: Unknown, Matthew William Peters, C Knight.
'The Front of the Manor House, Hitchin', 1911. Artist: Unknown.
La Fontaine (The Water Cistern), c1733, (1911). Artist: Jean-Simeon Chardin.
'Portrait of Lord Mansfield', 18th century, (1911). Artist: Farberger.
'Silhouette Portrait of a Man', 18th century, (1911). Artist: Farberger.
'Battersea Enamels in the James Ward Usher Collection', 1911. Artist: Unknown.
'Byron as he appeared after his daily ride at Pisa and Genoa', c1820s, (1911). Artist: Gaspar Netscher.
'Byron', c1820s, (1911). Artist: Count d'Orsay.
'Portrait of a Young Princess', c19th century, (1911). Artist: Unknown.
'Mona Lisa', c16th century, (1911). Artist: Unknown.
'Barbara Velverton', 1501, (1911). Artist: Unknown.
'Herbert of Raglan (Charles Somerset, Baron)', c1480-1500, (1911). Artist: Unknown.
'Water Lane, Dedham', c1802, (1911). Artist: John Constable.
'The Newly Elected M.P.', 1835, (1911). Artist: Unknown.
'Darnley of Lennox', 1567, (1911). Artist: Unknown.
'Jacob Tonson, founder of the Kit-Cat Club', c1730, (1911). Artist: Unknown.
'Sir George Hastings', 1911. Artist: Unknown.
'Lady Bagot, Viscountess Burghersh and Lady Fitzroy Somerset', 1827, (1911). Artist: Thomas Lawrence.
'One of a Pair of Worcester Vases', 1911. Artist: Unknown.
'Miss Chaplin', c18th century (1911). Artists: Percy Henry Martindale, John Russell.
Eleanor of Austria, Queen of France, Second Wife of Francis 1st,', 1911.  Artist: Unknown.
'Napoleon's Bedroom at Fontainebleau', 1911 Artist: Unknown.
'Sophia Charlotte of Mecklenburgh Strellitz, Queen of England, Wife of George 3rd', 1911. Artist: Unknown.
'The State Dining Room', 1911. Artist: Unknown.
'The Music Salon, Looking Aft', 1911. Artist: Unknown.
'The Royal Smoking Room', 1911. Artist: Unknown.
'Bay on Long Gallery, Showing Terra-Cotta Work and Old Panelling', 1910. Artist: Unknown.
'Ball-Room by Sir William Chambers, 1723-1796), at Carrington House, Whitehall', 1910.  Artist: Unknown.
'Chippendale Settee and Chair', 1910. Artists: Thomas Chippendale, Unknown.
'The Seal of Robert Bruce', 1910. Artist: Unknown.
'Charles, Dauphin De France', 1910. Artist: Maurice-Quentin de La Tour.
'Madame Jane Kelleway as Diana, 17th century, (1910). Artist: Peter Lely.
'Le Vallon', 19th century, (1910). Artist: Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot.
'The Ages of Man - Manhood', c1710-1740, (1910). Artist: Nicolas Lancret.
''The Ascent of Vincent Lunardi, accompanied by Mrs. Sage and Mr. Biggin', 1785, (1910). Artist: Unknown.