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'Title-Page of one of the Pamphlets written by Vincent Lunardi', 1786, (1910). Artist: Vincenzo Lunardi.
'The Brothers Montgolfier', 18th century, (1910). Artist: JC De Mayr.
'Mrs. Jordan in the Character of Hypolita, c1791, (1910). Artist: John Jones.
'Boy as Archer', 17th century, (1910). Artist: Nicolaes Maes.
'Hispano-Mauresque Carpet', c15th century, (1910). Artist: Unknown.
'A Prince of France', cearly 18th century, (1910). Artist: Jean-Marc Nattier.
'Portrait of Miss Singleton', c1769, (1910). Artist: Thomas Gainsborough.
'The Canal in St. James's Park with the Queen's House taken from the Parade', 1794, (1910). Artists: Unknown, John Stevens.
'My Dear Little Shock', c19th century, (1910). Artist: John Samuel Agar.
'Two Children with a Jay in a Cage', c18th century, (1910). Artist: Matthew William Peters.
'The Armoury', 1910. Artist: Unknown.
'A Fete Champetre', (Pastoral Gathering), 18th century, (1910). Artist: Jean-Antoine Watteau.
'Oak Staircase of Charles II, at Whitton Park House', 1910.  Artist: Unknown.
'Upper Part of Mantelpiece in the Style of Daniel Marot', 18th century, (1910). Artist: Unknown.
'Marie of Austria - Empress of Germany, 1528-1603', 16th century, (1910). Artist: Juan Pantoja de la Cruz.
'Danse Des Bergers De Sorrente', (Dance of the Shepherds of Sorrento), 19th century, (1910). Artist: Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot.
'Hastings', 19th century, (1910). Artist: JMW Turner.
'Mlle. Doré - French School', c1760, (1910). Artist: Francois Hubert Drouais.
'L'Etang', (The Ponds), 19th century, (1910). Artist: Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot.
'Girl With Fruit', c1780, (1910). Artist: Matthew William Peters.
'Mantelpiece', 18th century, (1910). Artist: Daniel Marot.
'Portrait of Shakespeare', 1790s, (1910). Artist: William Henry Ireland.
'Portrait De La Reine Marie-Anne', (Mariana of Austria), 1652, (1910). Artist: Diego Velasquez.
'Marie Louise', c1820s. 1910. Artist: D Weis.
'William and Mary Armchair', 17th century, (1910). Artist: Unknown.
'Queen Anne Interior, with Elizabethan Chairs', 18th century, (1910). Artist: Unknown.
'The Madonna Adoring the Christ Child', 15th century, (1910). Artist: Filippino Lippi.
'Caroline of Litchfield, meditating on Waldstein's Picture', c1780s, (1910). Artist: Unknown.
'Cotehele House, Cornwall - The Earl of Mount Edgcumbe', 1910. Artist: Unknown.
'Belvoir Castle, Leicestershire' - The Duke of Rutland, 1910. Artist: Unknown.
'Badminton, Gloucester - The Duke of Beaufort', 1910. Artist: Unknown.
'Eridge Castle, Tunbridge Wells - The Marquis of Abergavenny, K.G.', 1910. Artist: Unknown.
'Eaton Hall, Cheshire - The Duke of Westminster', 1910. Artist: Unknown.
'Bayham, Kent - The Marquis Camden', 1910. Artist: Unknown.
'Castle Ashby, Northamptonshire - The Marquis of Northampton, K.G.', 1910. Artist: Unknown.
'Grimsthorpe Castle, Lincolnshire - The Earl of Ancaster', 1910. Artist: Unknown.
'Hatfield House, Herts - The Marquis of Salisbury', 1910. Artist: Unknown.
'Naworth Castle, Cumberland - The Earl of Carlisle', 1910. Artist: Unknown.
'Highclere Castle, Hampshire - The Earl of Carnarvon', 1910. Artist: Unknown.
'Wilton House, Salisbury - The Earl of Pembroke and Montgomery', 1910. Artist: Unknown.
'Wentworth Woodhouse, Yorkshire - The Earl Fitzwilliam', 1910. Artist: Unknown.
'Hurstbourne Park - The Earl of Portsmouth', 1910. Artist: Unknown.
'Ingestre, Staffordshire - The Earl of Shrewsbury and Talbot', 1910. Artist: Unknown.
'Bamburgh Castle, Northumberland - The Lord Armstrong', 1910. Artist: Unknown.
'Penshurst Place, Kent - Lord De L'Isle and Dudley', 1910. Artist: Unknown.
'Berkeley Castle, Gloucester - The Lord Fitzhardinge', 1910. Artist: Unknown.
'Shobdon Court, Hereford - The Lord Bateman', 1910. Artist: Unknown.
'Sutton Place, Surrey - The Lord Northcliffe', 1910. Artist: Unknown.
'Broughton Castle, Banbury - The Lord Save and Sele', 1910. Artist: Unknown.
'Kedleston, Derby - The Rev. The Lord Scarsdale', 1910. Artist: Unknown.
'Sherborne House, Gloucestershire - The Lord Sherborne', 1910. Artist: Unknown.
'Parham Park, Sussex - The Lord Zouche', 1910. Artist: Unknown.
'Apethorpe Hall, Northants - Mr. Leonard Brassey', 1910. Artist: Unknown.
'Burton Agnes, Bridlington - Mrs. Wickham Boynton', 1910. Artist: Unknown.
'Stoke Edith, Hereford', 1910. Artist: Unknown.
'Dunster Castle, Somerset - Earl of Carhampton', 1910. Artist: Unknown.
'Incised Lacquered Cabinet', c1680, (1910).  Artist: Unknown.
'View on Lake of Brienz', 19th century, (1910). Artist: JMW Turner.
'Sir Christopher Wren's Final Design for St Paul's', 17th century. (1910). Artist: Sir Christopher Wren.
'Silhouette Portrait of Charles Dickens', c1840s, (1910). Artist: Unknown.