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'Landscape', 18th century. (1912) Artist: Jean-Baptiste Pillement.
She had read all the newspapers in the world and had forgotten them again, so clever is she, 1912. Artist: Edmund Dulac.
'Portrait of a Lady', c1800 (1912). Artist: Matthew William Peters.
'English Work Chasuble circa 1300', 1912. Artist: Unknown.
'Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots', 1912. Artist: Unknown.
'Portrait of a Private in an English regiment', late 18th Century', 1912.  Creator: E Nevill Jackson.
'The Eyes of Herod', 1894, (1912). Artist: Aubrey Beardsley.
'Margaret, Queen of Scots, wife of James IV of Scots', 1912. Artist: Edmund Thomas Parris.
'Two Travellers, who have lost their way, asking a shepherd to direct them', 19th century, (1912).  Artist: Jean Francois Millet.
''Two Nude Male Studies, Given by Raphael to Durer' 1515, (1912). Artist: Raphael.
'Man in Armour, on Horseback', 1498, (1912). Artist: Albrecht Durer.
'The Wounded Cavalier', 1855, (1912). Artist: William Shakespeare Burton.
'Johnson's Pedestrian Hobby-Horse Riding School at 377, Strand', 1819, (1912). Artist: Unknown.
'Hop Picking', late 18th century, (1912). Artist: William Hamilton.
'Portrait of Master Bernard Astley', late 18th century, (1912). Artist: Daniel Gardner.
'Dickens Centenary Stamp', 1912. Artist: Stephen Reid.
'Hotel Metropole, London', 1912. Artist: Unknown.
'The Grand Hotel', 1912. Artist: Unknown.
'The Grand Salle A Manger', (Dining Room), 1912. Artist: Unknown.
'Hotel Victoria', 1912. Artist: Unknown.
'Grosvenor Hotel', 1912. Artist: Unknown.
'First Avenue Hotel', 1912. Artist: Unknown.
'Brighton Metropole's Palm Garden', 1912. Artist: Unknown.
'Porcelain Knife Handles', 1912. Artist: Unknown.
'Early Jacobean Oak Room', 1912. Artist: Unknown.
'Madame Henriette, Daughter of Louis XV', 1742, (1912). Artist: Jean-Marc Nattier.
'St. Mary Magdalene', 1500, (1912). Artist: Perugino.
'The Crypt', 1912. Artist: Unknown.
'The Great Hall', 1912. Artist: Unknown.
'Blouzelind', 18th century, (1912). Artist: Unknown.
'View of Delft from the Rotterdam Canal', 1660-61, (1912). Artist: Jan Vermeer.
Marie Louise, Empress of the French, Queen Consort of Italy', c19th century (1912) Artist: Unknown.
'Napoleon Bonaparte, Emperor of the French, King of Italy',  c19th century (1912). Artist: Unknown.
'The Reaper's Child', 18th century, (1912). Artist: Marino Bovi.
'His Eminence Cardinal Gibbons', late 19th century, (1912). Artist: Alyn Williams.
'The Adoration of the Magi', late 19th century, (1912). Artist: Robert Anning Bell.
'Dewar's Whisky', 1912. Artist: Unknown.
'Queen Victoria and Lord Melbourne', 1911. Artist: George Atkinson.
'Supposititious Silhouette of William Makepeace Thackeray Reading', c19th century. (1911) Artist: Unknown.
'Fancy Subject',  18th century, (1911). Artists: Unknown, Matthew William Peters.
'Aground', 1911. Artist: Francis Calcroft Turner.
'The Madonna Del Cardellino', 1505-1506, (1911). Artist: Raphael.
'Lodge Park', 1911. Artist: Unknown.
'Battersea Enamels in the James Ward Usher Collection', 1911. Artist: James Ward Usher.
'Mademoiselle De Bethisy and her brother', c1715, (1911). Artists: Unknown, Alexis Simon Belle.
'A Pair of Chelsea Groups Representing the Seasons', c1740s, (1911). Creator: Louis Francois Roubiliac.
'Johnson, Walker & Tolhurst, Ltd.', 1911. Artist: Unknown.
'King George I', c1714, (1911). Artist: Sir Godfrey Kneller.
'King George II', 1744, (1911). Artists: Unknown, Thomas Hudson.
'King George III', c1761-62, (1911). Artists: Unknown, Allan Ramsay.
'Portrait of Giovannetta', 17th century, (1911). Artist: Justus Sustermans.
'Variety', 1788. Artist: William Ward.
'The Traveller', c1795. Artist: George Morland.
'Domestic Happiness, Laetitia with her Parents', 1789. Artist: John Raphael Smith.
'The Fair Penitent: Laetitia in Penitence Finds Relief and Protection from Her Parents', 1789. Artist: John Raphael Smith.
'A Woodland Scene', c1795. Artist: George Morland.
'Morning, or Thoughts on Amusement for the Evening', c1801. Artist: William Ward.
'Constantia', c1788. Artist: Unknown.
'La Belle Isolde', 1862.  Artist: Frederick Augustus Sandys.
'The Presentation of Christ in the Temple: An altar-piece,' c1434. Artist: Jacques Daret.