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One of Barry's design for the new Houses of Parliament, 21 May 1836, (c1920).Artist: Sir Charles Barry
The Old Curiosity Shop, 13 Portsmouth Street, Kingsway, London, c1920. Artist: Unknown
'Dickens in the character of Sir Charles Coldstream', 1850s, (c1920).Artist: Augustus Leopold Egg
'Sir William Chambers', British architect, artist, and author, c1760s.Artist: Francis Cotes
'Nelson at the Battle of the Nile', 1798, (c1920). Artist: Unknown
King Richard II resigning the crown to his cousin Bolingbroke, 1399, (c1920). Artist: Unknown
The Duke of Monmouth pleads for his life, 1685, (c1920).  Creator: John Pettie.
Stonehenge after restoration, c1920. Artist: Unknown
Stonehenge, (c1920). Artist: Unknown
Lifting of an impost at Stonehenge, 1901, (c1920). Artist: Unknown
Lion hunters of the European Bronze Age, (c1920). Artist: Unknown
A Neolithic catastrophe, c1920. Artist: Unknown
The landing of Julius Caesar in Britain, 55 BC, (c1920s).Artist: Richard Caton Woodville II
Julius Caesar crosses the Thames, c55 BC, (c1920). Artist: Unknown
Building a tribal homestead, (c1920). Artist: A Holloway
The Emperor Caligula on the shore of Boulogne, 40 AD, (c1920). Artist: A MacKinlay
Departure of the Romans from Britain after the sacking of Rome in 410 AD, (c1920). Artist: Henry Payne
Roman Britain, (c1920). Artist: Unknown
Battle of Mons Badonicus, c500 AD, (c1920).Artist: C Dudley Tennant
Paying rent in Saxon times, (c1920).Artist: Ernest Prater
Egfrith offering the Bishopric of Hexham to Cuthbert, 678, (c1920). Artist: William Bell Scott
Bede's chair, Jarrow, (c1920). Artist: Unknown
Alfred's galleys attacking the Viking dragon ship, 897 AD, (c1920). Artist: Henry Payne
The plunder of Lindisfarne, Northumberland, 793 AD, (c1920). Artist: Margaret Dovaston
Canterbury burned by the Danes, 851 AD, (c1920). Artist: A Pearse
An attack of the Danes on Ireland, 9th century AD, (c1920).Artist: Henry Payne
'William I granting a charter to the City of London', 1075, (c1920). Artist: John Seymour Lucas
Edward the Confessor watching the building of Westminster Abbey, c1050, (c1920).Artist: Richard Caton Woodville II
The last feast of Robert De Comines' men at Durham, 1069, (c1920).Artist: Richard Caton Woodville II
The Lewis Chessmen, (Norwegian?), c1150-c1200, (c1920). Artist: Unknown
'William Rufus at the Tower of London', late 11th century, (c1920).Artist: Charles Goldsborough Anderson
'Fitz-Stephen Burns his Boats, 1169 AD', (c1920). Artist: Richard Caton Woodville II
'The Childrens' Crusade of 1212', (c1920).Artist: EF Skinner
The Crypt Chapel, Westminster, c1920. Artist: Unknown
'The Investiture of the Black Prince as a Knight of the Garter', 1348, (c1920). Artist: Unknown
'A Joust on London Bridge', 1390, (c1920). Artist: Unknown
'Sir Richard Whittington distributing charity', (c1900). Artist: Unknown