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The landing of Julius Caesar in Britain, 55 BC, (c1920s). Artist: Richard Caton Woodville II.
Bear-baiting in Saxon times, (c1920).Artist: Richard Caton Woodville II
'The Bather', 19th century.Artist: William Etty
Drawing a lottery in the Guildhall, 1739, (c1920). Artist: Unknown
'Queen Charlotte', late 18th century, (c1920). Artist: W Egan
'Lady Betty Compton', c1780.Artist: Hanfstaengel
'Penelope and Maidens', Wedgwood plaque, 18th century, (c1920). Artist: Unknown
'The Westminster Election', 1780s, (c1920). Artist: Unknown
'Winter Amusement: A View in Hyde Park from the Sluice at the East End', late 18th century, (c1920).Artist: Tookey
'The Trial of Queen Catherine', 19th century, (c1920). Artist: Henry Nelson O'Neil
The scourging of Boadicea, 60 AD, (c1920). Artist: JR Skelton
Saxon raiders, (1921).Artist: Richard Caton Woodville II
The ordeal of cold water, (c1920).Artist: Richard Caton Woodville II
Queen Victoria visiting the wounded, 1850s, (c1920). Artist: Jerry Barrett
The royal visit to Brompton Hospital, 1850s, (c1920). Artist: Unknown
Queen Victoria distributing medals, 18 May 1855, (c1920). Artist: Unknown
Queen Victoria reviewing her troops, Aldershot, 1856, (c1920). Artist: Unknown
'The Flight from Lucknow', 1858, (c1920). Artist: Abraham Solomon
Queen Victoria firing the first shot at Wimbledon, July 1860, (c1920). Artist: Unknown
'The Queen in a Cottage Bedroom', late 19th century, (c1920). Artist: Unknown
The international gathering of the women suffrage workers, 1914, (c1920). Artist: Unknown
Maori girls rubbing noses, c1920. Artist: Unknown
The Escape of Mary Queen of Scots from Loch Leven Castle', 19th century, (c1920). Artist: Unknown
'Queen Elizabeth Knighting Sir Francis Drake', 1581, (c1920). Artist: WS Bagdatopulos
'Queen Elizabeth Opening the Royal Exchange in 1570', (c1920).Artist: Ernest Crofts
'And When Did You Last See Your Father?', 1878, (c1920). Artist: William Frederick Yeames
'The Great Fire of London in 1666', c1920. Artist: Stanhope A Forbes
'Sweyn's Poisoned Army', (c1920). Artist: Unknown
The Battle of Texel, 1673 (c1920).Artist: Eugene Louis Gabriel Isabey
King Constantine I of Scotland being slain by the Danes in 877, c1920.Artist: Margaret Dovaston
Presentation of sheriffs at Westminster, London, c1920. Artist: Unknown
Soldiers convoying coal carts during the strike, Sheffield, c1920. Artist: Unknown
The first photograph of a diver under water, late 19th century, (c1920). Artist: Unknown
Hans Christian Andersen, Danish author and poet, mid 19th century. Artist: Unknown
The first trams in London, 1861, (c1920). Artist: Unknown
Edward VII, c1900s. Artist: Unknown
Joan of Arc's tower, Rouen, France, c1920. Artist: Unknown
James I of Scotland, 15th century, (c1920). Artist: Unknown
The houses of York and Lancaster, 15th century, (c1920). Artist: Unknown
The Battle of Towton, 29 March 1461, (c1920). Artist: Unknown
Samuel Pepys, English naval administrator and Member of Parliament, 1690s, (c1920s). Artist: Unknown
The First Sikh War, India, 1840s, (c1920). Artist: Unknown
The birthplace of Hans Andersen, Odense, Denmark, c1920. Artist: Unknown
Hans Christian Andersen, Danish author and poet, mid 19th century. Artist: Unknown
The first steam fire engine, c1830. Artist: Unknown
'Battle of Balaclava, 25th October 1854', (c1920). Artist: John Charlton
The Great Exhibition at Dublin, 1853, (c1920). Artist: Unknown
Balmoral Castle, Scotland, c1920. Artist: Valentine & Sons
The Naval Brigade at Sevastopol, 1850s. Artist: Unknown
Map of the area where the Crimean War was fought in the 1850s, (c1920). Artist: Walter Hutchinson
The old mosque at Lucknow, India, (c1920). Artist: Unknown
The first reading of the proclamation of emancipation, 1863, (c1920). Artist: Unknown
The 'Great Eastern' recovering the lost Atlantic cable, 1866, (c1920). Artist: Unknown
Wilhelm I at the Battle of Sadowa, 3 July 1866, (c1920). Artist: Unknown
'The Charge of the Cuirassiers at Rezonville, 1870', (c1920). Artist: Unknown
The evolution of the bicycle, 19th century, (c1920). Artist: Unknown
'British Artillery Entering the Enemy lines at Tel-El-Kebir, 1882', (c1920). Artist: Unknown
Samuel Plimsoll, British politician and social reformer, late 19th century. Artist: Unknown
Old cider mill, Cornwall, c1920. Artist: Gibson & Son
King Thibaw of Burma in full court dress, c1900, (c1920). Artist: Unknown