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William Morris, English artist, writer, socialist and activist, late 19th century, (c1920). Artist: Unknown
Sir Edward Coley Burne-Jones, English artist, late 19th century, (c1920). Artist: Unknown
Henryk Sienkiewicz, Polish novelist and publicist, late 19th century, (c1920). Artist: Unknown
Early monoplane, c1900s. Artist: Unknown
The finish of the marathon, Olympic Games, London, 1908, (c1920). Artist: Unknown
Nicholas II of Russia, 1894, (c1920). Artist: Unknown
Aviation push-ball, c1914. Artist: Unknown
The railway strike of 1911, London, (c1920). Artist: Unknown
Balloting for the coal strike, Wheatsheaf Colliery, Pendlebury, January 1912, (c1920). Artist: Topical Press Agency
Signing the treaty of London, May 1913, (c1920). Artist: Unknown
Guglielmo Marconi, Italian inventor, c1920. Artist: Unknown
Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria, early 20th century. Artist: Unknown
A Zeppelin entering its floating shed, c 1900, (c1920). Artist: Unknown
The village of Mametz after the July bombardment, Battle of the Somme, 1916, (c1920). Artist: Unknown
A wood in the Somme area, France, 1916, (c1920). Artist: Unknown
An Active Service Conference on the Western Front, First World War, 1917, (c1920). Artist: Unknown
The treaty makers, 6 December 1921. Artist: Unknown
Sir William Orpen, Irish painter, c1920. Artist: Elliott & Fry
John Singer Sargent, American painter, late 19th century, (c1920). Artist: J E Purdy
Augustus John, Welsh painter, draughtsman, and etcher, c1920. Artist: G C Beresford
Ramsay MacDonald, British politician, c1920.Artist: G C Beresford
Edward V rides into London with Duke Richard, 1483, (c1920). Artist: C I De Lacy
'Henry VIII and Cardinal Wolsey', c1888, (c1920). Artist: Sir John Gilbert
'Cardinal Wolsey Going in Procession to Westminster Hall', 1887, (c1920). Artist: Unknown
'Latimer Preaching Before King Edward VI', c1550 (c1920). Artist: Unknown
Prisoners in the Lollards' Tower, 1550s, (c1920). Artist: Unknown
Raleigh's pipes, c1920. Artist: Unknown
Guy Fawkes' lantern, 17th century, (c1920). Artist: Unknown
Signatures of the pilgrim fathers, 1620s, (c1920). Artist: Unknown
'Prince Rupert's Cavalry Charging at Edgehill in 1642', c1920. Artist: Henry A Payne
Hugh Peters, 17th century, (c1920). Artist: Unknown
Sir Orlando Bridgeman, 17th century, (c1920). Artist: R White
'The Landing of William of Orange at Torbay, 1688', c1920. Artist: Unknown
The Clarendon Building, Oxford, c1920. Artist: WF Taylor
'Prince Frederick Louis of Wales, eldest son of George II', c1740s.Artist: Nicolas de Largilliere
'Love', 18th century, (c1920). Artist: Unknown
Prince Charles Edward Stuart, commonly known as Bonnie Prince Charlie, c1740s. Artist: M Aubert
The House of Commons, 1742, (c1920). Artist: John Pine
'The Young Chavalier', Prince Charles Edward Stuart, c1730s.Artist: A J Skrimshire
'Cardinal York', Henry Benedict Maria Clement Stuart, 18th century, (c1920).Artist: A J Skrimshire
'Canvassing for votes', 1757. Artist: William Hogarth
'An election entertainment', 1755. Artist: William Hogarth
'A Human Sacrifice in a Morai, in Otaheite; in the presence of Captain Cook', c1773. Artist: Unknown
The signatures to the American Declaration of Independence, c1776, (c1920). Artist: Unknown
Augustus John Hervey, 3rd Earl of Bristol, c1760s, (c1920). Artist: Unknown
'On the Rochester Coach', c1920. Artist: Frank Reynolds
Lord Byron, Anglo-Scottish poet, early 19th century. Artist: Ernest Lloyd
'Oude Schelde, Texel Island', 1862, (c1920).Artist: Clarkson Stanfield
Charles Cornwallis, 1st Marquess Cornwallis, English military commander, late 18th century, (c1920).Artist: H Ogborne
Louis Francois Roubiliac making a sculpture of Shakespeare, c1765, (1920s). Creator: David Martin.
Admiral Richard, Earl of Howe', 1794, (c1920). Artist: John Singleton Copley
'Admiral Sir Horatio Nelson', 1798-1799, (c1920). Artist: Henry Bone
'Napoleon on Board the Bellerophon', 1815, (1880). Creator: William Quiller Orchardson.
'Premier Consul', c1803, (c1920). Artist: Charles Francois Gabriel Levachez
'Napoleon I in his coronation robe', c1804, (c1920). Artist: Unknown
'Stage Coach', 1822, (c1920). Artist: John Watson
Early locomotives, 19th century, (c1920). Artist: Unknown
The Newly Elected MP, on His Way to the House of Commons' 1835, (c1920). Artist: Unknown
'Royal Horse Artillery, c1832', (c1920).Artist: Henry A Payne
'Winter Amusement: A View in Hyde Park from the Moated House', late 18th century, (c1920). Artist: Tookey