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Statue of King Charles II, 17th century. Artist: Artus Quellinus I
Charles le Chauve, 9th century, 1849. Artist: Unknown
The old observing-room, Greenwich, late 17th century (1893). Artist: Unknown
Charles II, King of England, Scotland and Ireland.Artist: Marrebeeck
Charles II in the forest of Boscobel, 1651.Artist: Pouney & Rhodes
Charles II receiving the Duchess of Orleans at Dover, 1670 (1804).Artist: William Bromley
Charles II of England, 17th century. Artist: Unknown
Statues of Kings Charles I and II, 1700. Artist: Anon
The Monument, City of London, 1760. Artist: Anon
Charles II visiting Sir Christopher Wren during the building of St Paul's Cathedral, London, 1909.Artist: John Seymour Lucas
St Paul's Cathedral, City of London, 1710. Artist: Anon
Map of the Cities of London and Westminster and Southwark, 1690. Artist: Anon
Statue of Charles II at the entrance of Cornhill in the Stocks Market, Poultry, London, 1740. Artist: Anon
View of the Stocks Market, Poultry, looking from the west, City of London, 1700. Artist: Anon
View of the Stocks Market, Poultry, City of London, 1753. Artist: Henry Fletcher
Royal funeral effigy of King Charles II, Westminster Abbey, London, 1945-1980. Artist: Eric de Maré
'Charles II's cavalcade through the City of London, 22nd April, 1661', (1662).  Artist: Dirck Stoop
Charles II Processing from the Tower of London to Westminster, 22 April 1661. Artist: Dirck Stoop