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Charles II of England (1630-85) Anamorphosis with loose cylindrical mirror. Creator: Anon.
The Departure of Charles II of England from Scheveningen, 2 June 1660, 1660-1701. Creator: Cornelis Beelt.
The Departure of Charles II of England from Scheveningen, 2 June 1660, 1660-1674. Creator: Johannes Lingelbach.
The Departure of Charles II of England from Scheveningen, June 2, 1660, 1660-1683. Creator: Hendrick de Meijer.
Arrival of Charles II, King of England, in Rotterdam, 24 May 1660, c.1660-c.1665. Creator: Lieve Verschuir.
'Charles II', (c1911). Creator: Unknown.
Charles II of England Embarking in Scheweningen May 23, 1660, 1660-1683. Creator: Hendrick de Meijer.
'Bruno Ryves, Vicar of Stanwell Middlesex and Chaplain to Charles I and II, Dean of Windsor', 1810 Creator: Richard Earlom.
Relation en Forme de Journal du Voyage et Sejour que le Serenissime et Tres-Puissant..., 1660. Creators: Sir William Lower, Cornelis van Dalen I.
'Historical Aspects of Hampton Court - Charles II and his Court during the Plague of London', 1890. Creator: Unknown.
Charles II with His Council, published 1660. Creator: Unknown.
Charles II, 1650s. Creator: William Faithorne.
Charles the Second Knighting the Loin of Beef, drawn by Gilbert, 1854. Creator: Gilbert.
''Charles II at a Ball in the Hague', c.1660, 1890. Creator: Unknown.
Charles II, King of England, 1660/64. Creator: Cornelis van Dalen II.
Mirror Showing King Charles II, Queen Catherine of Braganza, and Scenes from the Old Testament... Creator: Unknown.
Oval Box Showing Charles II and Catherine of Braganza, England, c. 1660. Creator: Unknown.
Picture (Needlework), England, 1666. Creator: Unknown.
Caudle Cup, Lambeth, 1668. Creator: Unknown.
William Penn's History. Creator: Unknown.
King Charles II in Coronation Robes [obverse], 1661. Creator: Thomas Simon.
King Charles II Enthroned, being Crowned by Peace [reverse], 1661. Creator: Thomas Simon.
Charles II, 1630-1685, King of England 1660 [obverse], 1662. Creator: Jan Roettiers.
Charles II, King of England: Proclamation of the Peace of Breda [obverse], 1667. Creator: Jan Roettiers.
Portrait of Charles I and his Family, 17th century.  Creator: Remee van Leemput.
Restoration Procession of Charles II at Cheapside, ca. 1745. Creator: William Hogarth.
Prize plate - "The Cup", 1844. Creator: Unknown.
The Goodwood Cup, 1845. Creator: Unknown.
Charles II entering The Hague in a carriage with the Mauritshuis on the right; from 'Verha..., 1660. Creator: Pieter Philippe.
King Charles II, 1660-70. Creator: William Faithorne.
Nan va Halva (Breads and Sweets), ca. 1690. Creator: Unknown.
The Royal Society, frontispiece to Thomas Sprat, "The History of the Royal Society of Lond..., 1667. Creator: Wenceslaus Hollar.
Charles II, 1649. Creator: Wenceslaus Hollar.
Coronation Procession of Charles II, 1662. Creator: Wenceslaus Hollar.
Charles II (1630-1685), King of England. Creator: Unknown.
'Charles II', (1630-1685), 1830. Creator: Unknown.
'The Enthroning of King Charles II', 1902. Creator: Unknown.
King Charles II, c1680, (1947).  Creator: Unknown.
'The Interview of Charles I With His Children', 1649, (early-mid 19th century).  Creator: J Rogers.
'King Charles The Second', (mid 19th century). Creator: William Finden.
'The Trio of the Stuarts', 1897.  Creator: John Leech.
'One of the Merry Monarch's Occupations', 1897. Creator: John Leech.
'The Merry Monarch at Home', 1897. Creator: John Leech.
'Charles driving the Mall', 1897.  Creator: John Leech.
'Charles is informed of a plot against his precious life', 1897.  Creator: John Leech.
'The Merry Monarch', 1897. Creator: John Leech.
'Karl II', (1933). Creator: Unknown.
'Wren's Original Design for the Summit of the Monument', (1897). Creator: Unknown.
'Charles the Second Knighting the Loin of Beef', (19th century). Artist: J Gilbert.
'Charles II in the Forest of Boscobel, 1651', (1800). Artist: Unknown.
'King Charles the 2nd in Disguise rideing before Mrs Lane...', (early 18th century). Artist: Michael Vandergucht.
Charles II receiving the Duchess of Orleans at Dover, 1670, (1804). Artist: William Bromley.
'Portrait of Charles II', c1660-1685, (1928). Artist: William Sherwin.
'Portrait of Charles II', c1660-1685, (1928). Artist: William Sherwin.
'King Charles in the Oak', c1907. Artist: Unknown.
'Charles II', 1935. Artist: Unknown.
'Charles II', 1856. Artist: Alfred Crowquill.
'King Charles I and Prince Charles', 17th century. Artist: Unknown.
'Charles II', c1787. Artist: Unknown.
'Charles II', 1788. Artist: Unknown.