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James Bruce, Lord Elgin, (1811-1863), 19th century.  Artist: Unknown.
The royal procession in Westminster Palace on the way to the House of Lords, 1886, (1900). Artist: Unknown.
Osborne House, Isle of Wight, 1900. Artist: Unknown.
The Prince and Princess of Wales in shooting dress, 1900. Artist: Russell & Sons.
The Chartist Demonstration on Kennington Common, 1848, (1900). Artist: William Barnes Wollen.
The queen leaving Holyrood Palace, Edinburgh, 1886, (1900). Artist: Unknown.
Florence Nightingale (1820-1910), British nurse. Artist: Unknown.
Charles Dickens, 19th century English novelist. Artist: Unknown.
The Hundred Steps, Windsor Castle, c1888.Artist: Herbert Arthur
View in the Crimea: the Palace Woronzow, Alupka, Ukraine, c1888. Artist: Unknown
The wounded soldier's toast to the Queen, c1850s, (1888). Artist: Unknown
Windsor Castle from Brocas Meadows, c1888. Artist: Unknown
The Waterloo Room, Windsor Castle, c1888. Artist: Unknown
Balaclava At Peace, Ukraine, c1888. Artist: Unknown
Cathcart's Hill, Crimea, Ukraine, c1888. Artist: Unknown
The Throne Room, St James's Palace, London, c1888. Artist: Unknown
View in the Crimea: Yalta, c1888. Artist: Unknown
The Conference of Paris, 1856, (1888). Artist: Unknown
Portmouth Harbour, Hampshire, c1888. Artist: Unknown
View in Berne, Switzerland, c1888. Artist: Unknown
Old Windsor Lock, River Thames, Berkshire, c1888. Artist: Unknown
Plan of Windsor Castle. Artist: Unknown
The Barracks at Meerut, India, c1850s, (1888). Artist: Unknown
Cawnpore, India, c1888. Artist: Unknown
The Victoria Cross, c1900. Artist: Unknown
The Crimson Drawing-Room, Windsor Castle, c1888. Artist: Unknown
The Prince of Wales, c1888.Artist: Alexander Bassano
The Western Suburbs of Victoria, Vancouver Island, Canada, c1888. Artist: Unknown
St George's Chapel, Windsor, Berkshire, c1888. Artist: Unknown
John Bright, British Radical and Liberal statesman, 1857, (c1888). Artist: Unknown
The Royal Palace, Naples, Italy, c1888. Artist: Unknown
Victoria Castle, with Killiney-Bray Head in the distance, Ireland, c1888. Artist: Unknown
The Bishop of Peterborough addressing the House of Lords, mid-late 19th century, (1900). Artist: Unknown
The Albert Memorial Chapel, Windsor, 1900.Artist: GW Wilson and Company
Mr Plimsoll addressing the House of Commons, London, mid-late 19th century, (1900). Artist: Unknown
Abergeldie Castle, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, 1900. Artist: GW Wilson and Company
Heralds at the Mansion House proclaiming the queen as Empress of India, London, May 1876, (1900). Artist: William Barnes Wollen
The Albert Memorial, Charlotte Square, Edinburgh, 1900. Artist: Unknown
Holyrood Palace from the south-east, Edinburgh, 1900. Artist: Unknown
Lord Beaconsfield at a banquet in the Guildhall, late 19th century, (1900). Artist: Swain
Trooping the Colour on the queen's birthday, St James's Park, London, 1900. Artist: Sydney Prior Hall
Horseshoe Cloisters, Windsor Castle, 1900. Artist: Unknown
Russian wounded leaving Plevna, Russo-Turkish War, 1877-1878, (1900). Artist: Unknown
Hughenden Manor, Buckinghamshire, 1900. Artist: Unknown
The marina, Larnaca, Cyprus, 1900. Artist: Unknown
Salonika, Greece, 1900. Artist: Unknown
The Albert Memorial, Kensington, London, 1900. Artist: Unknown
The dash with the colours, Battle of Isandlwana, Anglo-Zulu War, 22 January 1879, (1900). Artist: Unknown
Baveno, on Lake Maggiore, northern Italy, 1900. Artist: Unknown
The Villa Clara, Baveno, Lake Maggiore, northern Italy, 1900. Artist: Unknown
The Mausoleum, Frogmore, 1900. Artist: Unknown
Osborne House, East Cowes, Isle of Wight, 1900. Artist: J Valentine
The first Tay Bridge from the south, Scotland, 1900. Artist: Unknown
Windsor Castle from the Dean's garden, 1887, (1900). Artist: Unknown
Old palace, Cettigne, Republic of Montenegro, 1900. Artist: Unknown
Charge of the 5th and 7th Dragoon Guards, review in Windsor Park, 1900. Artist: Unknown
Ballater, Royal Deeside, Scotland, 1900. Artist: Unknown
Grafton Street, Dublin, 1900.Artist: T Hart
Lord Beaconsfield's house, 19, Curzon Street, Mayfair, London, 1900. Artist: Unknown
Street scene with Pompey's Pillar in the distance, Alexandria, Egypt, 1900. Artist: Unknown