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Town Hall, Vienna, Austria c1888. Artist: Unknown
The Mosque of Selim II at Adrianople, Turkey, c1888. Artist: Unknown
Destruction of the Turkish fleet at Sinope, 1853, (1900). Artist: Unknown
The Throne Room, Windsor Castle, c1888. Artist: Unknown
Sebastopol, Crimea, Ukraine, c1888. Artist: Unknown
Spithead, Hampshire, c1888. Artist: Unknown
Balmoral Castle and the River Dee, Scotland, c1888. Artist: Unknown
Russian repulse at Silistria, 19th century, (1888). Artist: Unknown
Alexander and the Peter the Great Forts, Cronstadt, Russia, 1887.Artist: Norman Davies
Map of the Crimea, c1888.Artist: Walker & Boutall
The Barracks Hospital, Scutari, Turkey, c1888. Artist: Unknown
Odessa, Ukraine, c1888. Artist: Unknown
Heights of the Alma, Crimea, Ukraine, c1888. Artist: Unknown
Pembroke Lodge, Richmond, London, c1888. Artist: Unknown
Codrington's brigade at the Battle of the Alma, Crimean War, 1850s, (1888). Artist: Unknown
Entrance to Balaclava Harbour, Ukraine, c1888. Artist: Unknown
Balaclava, The Thin Red Line, 1881, (1888). Artist: Unknown
Valley of Inkerman, Ukraine, c1888. Artist: Unknown
Storm, Balaclava, Ukraine, c1888. Artist: Unknown
Buckingham Palace from St James's Park, London, c1888. Artist: Unknown
Henry VIII's gateway, Windsor Castle, c1888.Artist: Herbert Arthur
Refreshment Room, House of Lords, Palace of Westminster, London, c1888. Artist: Unknown
The Winter Palace, St Petersburg, Russia, c1888. Artist: Unknown
Grand Reception Room, Windsor Castle, c1888. Artist: Unknown
'The Queen in the Royal Gallery', c1850s, (1900). Artist: Unknown
'At Balmoral, A Morning Call', 19th century. Artist: Unknown
Queen Victoria firing the first shot at Wimbledon, July 1860, (1887).Artist: William Barnes Wollen
Princess Louise, Duchess of Argyll, fourth daughter of Queen Victoria, 1900.Artist: Elliott & Fry
Maria Alexandrovna of Russia, Duchess of Edinburgh, 1900.Artist: W&D Downey
Princess Louise Margaret, Duchess of Connaught, 1900. Artist: Unknown
Queen Victoria, 1887, (1900).Artist: Lafayette
Alexandra, Princess of Wales, 1900.Artist: W&D Downey
Helena, Duchess of Albany, 1900. Artist: Unknown
Leopold, Duke of Albany, (1900). Artist: Unknown
Princess Beatrice, youngest daughter of Queen Victoria, 1900.Artist: Hughes & Mullins
Queen Victoria in her state robes, 1887 (1900).Artist: Walery
Victoria, Princess Royal, eldest daughter of Queen Victoria, (1900).Artist: Reichard & Lindner
Lady Palmerston (1787-1869), wife of Lord Palmerston. Artist: Unknown
Queen Victoria and Prince Arthur, 1850. Artist: Unknown
Queen Victoria, c1840s, (late 19th century). Artist: Unknown
Empress Eugenie de Montijo (1826-1920). Artist: Unknown
Florence Nightingale (1820-1910), British nurse. Artist: Unknown
Queen Victoria and her little grandson, Prince Wilhelm of Prussia, c1883. Artist: Unknown
Queen Victoria holding the first investiture of the order of the Star of India, c1861. Artist: Unknown
Princess Alice reading to her father, Prince Albert, c1850s. Artist: Unknown
Princess Alice (1843-1878). Artist: Unknown
Marriage of the Princess Alice and Ludwig IV, Grand Duke of Hesse, 1 July 1862 (late 19th century). Artist: Unknown
Entry of the Princess Alexandra into London, late 19th century. Artist: Unknown
Visit of Queen Victoria to Netley Hospital, Hampshire, c1860s. Artist: Unknown
Queen Victoria unveiling the statue of Prince Albert at Aberdeen, 19th century. Artist: Unknown
The Albert Bridge, Windsor, Berkshire. Artist: Unknown
Queen Victoria at Osborne House, late 19th century. Artist: Unknown
Queen Victoria unveiling a statue of Prince Albert, Coburg, Germany, 1865. Artist: Unknown
The Opening of Parliament, Westminster, London, 1866.Artist: William Barnes Wollen
Marriage of Princess Helena and Prince Christian, 5 July 1866 (late 19th century). Artist: Unknown
Princess Helena (1846-1923). Artist: Unknown
Princess Mary Adelaide, Duchess of Teck (1833-1897). Artist: Unknown
Queen Victoria laying the foundation stone of the Royal Albert Hall, London, 1860s. Artist: Unknown
Arrival of Queen Victoria at Kelso, Scotland, 1887.Artist: William Barnes Wollen
Visit of Queen Victoria to Melrose Abbey, Scotland, late 19th century. Artist: Unknown