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Ox, Gospel of Luke, 1502.  Creator: Petrus von Rosenheim.
The Virgin Mary, 1503.  Creator: Master of Anne de Bretagne.
Book of Hours, 1530. Creator: Unknown.
Aries, 1488. Creator: Unknown.
The Golden Bull of Clement VII. confirming Henry VIII. in the title of Defender of the Faith, 1860. Creator: Unknown.
Massacre of a mission party of the "Alan Gardiner" by the natives at Woolya, Tierra del Fuego, 1860. Creator: Unknown.
The late Rev. George Croly, LL.D., 1860. Creator: Unknown.
Padre Giovanni addressing the people in front of the Jesuits' College, Naples..., 1860. Creator: Unknown.
Gods of the old Japanese mythology: the War-God Maris descending on the Holy Boar, 1860. Creator: Unknown.
"Christian Knocking at the Gate", from "The Pilgrim's Progress", 1860. Creator: Unknown.
"Christian and Hopeful at the stile leading into By-Path Meadow", from "The Pilgrim's Progress",1860 Creator: Unknown.
Christmas poem, 1860. Creator: Unknown.
"The Font and the Flowers" - drawn by J. Leech, 1860. Creator: Joseph Swain.
"Deliver us from Evil", from the "Lyra Germanica", 1860. Creator: T. Bolton.
'Le couronnement de Charles IV en Hongrie ; Charles 1 , successeur de Francois-Joseph, etait couronn Creator: Unknown.
AI Image - Illustration of Black Jesus Christ, 2023. Creator: Heritage Images.
AI Image - Illustration of Black Jesus Christ, 2023. Creator: Heritage Images.
AI Image - Illustration of Jesus Christ, 2023. Creator: Heritage Images.
AI Image - Illustration of Jesus Christ, 2023. Creator: Heritage Images.
AI Image - Portrait of Mother Teresa, 1990s, (2023). Creator: Heritage Images.
The Naming of Peter, before 1580. Creator: Diana Mantuana.
Jupiter and the Ass, 1655. Creator: Dirck Stoop.
Saint Jerome in the Wilderness with Fighting Lion and Bear, between 1530 and 1535. Creator: Domenico Campagnola.
Illustration for the 'History of Henry VIII', 1797. Creator: Eberhard Siegfried Henne.
Triumph of Bacchus, 1543. Creator: Enea Vico.
The Rape of Hippodamia (image 2 of 2), 1542. Creator: Enea Vico.
Mars and Venus (image 1 of 2), 16th century. Creator: Enea Vico.
Church of the Holy Sepulchre, published 1486. Creator: Erhard Reuwich.
Chez les Trappistes, 1891. Creator: Félicien Rops.
Chez les Trappistes, 1891. Creator: Félicien Rops.
Le Sphinx, 1886. Creator: Félicien Rops.
Pensionnat de petites filles, 1861. Creator: Félicien Rops.
The Centaur Chiron Teaching Geography to the Young Achilles, 1759. Creator: Gaetano Gherardo Zompini.
Venus and the Rose, 1564. Creators: Gaspare Osello, Giorgio Ghisi.
Allegory of the Hunt, 1563. Creators: Gaspare Osello, Giorgio Ghisi.
Achilles and Chiron (?), 1543. Creator: Georg Pencz.
The Judgment of Paris, 1555. Creator: Giorgio Ghisi.
Venus and Vulcan Seated on a Bed, Mid-1550s. Creator: Giorgio Ghisi.
Angelica and Medor, c1570. Creator: Giorgio Ghisi.
The Death of Procris, c1540. Creator: Giorgio Ghisi.
Hercules Resting from His Labors, 1567. Creator: Giorgio Ghisi.
Venus and the Rose, 1556. Creators: Giorgio Ghisi, Luca Penni.
Hercules and Antaeus, after 1507. Creator: Giovanni Antonio da Brescia.
Adam and Eve, 18th century. Creator: Giovanni Battista Cipriani.
Saint John the Baptist Preaching, between 1558 and 1580. Creator: Giovanni Battista Fontana.
David and Goliath, 1540. Creator: Giovanni Battista Scultori.
The Nativity with God the Father and Angels, after 1647. Creator: Giovanni Benedetto Castiglione.
Moses and the Daughters of Jethro, between 1629 and 1694. Creator: Giovanni Peruzzini.
Flora and Her Nymphs, c1546. Creator: Giulio Bonasone.
History of Jason and Medea, c1565. Creator: Giulio Bonasone.
Ornamental Frieze, Early 1530s. Creator: Giulio Bonasone.
The Holy Family with the Virgin Bathing the Christ Child, between circa 1550 and circa 1560. Creator: Giulio Bonasone.
The Fourth Commandment, 1516. Creator: Hans Baldung.
The Three Fates, 1513. Creator: Hans Baldung.
The Lamentation, between circa 1515 and circa 1517. Creator: Hans Baldung.
The Three Marys with their Children, 1590. Creator: Hans Collaert the Younger.
The Head of Christ Crowned with Thorns, c1520. Creator: Sebald Beham.
Sophonisba Drinking Poison, 1553. Creator: Heinrich Aldegrever.
Apollo Killing the Python, published 1589. Creator: Hendrik Goltzius.
Phaeton Driving the Chariot to the Sun, published 1590. Creator: Hendrik Goltzius.