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Reunion of Vessantara and Maddi with Their Children and Parents..., between 1820 and 1840. Creator: Unknown.
A Seated Angel (Peri), Mounted on an album leaf (image 3 of 4), between c1610 and c1625. Creator: Unknown.
Return of the Prodigal Son, 18th century or 19th century. Creator: Unknown.
Adoration of the Magi, Late 15th-early 16th century. Creator: Unknown.
Maddi Faints at Loss of Children; Vessantara Revives Her..., between c1860 and c1890. Creator: Unknown.
Prince Vessantara Gives Away His White Elephant, Scene from Vessantara..., between c1860 and c1890. Creator: Unknown.
Jali and Kanhajina are Brought Before Their Grandfather King Sanjaya..., 19th century. Creator: Unknown.
Miniature Depicting Prophet, 17th century or later. Creator: Unknown.
Venus and Aeneas or Achilles (?), between 1791 and 1792. Creator: Joseph Chinard.
The Priests Carry the Ark of the Covenant, between 1640 and 1660. Creator: Jost Ammon.
Zechariah's Vision: Christ's Entry into Jerusalem in the Background, 16th century. Creator: Jost Ammon.
Frontispiece to the Book of Prophets, 17th century. Creator: Matthaus Merian.
God Sends the Locusts to Egypt (recto); God Sends Hail to Egypt (verso), published 1483. Creator: Unknown.
God Sends the Flies to Egypt (recto); God Sends Boils to Egypt (verso), published 1483. Creator: Unknown.
The Holy Family with Saint John the Baptist, c1550. Creator: Baccio Bandinelli.
Time, Apollo, and the Seasons, 1662. Creator: Claude Lorrain.
Horatius Cocles, 16th century. Creator: Diana Mantuana.
Femme en Grand Parure [Woman in Grand Attire], between 1808 and 1812. Creator: Balthazar Solvyns.
Bacchanal, 1640. Creators: Giovanni Andrea Podestà, Francesco Salamanca.
The Servants of Aeneas Battling the Servants of the Latin King, between 1560 and 1579. Creator: Giovanni Battista Fontana.
Martyrdom of Saint Simon, between c1638 and c1646. Creator: Giovanni Lanfranco.
Ordination, c1755. Creators: Giovanni Marco Pitteri, Pietro Longhi.
Marriage, c1755. Creators: Giovanni Marco Pitteri, Pietro Longhi.
Mercury Enamored of Herse, Daughter of Cecrops, published 1590. Creator: Hendrik Goltzius.
Pygmalion and Galatea, 1593. Creator: Hendrik Goltzius.
Frontispiece to the Bible, 1550. Creator: John Dieterberger.
The Rape of Persephone, between c1650 and c1655. Creators: Pietro Testa, Giovanni Cesare Testa.
Minister Hong bows to the Heavenly Teacher, c 1890 reprint. Creator: Watanabe Kazan.
Ju, "Longevity"; The Immortal Wo Quan's Present of Pine Branches to the Emperor Yao, 19th century. Creator: Gakutei.
Street in Madras with a temple, 1858. Creator: Joseph Selleny.
Rock temple of Mamallapuram (Mahamaleipur), India, 1858. Creator: Joseph Selleny.
Garden (forest slope near Maria Taferl in the Wachau), around 1914/1915. Creator: Julian Falat.
Mariazell, around 1840. Creator: Thomas Ender.
Holy family with shepherds, around 1920/1930. Creator: Josef Wawra.
Hercules and Omphale, 1805. Creator: Johann Peter Krafft.
Loki's Punishment, 1936. Creator: Ida Matton.
The Conspirators in the private apartments of Thomas A'Becket shortly before his murder..., 1862. Creator: Unknown.
The Funeral of His Late Royal Highness the Prince Consort: the funeral ceremony in the choir, 1862. Creator: Unknown.
"Ancient London": Flogging a Nonconformist in Cheapside, 1862. Creator: Unknown.
Midnight Mass at St. Mary's, Moorfields, on Christmas Eve, 1862. Creator: J. Williamson.
The Royal Academy Prize Sculpture: "Adam and Eve", by George Slater, 1862. Creator: Unknown.
"The Child's Prayer", by H. Lejeune, from Mr. Morby's Collection, Royal Exchange..., 1862. Creator: W Thomas.
The New Hartley Pit Calamity: facsimile of the entry found in Amour's memorandum-book, 1862. Creator: Unknown.
Whippingham Church, near Osborne, Isle of Wight, 1862. Creator: Unknown.
"Cardinal Wolsey and the Duke of Buckingham", by John Gilbert, in the Gallery of the..., 1862. Creator: Unknown.
The Restoration of Battlefield Church, Shropshire, 1862. Creator: Unknown.
Trades demonstration at Florence against the temporal power of the Pope, 1862. Creator: Unknown.
"The Convent Shrine" by Frank Wyburd, in the Gallery of the British Institution, 1862. Creator: W Thomas.
New schools at Long Ashton, near Bristol, 1862. Creator: Unknown.
Figures prepared by Baron von Hess for a painted window in Glasgow Cathedral: Jeremiah, 1862. Creator: Unknown.
Figures prepared by Baron von Hess for a painted window in Glasgow Cathedral: John the Baptist, 1862 Creator: Unknown.
Figures prepared by Baron von Hess for a painted window in Glasgow Cathedral: Isaiah, 1862. Creator: Unknown.
The South Fountain at Witley Court, Worcestershire, the seat of the Earl of Dudley, 1862. Creator: Unknown.
"Interior of the Dom, Lübeck", by Samuel Read, in the exhibition of the Society of..., 1862. Creator: Mason Jackson.
The International Exhibition: vase belonging to Her Majesty the Queen, exhibited by..., 1862. Creator: Unknown.
"Cupid", by Michael Angelo, in the South Kensington Museum, 1862. Creator: Unknown.
The International Exhibition: "The Departure of Hagar and Ishmael", modelled by Forsyth, 1862. Creator: Unknown.
M. Durène's Fountain in the Horticultural Society's Gardens, 1862. Creator: Unknown.
The Church of the Holy Sepulchre at Northampton, in process of restoration, 1862. Creator: Unknown.
The International Exhibition: "Love Resting on Friendship", sculptured by Professor..., 1862. Creator: Unknown.