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Dutch River View, 1615-1677. Creators: Jan van Goyen, Jan Coelenbier.
A Shipwreck on the Coast of Norway;A Shipwreck on the Coast Near Bergen, 1831-1832. Creator: Johan Christian Dahl.
Eruption of the Volcano Vesuvius, 1821. Creator: Johan Christian Dahl.
Frederiksborg Castle by Moonlight, 1817. Creator: Johan Christian Dahl.
Landscape with a Big Tree, 1814. Creator: Johan Christian Dahl.
Moonlight over the Sea, 1820-1834. Creator: Johan Christian Dahl.
Norwegian Landscape with a Rainbow, 1821. Creator: Johan Christian Dahl.
Winter Landscape near Vordingborg, Denmark, 1829. Creator: Johan Christian Dahl.
The Lim Fjord in Jutland. Study, 1851. Creator: Christen Dalsgaard.
The Manor of Krabbesholm in Jutland, 1839-1907. Creator: Christen Dalsgaard.
Foreground Study with Dock Leaves, 1840-1849. Creator: Dankvart Dreyer.
The Corvette "Galathea" in a Storm in the North Sea, 1839. Creator: CW Eckersberg.
View across the Tiber towards Castel S. Angelo in Rome, 1815. Creator: CW Eckersberg.
A Building near Tor di Quinto outside Rome;A Building in the Roman Campagna, 1815. Creator: CW Eckersberg.
A Danish Corvette Laying to in order to Confer with a Danish Brig..., 1827. Creator: CW Eckersberg.
A Russian Fleet at Anchor near Elsinore, 1826. Creator: CW Eckersberg.
A View towards the Swedish Coast from the Ramparts of Kronborg Castle, 1829. Creator: CW Eckersberg.
An American Naval Brig Lying at Anchor while Her Sails Are Drying, 1831-1832. Creator: CW Eckersberg.
Christian VIII Aboard his Steamship "Ægir" Watching the Manoeuvres of a Squadron near Copen...1844. Creator: CW Eckersberg.
Langebro, Copenhagen, in the Moonlight with Running Figures, 1836. Creator: CW Eckersberg.
Ships in the Sound North of Kronborg Castle, Elsinore, 1847. Creator: CW Eckersberg.
Study of Clouds over the Sea;A Cloudscape, 1826. Creator: CW Eckersberg.
Study of Clouds over the Sound, 1826. Creator: CW Eckersberg.
The Corvette "Galathea" Lying to in order to Send Help to the Brig "St Jean" at Dawn after a...1839. Creator: CW Eckersberg.
The Russian Ship of the Line "Asow" and a Frigate at Anchor near Elsinore, 1828. Creator: CW Eckersberg.
Two Russian Ships of the Line Saluting, 1827. Creator: CW Eckersberg.
View from the Fontana Acetosa, Rome;View of the Fontana Acetosa, 1814-1816. Creator: CW Eckersberg.
View of the Tiber near Ponte Rotto, 1814-1817. Creator: CW Eckersberg.
View through Three of the Northwestern Arches of the Third Storey of the Colosseum, 1815. Creator: CW Eckersberg.
An Allegory of the Wise and the Foolish Virgins, 1570. Creator: Hans Ewouts.
The Citadel in December, 1884. Creator: Albert Gottschalk.
Winter Landscape. Utterslev near Copenhagen, 1887. Creator: Albert Gottschalk.
Summer at the "Lily" Tavern, 1623-1626. Creators: Jan van Goyen, Esaias van de Velde.
Winter Scene at a Farm, 1623-1626. Creators: Jan van Goyen, Esaias van de Velde.
Landscape on the Island of Falster, 1891. Creator: Vilhelm Hammershøi.
Near Fortunen, Jægersborg Deer Park, North of Copenhagen;From the Deerpark near Copenhagen, 1901. Creator: Vilhelm Hammershøi.
Tree Trunks. Arresodal near Frederiksværk, North Zealand, 1904. Creator: Vilhelm Hammershøi.
View of Jægersborg Allé. Gentofte, North of Copenhagen, 1892. Creator: Vilhelm Hammershøi.
Women on the Moor, 1881. Creator: Hans Nikolaj Hansen.
Flowers in a Vase, 1834. Creator: Johan Laurentz Jensen.
Game. A Pheasant and an Eider, 1846. Creator: Johan Laurentz Jensen.
The Quay, Bandol, 1915. Creator: Jens Adolf Emil Jerichau.
The Thick Palm. View from Villefranche, 1915. Creator: Jens Adolf Emil Jerichau.
A Wounded Danish Soldier, 1865. Creator: Elisabeth Baumann.
A View Across Lake Leman Towards Mont Blanc and Geneva, 1777-1778. Creator: Jens Juel.
The Bridge and the Waterfall at Dornach, Switzerland, 1791. Creator: Jens Juel.
The Crossing over the Little Belt at Snoghoj. Moonrise, 1787. Creator: Jens Juel.
View of the Country near Jægerspris, 1782. Creator: Jens Juel.
Studie af skyer;Cloud Study;Air Study, 1831-1834. Creator: Christen Købke.
Evening at Skagen, 1893. Creator: Peder Severin Kroyer.
Asminderup backs towards the light, 1924. Creator: Niels Larsen Stevns.
Forest near Bagsværd Lake, 1941. Creator: Niels Larsen Stevns.
The Olive Grove, with Cagnes in the Background - Against the Light, 1923. Creator: Niels Larsen Stevns.
View from Bokul, Gudhjem, 1929. Creator: Niels Larsen Stevns.
View from Korsdalen. Hammer Hills, 1926. Creator: Niels Larsen Stevns.
The Maternity Ward, Act III, Scene 6; Holberg Gallery, 1810. Creator: Christian August Lorentzen.
The Most Terrible Night, 1807-1808. Creator: Christian August Lorentzen.
View of Frederikshald, Norway, 1790-1799. Creator: Christian August Lorentzen.
Cows being Watered at a Village Pond. Brofelde, Zealand, 1844. Creator: Johan Thomas Lundbye.
Evening Scene with Sheep on a Mound, 1845. Creator: Johan Thomas Lundbye.