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River Landscape, Champagne, 1876. Creator: Carl Fredrik Hill.
Seine. Landscape with Poplars, 1877. Creator: Carl Fredrik Hill.
Seine. Motif from St Germain, 1877. Creator: Carl Fredrik Hill.
The Beach at Luc, 1876. Creator: Carl Fredrik Hill.
The Tree and the River III (The Seine at Bois-le-Roi), 1877. Creator: Carl Fredrik Hill.
Pigs. Study for During Fasting Time, 1884. Creator: Carl Gustaf Hellqvist.
The Beach at Filey in Yorkshire, England, 1891. Creator: Carl Wilhelm Beckmann Barth.
The Gåsö Skerries. Creator: Carl Wilhelmson.
Scenery from Kvikkjokk, 1859. Creator: Charles XV, King of Sweden.
The Icelandic Coast. Creator: Johann Christian Michael Ezdorf.
Still Life with a Joint of Veal, Greens and Fish. Creator: Christian von Thum.
View from the Lime-kilns in Copenhagen, 1825. Creator: CW Eckersberg.
Still Life with Flowers and Fruit. Creator: Cornelis de Heem.
Sleeping dog. Creator: Cornelis de Visscher.
Orange tree in urn, 1733. Creator: David von Coln.
Summer Landscape, 1873. Creator: Johan Edvard Bergh.
Summer Landscape in Blekinge, 1877. Creator: Johan Edvard Bergh.
Romantic Landscape with Spruce, from 1768 until 1780. Creator: Elias Martin.
Riddarfjärden, Stockholm, 1898. Creator: Eugène Jansson.
Pigeons, 19th-early 20th century. Creator: Ferdinand von Wright.
The Burning of Troy with the Flight of Aeneas and Anchises, early-mid 17th century. Creator: Francois de Nome.
The Feast of the Seagods, 1561. Creator: Frans Floris.
The Fox Visiting the Heron, early-mid 17th century. Creator: Frans Snyders.
Still Life with Dead Game, a Monkey and a Dog. Creator: Frans Snyders.
Still Life with Flowers, 1867. Creator: Frants Diderik Bøe.
Spring Thaw, 1887. Creator: Frits Thaulow.
Trompe l'oeil: Two bats nailed to a timber wall, knife and quill pen ("The Bat Painting"), 1738. Creator: Gabriel Orm.
The Christmas Fair, 1872. Creator: Georg von Rosen.
Paris in the Spring, 1892. Creator: Gerda Roosval-Kallstenius.
Orpheus Playing for the Animals, early 17th century. Creator: Gillis Claesz. de Hondecoeter.
The Shore at Ringsjön II, 1879. Creator: Gustaf Rydberg.
The Shore of Ringsjön I, 1879. Creator: Gustaf Rydberg.
The Sound. Motif from Ven, 1892. Creator: Gustaf Rydberg.
Vesuvius Seen from St January Bridge, Naples. Creator: Gustaf Soderberg.
Summer Landscape with Mountain, 1850s. Creator: Gustav Wilhelm Palm.
The Cascade, mid-late 19th century. Creator: Gustave Courbet.
The Height of Summer. Creator: Hans Heyerdahl.
View from the Black Forest, 1893. Creator: Hans Thoma.
The River Ångermanälven, 1930. Creator: Helmer Osslund.
City view with still life, 19th century. Creator: Hugo Salmson.
Still Life with Flowers and Insects. Creator: Jan Brueghel the Elder.
Still Life of Flowers and an Overturned Jug,  c.1659. Creator: Jan Fyt.
Still life with dead swan, a peacock and a dog by a garden fountain, 1684. Creator: Jan Weenix.
Still Life with a Spaniel Chasing Ducks ("Water"), 1719. Creator: Jean-Baptiste Oudry.
Rosendal Castle from the east. Creator: Jeanna Elisabeth Åkerman.
The Stockholm Stream in Wintertime, 1850. Creator: Johan Kristian Berger.
View of Vesuvius from Villa Quisisana, early-mid 19th century. Creator: Johan Christian Dahl.
Still Life with a Bouquet of Flowers. Creator: Johann Johnsen.
Summer night at Tönning, 1893. Creator: Johan Rohde.
Still Life with Tulips. Creator: Joannes Busschaert.
Rowing trip on the fjord, 1870s. Creator: Josefina Holmlund.
Storm Clouds, 1893. Creator: Karl Nordström.
Rocky Landscape with Waterfall, 1859. Creator: Markus Larsson.
Tourists in the Mountains, 1864. Creator: Nils Bjornsen Moller.
Sunlit Clouds, 1906. Creator: Nils Kreuger.
The Håsten Hill at Varberg II, 1896. Creator: Nils Kreuger.
Spring Eve, 1896. Creator: Nils Kreuger.
Spring Landscape. Motif from Tullinge in Södermanland, 1879. Creator: Oscar Torna.
Summer Landscape near Fontainebleau, 1876. Creator: Oscar Torna.
Our Country. Motif from Dalsland, 1902. Creator: Otto Hesselbom.