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Forest scene on the Illawarra Mountains, New South Wales, 1868. Creator: Unknown.
Funeral Procession of the late King of Bavaria at Nice: the cortége...Promenade des Anglais, 1868. Creator: C. R..
Grand River Railway-Bridge, Mauritius, destroyed by the late hurricane, 1868. Creator: Unknown.
Grass of the Desert, a scene of travel in South Africa, from a sketch by Mr. Thomas Baines..., 1865. Creator: Mason Jackson.
Group of images inside the crater of Otuiti, Easter Island, 1869. Creator: Unknown.
Group of yearlings at Mr. Blenkiron's sale, Middle Park, Eltham, Kent, 1868. Creator: Unknown.
H.M S. Bulldog in conflict with the flotilla and forts at Cape Haytien, on the coast of Hayti, 1865. Creator: Smyth.
H.M.S. Cadmus ashore on Salcombe Bar, Devon, 1869. Creator: Unknown.
H.M.S. Wyvern, double-turreted iron-clad steam-ram, 1865. Creator: Unknown.
Herd of quaggas on the plains of the Vaal River, South Africa, 1868. Creator: Mason Jackson.
Index plan of the general view of Edinburgh, 1868. Creator: Unknown.
Inspection of Troops at Aldershott by the Queen: cavalry trotting past, 1868. Creator: Unknown.
Junction of the St. John's Wood and Metropolitan Railways at Baker-Street, 1868. Creator: Unknown.
Kingston, Jamaica, with Newcastle in the distance, 1865. Creator: Unknown.
Lattice iron viaduct at the Ruisseau d’Alma, junction of the Montlucon and Limoges Railway, 1868. Creator: Unknown.
Laying the Foundation-Stone of the new bridge at Prague, 1865. Creator: Unknown.
Leopards and tigress lately added to the Zoological Society's collection, Regent’s Park, 1868. Creator: Mason Jackson.
Lighthouse on Colaba Point, near Bombay, 1868. Creator: Unknown.
Lighthouse on Kennery Island, near Bombay, 1868. Creator: Unknown.
Locomotive engine, with horizontal extra wheels, for the Mont Cenis Railway, 1868. Creator: Unknown.
Mount Ida, Island of Crete, 1869. Creator: Unknown.
Mr. Joseph Whitworth of Manchester, founder...Whitworth Scholarships of Mechanical Science, 1868. Creator: Unknown.
Mr. S. W. Baker, the African traveller, 1865. Creator: Unknown.
Mr. S. W. Baker’s explorations in Central Africa: homestead of natives of Gondokoro, 1865. Creator: Unknown.
Mr. S. W. Baker's explorations in Central Africa: Commoro, chief of the Latooka Tribe, 1865. Creator: Unknown.
Mr. Young describing his search for Dr. Livingstone, meeting of the Royal Geographical Society, 1868 Creator: Unknown.
New dry dock at Rio de Janeiro, 1868. Creator: Unknown.
New iron bridge over the Thames at Cookham, 1868. Creator: Unknown.
New overland route to India: Mont Cenis Railway - L'Echelle du Diable, 1869.  Creator: Unknown.
New overland route to India: Mont Cenis Railway - Susa, in Piedmont, 1869. Creator: Unknown.
New works on the Metropolitan Railway: entrance to the Clerkenwell Tunnel, 1868. Creator: Unknown.
Ngatapa Pah, Poverty Bay, New Zealand, lately captured from the Maoris, 1869. Creator: Unknown.
Nocturnal Fête at Florence in honour of the Marriage of the Crown Prince of Italy, 1868. Creator: Unknown.
North coast of Crete, from the sea, 1869. Creator: Unknown.
Opening of the Albert Infirmary...the statue of the late Prince Consort, Bishops Waltham..., 1865. Creator: Unknown.
Opening of the Inland Sea Ports of Japan:...foreign settlement conceded at Hiogo, near Osaca, 1868. Creator: Unknown.
Opening of the Inland Sea Ports of Japan:...Hiogo...British and American fleets at anchor, 1868. Creator: Unknown.
Opening of the Yachting Season:...the Royal Thames Yacht Club - The Fiona winning at Gravesend, 1868 Creator: Unknown.
Our Iron-Clad Fleet: floating of Her Majesty's ship Hercules, at Chatham, 1868. Creator: Unknown.
Oxford and Cambridge Universities Boat-Race: the start from Putney, 1869. Creator: Unknown.
Physalia, or Portuguese Man-of-War, lately found on the south coast of England, 1869. Creator: Unknown.
Plan of the harbour and town of Brindisi, 1869. Creator: Unknown.
Plan of the town and inland port of Ismaïlia, 1869. Creator: Unknown.
Pont St. Louis and ruins of Roman aqueduct, Mentone, 1869. Creator: Unknown.
Port Louis, Mauritius, 1868. Creator: Unknown.
Pretender, winner of the Derby, 1869. Creator: Unknown.
Prince Arthur in Ireland: Belfast, from Newtownbreda, 1869. Creator: Unknown.
Prince Arthur in Ireland: Londonderry, 1869. Creator: Unknown.
Prince Arthur's visit to the Isle of Man: Port Erin, 1869. Creator: Unknown.
Prize birds at the Birmingham Poultry Show, 1865. Creator: Unknown.
Prize cow and sheep at the Bath and West of England Agricultural Show, Southampton, 1869. Creator: Unknown.
Prize dogs in the National Dog Show at Islington, 1869. Creator: Unknown.
Procession of funeral gondolas with the body of Daniel Manin, on the Grand Canal, Venice, 1868. Creator: Unknown.
Proposed new buildings of St. Thomas's Hospital at Stangate, Lambeth, above Westminster Bridge, 1865 Creator: Unknown.
Queen Emma of the Sandwich Islands leaving H.M.S. Alert in Honolulu Harbour, 1868. Creator: Unknown.
Railway bridge and viaduct at Runcorn, 1869. Creator: Unknown.
Real del Monte, Mexico, 1868. Creator: Unknown.
Regatta of boats of the Channel Fleet at Lisbon, 1869. Creator: Unknown.
Rocket-line exercise of the Tynemouth Volunteer Life Brigade, 1865. Creator: Mason Jackson.
Ruins of buildings at Old Ford, Bow, destroyed by the late gale, 1868. Creator: Unknown.