'Rétablissement du culte catholique', 1802, (1921). Creator: Thomas-Charles Naudet.

'Rétablissement du culte catholique', 1802, (1921). Creator: Thomas-Charles Naudet.

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'Rétablissement du culte catholique', 1802, (1921). The restoration of Catholic worship - First Consul Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821) presides as bishops haul upright the cross with Christ crucified surrounded by angels. The Concordat of 1801 was an agreement between Napoleon and Pope Pius VII that reestablished the Roman Catholic Church in France. Engraving by Thomas-Charles Naudet. From "Napoleon", by Raymond Guyot, [H. Floury, Paris, 1921]

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  1. Thomas-Charles Naudet, attributed to: French: Artist, painter, printmaker, etcher
  1. Napoleon Bonaparte I: Corsican: Emperor, soldier, politician
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  1. Raymond Guyot: French: Author, writer, historian
  2. Henri Floury: French: Publishing company, publishers

  1. Engraving

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