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'The Presentation to Sir Eyre Massey Shaw, on the Occasion of his Retirement, by the...', 1891. Creator: Unknown.
''Robert Earl of Ailesbury; Obit 1685', 1811. Creator: Robert Dunkarton.
''Anne, Duchess of Albermarle; Obit 1670', 1811. Creator: Richard Earlom.
''Thomas Howard, Earl of Arundel; Obit 1646', 1811. Creator: Robert Dunkarton.
''Dr Thomas Baily; conspired against Cromwell', 1810. Creator: Richard Earlom.
''Dr Isaac Barrow DD; Obit 1677', 1811. Creator: Richard Earlom.
''George, Earl of Berkeley; Obit 1698', 1812. Creator: Richard Earlom.
''Robert Blake, Admiral; 1598-1657', 1810. Creator: Charles Turner.
''Michael Boyle, Archbishop of Armagh; Obit 1702', 1813. Creator: Robert Dunkarton.
''Patrick Ruthven, General for Charles I and created Earl of Brentford in 1642'. Creator: Unknown.
''Edward, Duke of Buckingham; beheaded 1521'. Creator: Unknown.
''George Villiers, Duke of Buckingham; 1593-1628', 1810. Creator: Charles Turner.
''George, Duke of Buckingham', 1814. Creator: Robert Dunkarton.
''Madam Sophia Bulkeley', 1814. Creator: Robert Dunkarton.
''Arthur Lord Capel; beheaded 1648', 1815. Creator: Robert Dunkarton.
''Sir Richard Chicheley, Admiral under Prince Rupert'. Creator: Robert Dunkarton.
''Sir Richard Chiverton, Lord Mayor of London 1657', 1814. Creator: Robert Dunkarton.
''Barbara, Duchess of Cleveland; Obit 1709', 1814. Creator: Robert Dunkarton.
''Barbara, Duchess of Cleveland, from an original drawing by Faithhorne; Obit 1709', 1814. Creator: Richard Earlom.
''Sir John Coke, Secretary of State under Charles I', 1813. Creator: Robert Dunkarton.
''Nathaniel Crew, Bishop of Durham, 1633-1721', 1814. Creator: Robert Dunkarton.
''Elizabeth Cromwell (Steward), mother of Oliver Cromwell; Obit 1654', 1810. Creator: Charles Turner.
''Oliver Cromwell, Lord Protector; Obit 1658', 1813. Creator: Robert Dunkarton.
''Richard Cromwell; born 1626, Obit 1712', 1811. Creator: Richard Earlom.
''Henry Cromwell, youngest son of Oliver, 1627/8-1673/4', 1811. Creator: Unknown.
''George Clifford, Earl of Cumberland; Obit 1605', 1811. Creator: Charles Turner.
''General Thomas Dalyell, Major General to Charles II at Worcester; Obit c1685', 1811. Creator: Charles Turner.
''Sir William Davidson, Baronet', 1815. Creator: Robert Dunkarton.
''Madam Mary Davis, actress and Mistress to Charles II', 1815. Creator: Richard Earlom.
''William Fielding, Earl of Denbigh; Obit 1643', 1813. Creator: Robert Dunkarton.
'Miss Brook(e) afterwards Lady Denham, married to Sir John Denham at the age of 18 years', 1811. Creator: Unknown.
''Charlotte Stanley, Countess of Derby; Obit 1663, buried at Ormskirk', 1810. Creator: Charles Turner.
''Charles Stanley, 8th Earl of Derby; Obit 1672', 1812. Creator: Robert Dunkarton.
''Sir Dudley Digges, Knight; Master of the Rolls; Obit 1639', 1813. Creator: Charles Turner.
''Edward Sackville, Earl of Dorset; Obit 1657', 1814. Creator: Robert Dunkarton.
''Princess Elizabeth, daughter of Henry VIII. afterwards Queen; Natus 1533 - Denatus 1603', 1810. Creator: Richard Earlom.
''Elizabeth, Queen of Bohemia and Daughter of James 1st; Obit 1662', 1813. Creator: Robert Dunkarton.
''Thomas Cromwell, Earl of Essex; Obit 1540', 1811. Creators: John Bulfinch, Richard Earlom.
''Ferdinand, Lord Fairfax, General; Obit 1648', 1811. Creator: Unknown.
''Thomas, Lord Fairfax; Obit 1671', 1811. Creator: Richard Earlom.
''Anne, Lady Fairfax, wife of Thomas, Lord Fairfax', 1811. Creator: Charles Turner.
''Lucius, Viscount Falkland; Obit 1643', 1811. Creator: Charles Turner.
''Charles Fleetwood, Lord Deputy, General for the Parliament; Obit 1669', 1811. Creator: Robert Dunkarton.
''Frederick, King of Bohemia; Obit 1632', 1812. Creator: Robert Dunkarton.
''Sir Edmund Berry Godfrey; Obit 1678', 1812. Creator: Robert Dunkarton.
''Henry, Duke of Grafton, natural son of Charles II by the Duchess of Cleveland. Obit 1690'. Creator: Robert Dunkarton.
''Isabella, Duchess of Grafton, laterly Countess of Arlington; Obit 1722', 1814. Creator: Robert Dunkarton.
''Ford, Lord Gray (Grey) of Warke', 1813. Creator: Charles Turner.
''Eleanor Gwynne (Nell), actress and mistress of Charles II; Obit 1687', 1810. Creator: Richard Earlom.
''William, Duke of Hamilton; killed at the Battle of Worcester 1651', 1815. Creator: Robert Dunkarton.
''John Hampden (Hamden); killed at the Battle of Charlgrove Field, Oxfordshire 1643', 1810. Creator: Charles Turner.
''Henrietta Maria, Queen of Charles I.; Obit 1669'. Creator: Unknown.
''Henrietta, Duchess of Orleans, daughter of Charles I; Obit 1670', 1812. Creator: Charles Turner.
''Henry VIII. King of England; Obit 1546', 1815. Creator: Robert Dunkarton.
''George Gordon, Marquis of Huntly; Obit 1649', 1811. Creator: Charles Turner.
''Elizabeth Countess of Kildare, The Lady Elizabeth Jones', 1814. Creator: Robert Dunkarton.
''Charles John, Count Konigsmark', 1813. Creator: Robert Dunkarton.
''Major General Lambert; Obit 1672', 1812. Creator: Robert Dunkarton.
''William Laud, Archbishop of Canterbury; Obit 1645', 1813. Creator: Robert Dunkarton.
''Colonel Robert Lilburne; Obit 1657', 1811. Creator: Richard Earlom.