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Christ Driving the Traders from the Temple;The Purification of the Temple, 1570-1670. Creators: Hieronymus Bosch, Pieter Bruegel the Elder.
Virgin and Child, 1454-1553. Creator: Dieric Bouts.
The Adoration of the Magi, 1611-1674. Creator: Leonard Bramer.
The Strife between Carnival and Lent, 1550-1560. Creator: Pieter Bruegel the Elder.
Christ Blessing the Children, 1537-1553. Creator: Lucas Cranach the Elder.
The Elector Frederic the Wise of Saxony with the Saints Ursula (L) and Genevieve (R), 1510-1512. Creator: Lucas Cranach the Elder.
Virgin and Child Adored by the Infant St John, 1512-1514. Creator: Lucas Cranach the Elder.
Virgin and Child with the Saints Catherine and Barbara;The Mystic Marriage of Saint..., 1510-1512. Creator: Lucas Cranach the Elder.
The Crucifixion, 1506-1520. Creator: Lucas Cranach the Elder.
An Allegory of the Wise and the Foolish Virgins, 1570. Creator: Hans Ewouts.
Virgin and Child with a Patron, 1462-1561. Creator: Jan Gossaert.
David with the Head of Goliath, 1623-1651. Creator: Jacob Adriaensz. Backer.
Trompe l'Oeil of a Framed Print of Mary with the Child;Virgin and Child, 1676-1695. Creator: Franz de Hamilton.
Jacob Wrestling with the Angel, 1907. Creator: Oluf Hartmann.
Susanna, 1909-1910. Creator: Oluf Hartmann.
Christ victoring over Sin and Death, 1513-1574. Creator: Maerten van Heemskerck.
The Crowning with Thorns, 1920-1921. Creator: Karl Isakson.
The Creation of Eve. Composition. Opus II, 1915. Creator: Jens Adolf Emil Jerichau.
The Road to Golgotha, 1913-1914. Creator: Jens Adolf Emil Jerichau.
Interior of a Dutch Church, 1659. Creator: Rutger van Langevelt.
The Virgin Mary and Child, the Infant St. John and two angels, 1552. Creator: Melchior Lorck.
The Legend of the Danish Flag (the Dannebrog) Falling from the Heavens during the Battle..., 1809. Creator: Christian August Lorentzen.
Eve Tempts Adam, 1825-1873. Creator: Wilhelm Marstrand.
Adam and Eve, 1887. Creator: Julius Paulsen.
Cain, 1891. Creator: Julius Paulsen.
The Healing of the Two Blind Men at Jericho, 1600-1699. Creator: Nicolas Poussin.
Supper at Emmaus, 1648. Creator: Rembrandt Harmensz van Rijn.
Landscape with the Good Samaritan, 1700-1799. Creator: Rembrandt Harmensz van Rijn.
Matthaeus Yrsselius (1541-1629), Abbot of Sint-Michiel's Abbey in Antwerp, 1622-1625. Creator: Peter Paul Rubens.
The Apostle Peter, 1592-1640. Creator: Peter Paul Rubens.
The Ascent to Calvary. The Bearing of the Cross, 1634. Creator: Peter Paul Rubens.
The Feast of Herod. Salome Bringing the Head of St John the Baptist on a Charger, 1600-1699. Creator: Peter Paul Rubens.
The Holy Family, 1630-1878. Creator: Peter Paul Rubens.
The Judgement of Solomon, 1615-1618. Creator: Peter Paul Rubens.
Christ on the Cross, 1592-1633. Creator: Peter Paul Rubens.
The Christ Child Worshipped by Mary, 1480-1524. Creator: Antonio Solario.
Saint John the Baptist, 1665-1668. Creator: Girolamo Troppa.
Saint Peter Penitent, 1665-1668. Creator: Girolamo Troppa.
The Dream of Jacob, 1651-1701. Creator: Girolamo Troppa.
The Penitent St Mary Magdalene, 1651-1670. Creator: Girolamo Troppa.
Seated female figure; Saint Magdalene, 1695-1795. Creator: Unknown.
Stairway to Heaven, 1686-1700. Creator: Unknown.
The Holy Family, 1500-1599. Creator: Unknown.
The Holy Family, 1601-1615. Creator: Unknown.
The Repentant Magdalene, 1727-1826. Creator: Unknown.
A Stone Cartouche with Virgin Mary and the Infant Christ in a Niche encircled by a..., 1645-1700. Creator: Unknown.
The Archangel Michael with the Dragon, 1498-1501. Creator: Unknown.
The Good Thief (Saint Dismas), 1450-1460. Creator: Unknown.
Saint Bernardino of Siena, 1510-1530. Creator: Unknown.
Saint Sebastian, 1615-1620. Creator: Giovanni Lanfranco.
Job and His Friends, 1887. Creator: Kristian Zahrtmann.
''The Church Congress at Ryhl, North Wales and Views in the Neighbourhood; Participents', 1891. Creator: Unknown.
''The Pope Blessing the French Pilgrims in Rome', 1891. Creator: Unknown.
''A Christening in the Chapel of the Foundling Hospital', 1891. Creator: Robert Barnes.
'The Funeral of the Late Right Hon. W.H.Smith held at Westminster Abbey; The Procession...', 1891. Creator: Unknown.
''The Catacombs at Rome; reproduced from Magnesium Light Instantaneous Photographs', 1891. Creator: Unknown.
''The Head of Mary Magdalene; from "The Return from Calvary" after Herbert Schmalz', 1891. Creator: Herbert Gustave Schmalz.
'The Christening of H.R.H. The Prince of Wales in St. George's Chapel, Windsor Castle...', 1842. Creator: George Hayter.
''Christmas Eve at Windsor Castle --The Queens Christmas Tree; after J. Roberts', 1819. Creator: J. Roberts.
'The Marriage of T.R.H. The Prince of Wales and The Princess Alexandra of Denmark in St....', 1891. Creator: George Housman Thomas.