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'The Croucher', 1901. Creator: Sir Leslie Matthew Ward.

'The Croucher', 1901. Creator: Sir Leslie Matthew Ward.

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'The Croucher', 1901. English cricketer Gilbert Laird Jessop (1874-1955) played for Cambridge University, Gloucestershire, and England, and was Wisden Cricketer of the Year for 1898. [London, 1901]


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  1. 0580051586
  1. 2-713-566
  1. 2713566

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  1. Sir Leslie Matthew Ward, attributed to: British: Illustrator for Vanity Fair, artist, painter, caricaturist
  1. Gilbert Jessop: British, English: cricketer
  1. Chromolithograph
  2. Lithograph
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  1. Portrait

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