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Trade cards depicting a hatching chick, a knight, balloons, swimming, fishing from..., c1876-c1890. Creator: Unknown.
The Co-operatives Open to All, 1918. Creator: Wasyl Masjutyn.
Never Buy at Private Stalls, 1918. Creator: Wasyl Masjutyn.
Weeks Devoted to the Red Army, 1921. Creator: Dmitrii Melnikov.
Down With Capital, 1920. Creator: Dmitrii Melnikov.
Cossack, You Have Only One Path, 1919. Creator: Dmitriy Stakhievich Moor.
The Old and the New. Long live the general military trade of the workers, 1919. Creator: Demyan Bedny.
Comrades! /Peasant/You Must Possess a Rifle as Well as a Hoe, 1919. Creator: S Mukharskii.
Women, Go into the Cooperatives, 1918. Creator: Ignatii Ignatevich Nivinskii.
White Troops Burn Bread, 1919. Creator: I Osinin.
Who Lives in the Attic, 1920. Creator: A Poliak.
Day of Soviet Propaganda - Knowledge for All, 1919. Creator: N Pomanskii.
Only the Red Army Will Give Us Bread, 1919. Creator: N Pomanskii.
The Illiterate is Blind, 1920. Creator: Alexei Radakov.
Life of an Illiterate. Life of a Literate,  1920-05-10. Creator: Alexei Radakov.
The Cooperative Movement Doesn't Recognize Boundaries, 1919. Creator: I Rerber.
Ukrainians and Russians Together, 1920. Creator: Russian Telegraph Agency.
Long Live the Sun! Hide the Darkness!, 1921. Creator: Ivan Vasilyevich Simakov.
Electrification and Counter-Revolution , 1921. Creator: Ivan Vasilyevich Simakov.
Remember the Starving, 1921. Creator: Ivan Vasilyevich Simakov.
Register for the Red Army, 1919. Creator: V Spasskii.
Dubinushka (little oak tree song), 1919. Creator: V Spasskii.
For a United Russia L'Exposition, 1919. Creator: Unknown.
Christ with cross vs. Trotsky, c1915-1925. Creator: Unknown.
Asiatic Bolsheviks shooting priest, c1915-1925. Creator: Unknown.
To the Victim of the International, c1915-1925. Creator: Unknown.
Peace and Freedom Together (caricature of Trotsky and prikaz Odessa), c1915-1925. Creator: Unknown.
Pyotr and Vasili, c1915-1925. Creator: Unknown.
Happy Worker..., c1915-1925. Creator: Unknown.
How the Punitive Bolshevik Regiments of Latvians and Chinese Forcibly Seize Bread..., c1915-1925. Creator: Unknown.
How the Bolsheviks Punish Villages,  1915 - 1925. Creator: Unknown.
Thus is Resolved..., c1915-1925. Creator: Unknown.
Retribution, c1915-1925. Creator: Unknown.
Men's Clothing Getting Worse,  1915 - 1919. Creator: Unknown.
Fewer Shoes,  1915 - 1919. Creator: Unknown.
We have got Soviety, Down with Illiteracy, No. II, 1921. Creator: Unknown.
We are not the slaves, Down with Illiteracy, No. I, 1921. Creator: Unknown.
We Bring Freedom to the World, Down with Illiteracy, No. IV, 1922. Creator: Unknown.
In Place of the Old World Comes the World of Labor, Down with Illiteracy, No. V, 1922. Creator: Unknown.
Soviety Is the alarm call of the people, Down with Illiteracy, No. III, 1922. Creator: Unknown.
Light and Knowledge to the People, c1915 - 1925. Creator: Unknown.
What Working Moscow Did for Red Army Week, 1922. Creator: Unknown.
Workers! The October Revolution Gave You Factories and Free Labor, 1919. Creator: Unknown.
How to Make Calico from Bread, 1919. Creator: Unknown.
Take Care of Books, 1920. Creator: Unknown.
What have you done for the Front?, 1920. Creator: Unknown.
Give Bread to the Revolution!, 1920. Creator: Unknown.
Literacy the Path to Communism, 1920. Creator: Unknown.
Cooperatives Help People Be Brothers, 1919. Creator: Unknown.
Against Typhus, c1915-1925. Creator: Unknown.
Red Ploughman, 1920. Creator: Unknown.
Red Laughter, 1918. Creator: Unknown.
People Eating Each Other from Hunger are not Cannibals, c1915-1925. Creator: Unknown.
The Strongest Culture Makes the Strongest Cooperation , 1918. Creator: Unknown.
The Efforts of Every One... 1921 Mos, 1921. Creator: Unknown.
Workers Brought Peace, c1915-1925. Creator: Unknown.
Labor Will Be the Masters of the World, 1920. Creator: Unknown.
Growth of National Economy, 1919. Creator: Unknown.
Women, Go into the Cooperatives,  1918 (?). Creator: Unknown.
7 November 1918, 1918. Creator: G Zeiler.