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On the Beach, ca.1935 - 1943. Creator: Victor Laredo.
Flight into Egypt, ca. 1916. Creator: Henry Ossawa Tanner.
The Garden of Eden, 1852. Creator: Robert Seldon Duncanson.
Richmond Castle, Yorkshire, 1639. Creator: Alexander Keirincx.
Flowers in a Delft Jar, 1663. Creator: Alexander Marshal.
The Beggar's Opera, 1729. Creator: William Hogarth.
John and Elizabeth Jeffreys and Their Children, 1730. Creator: William Hogarth.
William Augustus, Duke of Cumberland, 1732. Creator: William Hogarth.
The Revd. John Lloyd, DD, 1738. Creator: William Hogarth.
William Cavendish, Marquess of Hartington, Later fourth Duke of Devonshire, 1741. Creator: William Hogarth.
John Palmer, Barrister of the Inner Temple, 1749. Creator: William Hogarth.
A Lion Attacking a Horse, 1762. Creator: George Stubbs.
Charles Carroll of Carrollton, 1763. Creator: Sir Joshua Reynolds.
A Scene from 'The Maid of the Mill', 1765. Creator: John Inigo Richards.
Two Gentlemen Going a Shooting;Two Gentlemen out Shooting, 1768. Creator: George Stubbs.
Water Spaniel, 1769. Creator: George Stubbs.
Lion and Lioness, 1770. Creator: George Stubbs.
A Repose after Shooting, 1770. Creator: George Stubbs.
William Lowndes, Auditor of His Majesty's Court of Exchequer, 1771. Creator: Thomas Gainsborough.
Pumpkin with a Stable-lad, 1774. Creator: George Stubbs.
Sleeping Leopard, 1777. Creator: George Stubbs.
Brown and White Norfolk or Water Spaniel, 1778. Creator: George Stubbs.
Portrait of a Sportsman with His Son, 1779. Creator: Francis Wheatley.
Greenland Falcon;Gyr Falcon, 1780. Creator: George Stubbs.
Labourers, 1781. Creator: George Stubbs.
Mr. Hospey (?)Walker, 1783. Creator: George Stubbs.
Wooded Hilly Landscape, 1785. Creator: Abraham Pether.
The Farmer's Wife and the Raven, 1786. Creator: George Stubbs.
Bulls Fighting, 1786. Creator: George Stubbs.
Reapers, 1795. Creator: George Stubbs.
Harlech Castle, from Tygwyn Ferry, Summer's Evening Twilight, 1799. Creator: JMW Turner.
Freeman, the Earl of Clarendon's gamekeeper, with a dying doe and hound, 1800. Creator: George Stubbs.
Lane near Dedham, 1802. Creator: John Constable.
Dedham Vale, 1802. Creator: John Constable.
Mary Freer, 1809. Creator: John Constable.
East Bergholt Church, 1809. Creator: John Constable.
View Towards the Rectory, East Bergholt, 1813. Creator: John Constable.
Dort or Dordrecht: The Dort Packet-Boat from Rotterdam Becalmed, 1818. Creator: JMW Turner.
Cloud Study with Trees;Study of Clouds and Trees, 1821. Creator: John Constable.
Cloud Study, 1821. Creator: John Constable.
Cloud Study, 1821. Creator: John Constable.
Cloud Study, Early Morning, Looking East from Hampstead, 1821. Creator: John Constable.
Hampstead Heath Looking Towards Harrow, 1821. Creator: John Constable.
Cloud Study, 1821. Creator: John Constable.
Cloud Study, 1822. Creator: John Constable.
Cloud Study, 1822. Creator: John Constable.
A Boat Race on the River Isis, Oxford, 1822. Creator: John Whessell.
Hadleigh Castle, The Mouth of the Thames--Morning after a Stormy Night, 1829. Creator: John Constable.
Study of Poppies, 1832. Creator: James Inskipp.
Stonehenge at Sunset, 1836. Creator: Unknown.
Temple of Venus and Rome, Rome, 1840. Creator: Edward Lear.
Between Olavano L'Civitella, 1842. Creator: Edward Lear.
Second Class-The Parting. "Thus part we rich in sorrow, parting poor.", 1855. Creator: Abraham Solomon.
First Class-The Meeting. "And at first meeting loved.", 1855. Creator: Abraham Solomon.
Mount Athos and the Monastery of Stavronikétes, 1857. Creator: Edward Lear.
Zagori, Greece, 1860. Creator: Edward Lear.
Butrinto, Albania, 1861. Creator: Edward Lear.
Corfu from Santa Decca, 1862. Creator: Edward Lear.
Corfu from Ascension, 1862. Creator: Edward Lear.
Philae, Egypt, 1863. Creator: Edward Lear.