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General George G. Meade, After 1861. Creator: Unknown.
James Munroe, 19th century. Creator: Unknown.
John Adams, 19th century. Creator: Unknown.
Portrait of Susanna van Collen, c1626. Creator: Cornelis van Poelenburgh.
Portrait of Jan Pellicorne, c1626. Creator: Cornelis van Poelenburgh.
Lady Anne Bacon, c1600. Creator: Isaac Oliver I.
Portrait of Rhys Griffiths, 1617. Creator: Isaac Oliver I.
William Masters Camac, c1840. Creator: Henry Inman.
George Washington, c1810. Creator: Unknown.
Mrs. Joseph Anthony (Henrietta Hillegas), 1794. Creator: Unknown.
Joseph Anthony Jr., 1794. Creator: Unknown.
George Washington, c1800. Creator: Unknown.
Major General Henry Wager Halleck, c1865. Creator: Alexander Hay Ritchie.
Mr. Taft, c1840. Creator: Alvan Clark.
Governor William Charles Coles Claiborne, c1803-1817. Creator: Ambrose Duval.
Portrait of a man, 1810-1825.  Creator: Unknown.
The Marquis de Lafayette, 1797. Creator: Unknown.
George Washington, 19th century. Creator: Unknown.
A Gentleman, c1775. Creator: Unknown.
A Gentleman, 1825-1850. Creator: Unknown.
Mr. Strong, c1815. Creator: Unknown.
Portrait of a Gentleman, 1800-1825. Creator: Unknown.
A Lady, c1840. Creator: Unknown.
Henry Clay, c1840. Creator: Unknown.
Lieutenant Lee (?), 1830-1839. Creator: Unknown.
Mr. John T.(?) Pilling, 1834. Creator: Anna Claypoole Peale.
Lady in a red dress, c1850. Creator: Anne Hall.
A Gentleman, c1825. Creator: Anna Claypoole Peale.
Robert Eden Handy, 1835. Creator: Asher Brown Durand.
Portrait of a lady, c1815.  Creator: Charles Fraser.
John Whitaker, c1800. Creator: Robert Field.
Edward D. Jackson, c1820. Creator: Thomas Sully.
William T. Walters, 1883. Creator: Charles Camino.
Mrs. Elizabeth Belin of Charleston, South Carolina, c1850. Creator: Charles Fraser.
Miss Elizabeth Sarah Faber, c1846. Creator: Charles Fraser.
Louis Gaylord Clark, c1840. Creator: Charles Loring Elliott.
Alexander Hewling, c1800 (?). Creator: Unknown.
George F. Boughton of Boston, c1795. Creator: Unknown.
Miss Catherine Boughton, c1795. Creator: Unknown.
George Washington, 1793. Creator: Unknown.
Andrew Jackson, 1844. Creator: Unknown.
Self-Portrait, c1860. Creator: Edward Dalton Marchant.
Alexander Hamilton, c1796.  Creator: Ellen Sharples.
Robert Harcourt Twycross, c1800. Creator: Unknown.
Mary M. Phillips, c1810. Creator: Unknown.
James, Cardinal Gibbons, 1902. Creator: Florence MacKubin.
Mademoiselle de Montbrizon, 1795. Creator: Francois Dumont.
Charles Smith Gilmor, 1840-1850. Creator: George Lethbridge Saunders.
Old Woman, 19th century. Creator: Giulia Juarez.
Henry Heyward Manigault, 1849. Creator: Henry Brintnell Bounetheau.
Harriet Aymar, 1849. Creator: Henry Colton Shumway.
Sarah Goodridge, c1835. Creator: Henry Inman.
Elizabeth Baynton Markoe Camac, c1840. Creator: Henry Inman.
Admiral Collingwood, 1st quarter of 19th century. Creator: Unknown.
Admiral Keith, 1st quarter 19th century. Creator: Unknown.
Portrait of a Woman, c1840. Creator: Unknown.
Portrait of a Young Man, c1840. Creator: Unknown.
Portraits of a Gentleman and a Lady, c1835. Creator: Unknown.
Mrs. Walter Clarke, c1840.  Creator: Unknown.
Portrait of a Gentleman, 1st quarter 19th century. Creator: Unknown.