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''A Berlin, La jeunesse des ecoles promene les portraits des deux kaisers', 1914. Creator: Unknown.
''Le Guillaume II d'avant Guerre', 1914. Creator: Unknown.
'The Marriage of HRH Princess Louise of Schleswig-Holstein and HH Prince Aribert of Anhalt, 1891. Creator: Unknown.
''HIM the German Emperor 10th August 1861', 1891. Creator: Unknown.
''HIM the German Emperor Wlliam II; after Max Koner ', 1891. Creator: Unknown.
'The German Emperor's visit to the City', 1891. Creator: R Barnes.
'The Visit of the German Emperor - The Garden Party given at Marlborough House', 1891. Creator: G Durand.
'The German Emperor's visit to the Crystal Palace', 1891 Creator: Unknown.
''The German Emperor Inspecting the Troops at the Wimbledon Review', 1891. Creator: W Small.
'The Review at Wimbledon before the German Emperor', 1891. Creator: John Charlton.
''The Graphic, Front Cover Saturday August 9, 1890', 1890. Creator: Unknown.
''The German Emperor's visit to Norway - Playing his first Salmon on the Olden River', 1890. Creator: J Nash.
'Three Cheers for the Emperor!" - The German Emperor at Portsmouth, 1890. Creator: Unknown.
''Hiver 1914-1915.--Guillaume II interrogeant lui-meme un prisonnier russe.', 1915. Creator: Unknown.
'Decembre 1915.--Guillaume II, sur le front de la Strypa, en Galicie, parlant a un..., 1915. Creator: Unknown.
Hidden silhouettes of the rulers of Europe, 1794. Creator: Lussano.
''The Visit of the German Emperor to Rome', 1888. Creator: Unknown.
''The Visit of the German Emperor to Rome; the Emperor and the King of Italy passing between lines o Creator: Unknown.
''The Visit of the German Emperor to Rome; The arrival at the Capital', 1888. Creator: Unknown.
''The Visit of the German Emperor to Rome; the Launch of the "Re Umberto" at Naples before the Emper Creator: Unknown.
''The Visit of the German Emperor to Rome; The Emperor and Prince Henry leaving the Vatican after th Creator: Unknown.
''The Graphic, Front Cover Saturday November 3. 1888', 1888. Creator: Unknown.
The Crown Princess of Prussia, 1861. Creator: John Jabez Edwin Mayall.
Emperor's Birthday, Germany, from the Holidays series (N80) for Duke brand cigarettes, 1890., 1890. Creator: George S. Harris & Sons.
Kaiser Wilhelm II at Amerongen Castle, Netherlands, 1918, (c1920). Creator: Unknown.
'The Court of the Kaiser', 1910. Creator: Unknown.
'William II., German Emperor', 1910. Creator: Joseph Simpson.
Kaiser Wilhelm II and King George V in Berlin, Germany, 1911, (1935). Creator: Unknown.
The SS 'Kaiser Wilhelm II', c1910. Creator: Unknown.
'The German Emperor'', (1919). Creator: Unknown.
King George V at the funeral of his father King Edward VII, London, 20 May 1910.  Creator: Unknown.
Crown Prince and Princess of Prussia and their family, c1875. Artist: Unknown.
'The German Emperor as a Boy', c1870, (1917). Artist: J Russell & Sons.
'Last Moments of Queen Victoria - Scene at Osborne House', 1901 (c1902). Artist: Unknown.
'Portrait of H.I.M. The German Emperor',1908. Artist: Philip A de Laszlo.
Any More Orders To-Day, Sire?, c1916.
King George V of Great Britain and the German Kaiser, Berlin, 1913. Artist: Unknown
Emperor Welhelm II of Germany greeting Tsar Nicholas II of Russia before the First World War. Artist: Unknown
Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany and Frederick Augustus III of Saxony, June 1918. Artist: Unknown
'A Walk-Over?', 1918. Artist: Unknown
'Cape to Cairo', 1899.  Artist: John Tenniel
Wilhelm II, Emperor of Germany and King of Prussia, late 19th-early 20th century. Artist: Reichard & Lindner
'Dropping the Pilot', 1890. Artist: John Tenniel
'The Unique and Imperial Royal Gathering at Windsor', 1910. Artist: Unknown
Members of the Royal Family at Coburg, Germany, April 1894 (1964). Artist: Unknown
European royalty at Windsor Castle, 17th November 1907 (1964). Artist: Unknown
King Edward, the Kaiser, Queen Alexandra and King George, c1903 (1935). Artist: Unknown
Punch cartoon on the sinking of the Lusitania, 1915. Artist: Bernard Partridge
Meeting between Tsar Nicholas II and Kaiser Wilhelm II, Wiesbaden, Germany, 1903. Artist: Unknown
Crowd celebrating the Kaiser's proclamation of war against Great Britain, Berlin, 4 August, 1914. Artist: S and G
'Stand Back!', John Bull helps little Belgium to bar the German invader, First World War, 1914. Artist: Unknown
The Great Military Review at Tempelhofer Field, Berlin, Germany, early 20th century. Artist: Unknown
King George V of Great Britain and Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany, 1913 (1951). Artist: Unknown
King Edward VII and Kaiser Wilhelm II in Berlin, February 1909 (1964). Artist: Unknown
Study for the enamel portrait of Emperor Wilhelm II of Germany, 1901. Artist: Unknown
'Conseils Paternels' (Paternal advice), c1888-1918. Artist: Unknown
'The Advance that Failed', First World War, 1914-1915, (1920). Artist: Bernard Partridge
Wilhelm II, Emperor of Germany, 1900. Artist: Unknown
Wilhelm II, Emperor of Germany, 1900.Artist: Reichard & Lindner
'They Nibble!', 1915. Artist: Unknown