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Double-sided Icon with Scenes from the Life of Christ, the Virgin Mary, and the Saints, 18th century Creator: Unknown.
The Three Marys with their Children, 1590. Creator: Hans Collaert the Younger.
The Adoration of the Shepherds with Six Prophets, 1588. Creator: Jacob Matham.
Adoration of the Shepherds, 1599. Creator: Johann Sadeler I.
Holy Family, 1707. Creator: John Smith.
Deposition, 1775. Creator: Valentine Green.
Three Maries, 1824. Creator: William Say.
Double-Sided Pendant with the Virgin and Child with Saint George and the..., late 18th century. Creator: Unknown.
Right Half of a Diptych with the Virgin and Child Flanked by Angels, late 15th century. Creator: Unknown.
Diptych Icon with Saint George, and Mary and the Infant Christ, early 15th century. Creator: Unknown.
The Virgin and Child with Archangels, Scenes from the Life of Christ, and Saints, early 17th century Creator: Unknown.
Virgin and Child with Saints and Donor, c1490. Creator: Carlo Crivelli.
Communion and Consecration of Santa Francesca Romana, c1445. Creator: Antonio del Massaro da Viterbo.
Madonna and Child, c1480. Creator: Cosimo Rosselli.
Madonna and Child, c1446-1447. Creator: Filippo Lippi.
Madonna and Child, 1430-1450. Creator: Francesco Squarcione.
Madonna and Child Enthroned with Saints, c1444. Creator: Andrea Delitio.
The Vision of Saint Bernard, c1520. Creator: Domenico Puligo.
Virgin of the Deliverance, after 1872. Creator: Antoine Auguste Ernest Hebert.
Madonna and Child, c1515. Creator: Gerolamo Giovenone.
Madonna and Child, 1510-1515. Creator: Giovanni Agostino da Lodi.
Madonna and Child with St. Michael and Other Saints, c1440. Creator: Antonio Vivarini.
The Crucifixion; Saint Michael, c1480-1490. Creator: Lorenzo d'Alessandro.
Madonna and Child with a Cat, c1490. Creator: Unknown.
Madonna Adoring the Child, c. 1585-1605. Creator: Barbara Longhi.
Virgin and Child, c1630-1632. Creator: Anthony van Dyck.
The Adoration of the Shepherds, 1582. Creator: Bernardo Castello.
Madonna and Child with Saints, 1540-1549. Creator: Bonifacio de' Pitati.
Flight of the Holy Family into Egypt, 1647. Creator: Jacob Jordaens.
The Holy Family with the Infant St. John, 1580-1585. Creator: Francesco Vanni.
Virgin and Child in a Landscape, c1600. Creator: Unknown.
The Annunciation, late 16th century. Creator: Lavinia Fontana.
Holy Family Departing for Egypt, c1625. Creator: Pieter van Avont.
Mystic Marriage of Saint Catherine, 16th century. Creator: Unknown.
Altarpiece with the Passion of Christ: Entombment, c1480-1495. Creator: Unknown.
Altarpiece with the Passion of Christ: Crucifixion, c1480-1495. Creator: Unknown.
The Adoration of the Three Kings, c1525-1530. Creator: Girolamo da Santacroce.
The Madonna and Child with Saint John the Baptist, 1522-1524. Creator: Giulio Romano.
Adoration of the Magi, 1540-1549. Creator: Pieter Coecke van Aelst.
Passion of Christ, c1440-1460. Creator: Unknown.
Crucifixion, 1537. Creator: Peter Gertner.
Madonna and Child, c1430-1450. Creator: Unknown.
Madonna and Child with Two Angels, c1500. Creator: Agnolo di Domenico di Donnino.
The Holy Family with an Angel, c1485. Creator: Baldassare d'Este.
Madonna and Child with Saints, c1510-1515. Creator: Francesco Zaganelli.
Madonna and Child, 1480-1485. Creator: Bartolomeo Montagna.
The Adoration of the Shepherds, c1550 (?). Creator: Cremona.
The Holy Family with Saints John the Baptist and Jerome, 1520-1525. Creator: Giampietro Silvio.
Madonna and Child with Saints Peter and Mark and Three Venetian Procurators, 1510. Creator: Giovanni Bellini.
Virgin and Child, 1450-1460. Creator: Giovanni Francesco da Rimini.
The Virgin Mary Reading, c1460-1462. Creator: Antonello da Messina.
The Light of the World, 1881. Creator: Louis Prang.
Virgin and Child, c1460. Creator: Unknown.
Triptych with Mary and Her Son, Archangels, Scenes from Life of Christ and Saints, early 16th cent. Creator: Unknown.
Double-sided Polyptych with the Virgin and Child, Saint George and the Young..., late 18th cent. Creator: Unknown.
Composition with the Virgin Mary, c1675. Creator: Unknown.
The Virgin and Child with Saints and the Annunciation (image 11 of 14), between c.1427 and c.1430. Creator: Giovanni di Paolo.
The Virgin and Child with Saints and the Annunciation (image 1 of 14), between c.1427 and c.1430. Creator: Giovanni di Paolo.
Badge with Adoration of the Shepherds (Escudo con la adoración de los pastores), c.1770. Creator: Jose Paez.
Virgin of the Immaculate Conception, Late 18th century. Creator: Unknown.