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Saint Matthew, c1616. Creator: Joachim Anthonisz Wtewael.
St Matthew the Evangelist. Creator: Pierre-Louis Cretey.
The Four Evangelists, from c.1616 until 1624. Creator: Pieter Soutman.
Matthew the Evangelist with Benefactor, 1516-1547. Creator: Perino del Vaga.
Sanctus Matteaus. Creator: Marco Alvise Pitteri.
St Matthew the Evangelist, holding a banderole (possibly a modern impression), ca. 1480-1520. Creator: Anon.
Saint Matthew, c. 1425/1435. Creator: Unknown.
Saint Matthew, plate one from The Four Evangelists, 1588. Creator: Jacques de Gheyn II.
Saint Matthew, n.d. Creator: Cornelis de Visscher.
God the Father and Eleven of the Twelve Apostles, n.d. Creator: Giovanni Marco Pitteri.
Apostle Spoon: St. Matthew, London, 1602/03. Creator: Unknown.
Saint Matthew, published 1631. Creator: Jacques Callot.
The Martyrdom of Saint Matthew, c. 1634/1635. Creator: Jacques Callot.
Saint Matthew, published 1631. Creator: Jacques Callot.
The Martyrdom of Saint Matthew, c. 1634/1635. Creator: Jacques Callot.
Matthew, 1539. Creator: Heinrich Aldegrever.
St. Candida; St. Matthew; St. Iphigenia; St. Maurice and Companions. Creator: Jacques Callot.
Plaque from a Cross with the Winged Man of Saint Matthew, French, ca. 1185-95. Creator: Unknown.
Plaque with the Symbol of the Evangelist Matthew, French, ca. 1100. Creator: Unknown.
Book Cover Plaque with Christ in Majesty and the Symbols of the Four Evangelists, German, 11th cent. Creator: Unknown.
Plaque with Two Saints, Byzantine, 6th century. Creator: Unknown.
Medallion with Saint Matthew from an Icon Frame, Byzantine, ca. 1100. Creator: Unknown.
Saint Matthew, dated 1518. Creator: Agostino Veneziano.
Saint Matthew, dated 1518. Creator: Agostino Veneziano.
The Adoration of the Magi, 1500-1571. Creators: Nosadella, Jesus Christ.
Saint Matthew, 1835-67. Creator: Camille-Auguste Gastine.
Plate 1: Saint Matthew with his head turned in profile to the left, a cherub at bottom lef..., 1541. Creator: Sebald Beham.
Saint Matthew holding a pouch, ca. 1515-27. Creator: Marco Dente.
Saint Matthew, 1726. Creator: Louis Jacob.
St. Matthew, from the series The Four Evangelists, 1518. Creator: Lucas van Leyden.
St. Matthew, seated on a cloud with legs crossed and dipping a quill into an inkwell..., after 1518. Creator: Unknown.
Saint Matthew, from 'Christ and the Apostles', ca. 1548-50. Creator: Andrea Schiavone.
A saint, possibly Matthew, holding a staff and a book, ca. 1540-50. Creator: Andrea Schiavone.
Saint Matthew holding a staff and a book, turning to the left, ca. 1540-50. Creator: Andrea Schiavone.
Leaf from a Gospel Book with Four Standing Evangelists, 1290-1330. Creator: Unknown.
St. Matthew writing his Gospel,  Anglo-Saxon work,  c1062-65.  Artist: Unknown.
The wall painting of `The Last Supper`, at Milan, 1883. Artist: Unknown.
Study for the head of St Matthew in `The Last Supper`, c1494-c1499 (1883).  Artist: Leonardo da Vinci.
'Christ and the Twelve Apostles', second half of 15th century. Artist: German Master
St Thomas Aquinas, Italian theologian and philosopher. Artist: Unknown
'St Matthew the Evangelist', c1808. Artist: Unknown
'The Last Supper', 1803. Artist: Michael Kock
'St Matthew and an Angel', 1621. Artist: Abraham Bloemaert
'St Matthew the Evangelist', 1661. Artist: Rembrandt Harmensz van Rijn
St Matthew from the Book of Kells, c800. Artist: Unknown
'The Last Supper', after 1420 (1955). Artist: Unknown
'The Last Supper', 1498 (1870). Artist: Unknown
St Matthew, c800 AD. Artist: Unknown
St Matthew the Evangelist, 1886. Artist: Unknown
St Matthew, 7th century (1892). Artist: Unknown
'Landscape with St Matthew and the Angel', c1645. Artist: Nicolas Poussin
The Four Evangelists', mid 15th century. Artist: Fra Angelico