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'The Royal Family on the Balcony at Buckingham Palace', 1937. Creator: Photochrom Co Ltd of London.
'After the Coronation - 12th May, 1937', 1947. Creator: Unknown.
'Arriving at Glamis with Her New Sister - August, 1931', 1947. Creator: Unknown.
At St. Paul's, Walden Bury - 1932', 1947. Creator: Unknown.
'Abergeldie Fair - 1933', 1947. Creator: Unknown.
Silver Jubilee of George V and Queen Mary, 6 May 1935, (1947). Creator: Unknown.
'Leaving The Abbey', 1947. Creator: Unknown.
'With the Royal Bodyguard', 1930s, (1947).  Creator: Unknown.
'Three Royal Ladies - 1937', 1947. Creator: Unknown.
'Girl Guide Review', 19 June 1938, (1947).  Creator: Unknown.
'Birthday Ride - 21st April, 1939', 1947. Creator: Unknown.
'At the London Zoo - watching the antics of a baby panda', 1939, (1947).  Creator: Unknown.
'Welcome Home', 22 June 1939, (1947).  Creator: Unknown.
'At The Royal Agricultural Show in 1939', 1947. Creator: Unknown.
'Duet - 1940', 1947. Creator: Unknown.
'Broadcasting to the Children of the Empire - 13th October, 1940', 1947. Creator: Unknown.
'Driving with Her Sister in Windsor Great Park - 1941', 1947. Creator: Unknown.
'Christmas Pantomime - 1941', 1947. Creator: Unknown.
'Mrs. Roosevelt at the Palace', October 1942, (1947).  Creator: Unknown.
'Wartime at Windsor', 1941, (1947).  Creator: Unknown.
'Her Sixteenth Birthday', 21 April 1942, (1947).  Creator: Unknown.
'Pigeon Post', 20 February 1943, (1947).  Creator: Unknown.
'Guests at Balmoral', October 1946, (1947).  Creator: Unknown.
'Royal Bridesmaids', 26 October 1946, (1947).  Creator: Unknown.
Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, Bridge Street, Westminster, City of Westminster, London, 1953. Creator: Ministry of Works.
Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, Parliament Square, City of Westminster, London, 1953. Creator: Ministry of Works.
'Their Majesties, The King and Queen, with the Princesses Inspecting Boys Who Have Become Scouts Des Creator: Unknown.
'Queen Mary with her granddaughters', 1930s, (1951). Creator: Unknown.
Queen Mary sets off to visit Canada, 1939, (1951).  Creator: Unknown.
'Queen Mary, Princess Elizabeth, Princess Margaret..., Armistice Day, 1945', (1951).  Creator: Unknown.
'A Family Group', c1933, (1937). Creator: Unknown.
'King George V's Silver Jubilee', 1935, (1937). Creator: Unknown.
'The King and Queen with Princess Elizabeth and Princess Margaret on the Balcony of Buckingham Palac Creator: Daily Herald.
'H.R.H. The Princess Margaret Rose', c1938. Creator: Marcus Adams.
'Her Majesty the Queen with the Royal Princesses', c1950. Creator: Lisa Sheridan.
'The Princesses Go By', May 12 1937. Artist: Unknown.
'The Queen at Her Old Home', Glamis Castle, c1936 (1937). Artist: Unknown.
'-And Friends', Princesses Elizabeth and Mary at Royal Lodge, Windsor, c1936 (1937). Artist: Unknown.
'Official Coronation Group', 1937. Artist: Unknown.
'Christmas Morning, Sandringham, 1936', 1937. Artist: Unknown.
'The Sister Princesses', c1934, (1937). Artist: Unknown.
Royal family as a happy group of dog lovers, 1937. Artist: Michael Chance.
'King George VI and Queen Elizabeth on their Coronation Day', 1937. Artist: Unknown.
'The Royal Family', c1936 (1937). Artist: Unknown.
'The Royal Princesses', c1936 (1937). Artist: Unknown.
'The Silver Jubilee', 1935 (1937). Artist: Unknown.
'Arriving at Olympia', 1935 (1937). Artist: Unknown.
'At Royal Tournament, Olympia', 1936 (1937). Artist: Unknown.
'At Perth, Scotland', 1935 (1937). Artist: Unknown.
'The Princesses and their Miniature House', c1932 (1937). Artist: Unknown.
'Princess Margaret Rose', 1930, (1938). Artist: Unknown.
Princess Elizabeth and Princess Margaret pull their weight, 1930s (1935). Artist: Unknown.
'King George VI and Queen Elizabeth on their Coronation Day', 1937.
Princess Margaret, 1935. Artist: Unknown.
The Duke of York and Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret at the pantomime, 6 February 1935.  Artist: Unknown.
The Royal Family in the grounds of the Royal Lodge, Winsor, 1946. Artist: Lisa Sheridan
Queen Mary (1867-1953) and Princess Margaret (1930-2002) on the occasion of King George V's Silver J Artist: Unknown
Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret c.1935 Artist: Unknown
HRH Princess Margaret (1930-2002).  Artist: Marcus Adams
Princess Margaret at St Paul's Waldenbury, Hampshire, 1932. Artist: Unknown