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Bonaparte Reviewing the Consular Guard (La Revue du Quintidi). Creator: Charles Turner.
A Frontispiece to the New Red Book, published June 13, 1816. Creator: William Heath.
A boy of the first empire, c1895. Creator: Unknown.
Madame Sans-Gêne, c1895. Creator: Unknown.
The success of the year [..] Napoleon, c1895 - 1911. Creator: Unknown.
All the world loves a hero [..] Napoleon, c1895 - 1911. Creator: Unknown.
Napoleon, after 1835. Creator: Unknown.
La Félicité de la France, 1810/14.  Creator: Unknown.
Napoleon I and Captain Elphinstone (Napoleon I et le Capitaine Elphinstone), 1859. Creator: Gerhardus Emaus De Micault.
Affiche pour "The Century Magazine", "Napoléon"., c1898. Creator: Eugene Samuel Grasset.
Napoleon Accompanied by his Good Men, Returning to France on March 1, 1815, March 20, 1815. Creator: Francois Pascal Simon Gerard.
Napoleon in the Chamber of Deputies, from the Political and Military Life of Napoleon, 1822/26. Creator: Charles Etienne Pierre Motte.
Sketch for the Denon pavilion at the Louvre: the four artistic ages of France..., c.1864.  Creator: Charles Louis Lucien Muller.
Esquisse pour l'Hôtel de Ville de Paris : Apothéose de Napoléon Ier, end of 1853. Creator: Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres.
Le cortège impérial se rendant à Notre-Dame pour la cérémonie du sacre, le 2 décembre 1804..., 1805. Creator: Jacques Bertaux.
Napoleon I in the uniform of the National Guard, 1812. Creator: Jean-Baptiste Isabey.
Arrival of Napoleon's ashes on the Esplanade des Invalides, December 15, 1840. Creator: Unknown.
Le Desire' of France. Portrait of Louis XVIII and hidden portrait of Napoleon, c1815. Creator: Unknown.
The emperor visiting the hall of wines and brandy. (Paris wine hall), 1811. Creator: Etienne Bouhot.
Napoleon I's wedding meal in Tuileries on April 2, 1810, c1805 — 1815. Creator: Alexandre Dufay.
Portrait of Napoleon I (1769-1821), in the uniform of a Colonel of the cavalry of the Guard, 1809. Creator: Robert Lefevre.
Portrait of Bonaparte (1769-1821), first consul, between 1799 and 1804. Creator: Piat Joseph Sauvage.
Apotheosis of Napoleon. Napoleon on the rock of Saint Helena, between 1821 and 1863. Creator: Emile Jean-Horace Vernet.
Landing of Napoleon I ashes in Courbevoie, December 15, 1840. Creator: Unknown.
Saule Pleureur Imperiale with hidden silhouettes of Napoleon and his family, 1830-50., 1830-50. Creator: Anon.
Le Retour de L'Ile d'Elbe (The Return from the Isle of Elba) (Furnishing Fabric), Nantes, c. 1830. Creator: Favre-Petitpierre et Cie.
Napoleon, n.d. Creator: Jean-Baptiste de Grateloup.
Napoleon, n.d. Creator: Jean-Baptiste de Grateloup.
The Happy Effects of that Grand System of Shutting Ports Against the English!!, pub. Oct 1, 1808. Creator: Isaac Cruikshank.
Profile of Napoleon, c. 1810. Creator: Jacques-Louis David.
Boney Forsaken by his Guardian Genius, 1814. Creator: Charles Williams.
Le Retour de L'Ile d'Elbe (The Return from the Isle of Elba) (Furnishing Fabric), Nantes, c. 1830. Creator: Favre-Petitpierre et Cie.
Napoleon Entering Cairo, c. 1900. Creator: Jean-Leon Gerome.
Death Mask of Napoleon, modeled 1821 (cast 1833). Creators: Louis Richard, E. Quesnel.
Napoleon Toby Mug, c. 1939. Creator: Grace Halpin.
Napoleon I, 1807 Creator: Philibert Louis Debucourt.
The God of Good People from The Complete Works of Béranger, 1836. Creators: Auguste Raffet, Lacoste, Eugène Guillaumot.
Imperial Jump-rope (Le Sauteur impérial, grand faiseur de tour), July 1815. Creator: Friedrich August Mottu.
Memories of the People from The Complete Works of Béranger, 1836. Creators: Jean Ignace Isidore Gerard, Lacoste.
The Battle of Wagram 1809, 1938. Creator: Unknown.
Napoleon at St. Helena, 1873-1875. Creator: Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux.
Napoleon as General of the Italian Army, 1798. Creator: Pierre Michel Alix.
General Bonaparte, model n.d., cast c. 1845/1873. Creator: Antoine-Louis Barye.
General Bonaparte on Horseback, model c. 1838, cast after 1847. Creator: Antoine-Louis Barye.
Napoleon Bonaparte, ca. 1850. Creator: Henry Brintnell Bounetheau.
Napoleon as General, 1847. Creator: Henry Brintnell Bounethea.
Boney's Trial, Sentence, and Dying Speech, published 1815. Creator: Thomas Rowlandson.
Figure of Napolean, c. 1938. Creator: Mina Lowry.
Napoleon Crossing the Alps, 1851. Creator: Alphonse François.
The Emperor Napoleon in His Study at the Tuileries, 1812. Creator: Jacques-Louis David.
Napoleon and Josephine Visiting the Studio of David, January 4, 1808, ca. 1820-30. Creator: Charles Etienne Pierre Motte.
From Top to Bottom, or Cause and Effect (Du haut en bas...ou les causes et les effet..., April 1814. Creator: Elie.
Passage through Mt. Saint-Bernard, 1822. Creator: Theodore Gericault.
The Royal Allied Oak and Self-Created Mushroom Kings, May 29, 1815. Creator: William Heath.
Military Festival at Boulogne with Napoleon Distributing Stars of the Legion of Ho..., 19th century. Creator: Victor Adam.
French Empire, 1 Decime, from the series Coins of All Nations (N72, variation 1) for Duke ..., 1889. Creator: Unknown.
Lunch at the Fork (Le Dejeuner à la Fourchette), 1813. Creator: Johann Gottfried Schadow.
[Reproduction of Napoleon on the Battlefield of Eylau by Antoine-Jean Gros], 1850s. Creator: Unknown.
The Rising Sun; Or, A View of the Continent, August 28, 1810., August 28, 1810. Creator: Thomas Rowlandson.
The Rogues March, April 12, 1814., April 12, 1814. Creator: Thomas Rowlandson.