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The Penitent Saint Mary Magdalene, 1658-1706. Creator: Godfried Schalcken.
Seated female figure; Saint Magdalene, 1695-1795. Creator: Unknown.
''The Head of Mary Magdalene; from "The Return from Calvary" after Herbert Schmalz', 1891. Creator: Herbert Gustave Schmalz.
Mary Magdalene [verso], in or after 1524. Creator: Biagio Pupini.
Mary Magdalene [recto], in or after 1524. Creator: Biagio Pupini.
Descent from the Cross, 1886. Creator: Carl Bloch.
The Three Maries at the Tomb with the Angel of the Resurrection, c. 1275. Creator: Master of Imola.
''Pictures of the Year - VII. "Christ and the Magdalene", after Arthur Hacker', 1891. Creator: Unknown.
The Three Maries at the Tomb, 1460/1480. Creator: Master of the Borders with the Four Fathers of the Church.
Christ Appearing to the Magdalene as a Gardner, 1460/1480. Creator: Master of the Borders with the Four Fathers of the Church.
Saint Mary Magdalene and Saint John the Evangelist. Creator: Master S.
The Penitent Magdalene, first quarter 17th century. Creator: Francesco Villamena.
Mary Magdalen Washing Feet of Christ. Creator: Hans Wechtlin the Elder.
S. Maria Magdalena. Creator: Antonius Wierix.
Ascension of the Magdalene, late 1650s. Creator: Baldassare Franceschini.
The Magdalen. Creator: Master of the Die.
The Crucifixion: scenes from the life and passion of Christ, late 15th-early 16th century. Creator: Unknown.
Lamentation over the dead Christ, between 1600 and 1625. Creator: Cretan School.
Madonna and Child with Saint John the Baptist, Saint Bartholomew, Saint..., between 1300 and 1400. Creator: Unknown.
Pieta with Saint Benedict, Saint Francis, Saint John and Saint...c1500-1525. Creator: Raffaellino del Garbo.
Madeleine in ecstasy, between 1500 and 1550. Creator: Giovanni Pietro Rizzoli.
Saint Mary Magdalene Lifted by Angels, c. 1740. Creator: Giovanni Battista Tiepolo.
St. Mary Magdalen Penitent, before 1636. Creator: Anon.
The penitent Mary Magdalene in the wilderness, holding a cross in her left hand, 1830-83. Creators: Luigi Boscolo, Niccolò Schiavonetti.
Christ Appearing to the Magdalene, c. 1513. Creator: Albrecht Altdorfer.
Christ Appearing to Saint Magdalene, c. 1513. Creator: Albrecht Altdorfer.
Half-Length of Mary Magdalene [verso], c. 1565/1567. Creator: Federico Barocci.
Female Figure (Penitent Magdalene?) [verso]. Creator: Donato Creti.
Magdalene Washing the Feet of Christ with Eight Disciples Looking On [recto]. Creator: Donato Creti.
Penitent Magdalene with Angels in a Landscape [recto]. Creator: Donato Creti.
Death of the Magdalene, 18th century. Creator: Francesco Fontebasso.
Portrait d'une jeune femme blonde en "Madeleine". Creator: Ecole Francaise.
The Entombment, with Christ's body carried on a sheet at center, the three Maries in the f..., 1594. Creator: Jacob Matham.
St. Mary Magdalen Trampling Her Valuables, 1622-23 Creator: Lucas Vorsterman.
Mary Magdalene carried to Heaven, ca. 1544., ca. 1544. Creator: Anon.
Mary Magdalene Carried to Heaven, mid-16th century. Creator: Leon Davent.
Praying Magdalene, 1670s. Creator: Carlo Cignani.
Saint Mary Magdalene, 1728/31. Creator: Pietro Rotari.
Penitent Magdalene, n.d. Creator: Domenico Mondo.
Two Marys Discover the Empty Tomb in a Historiated Initial "M", 1475/99. Creator: Unknown.
Crucifixion with Saint John the Evangelist, the Virgin and Two Maries, n.d. Creator: School of Francesco Solimena Italian, 1657-1747.
Ascension of the Magdalene, n.d. Creators: Unknown, Giovanni Lanfranco.
Mary Magdalene in Wilderness, 17th century. Creator: Unknown.
Noli me Tangere, 1460-65. Creator: Unknown.
The Entombment, c. 1655. Creator: Cornelis de Visscher.
Pendant with Christ Appearing to Saint Mary Magdalene, Europe, c. 1575-c. 1625. Creator: Unknown.
Station of the Cross No. 12: "Jesus Dies Upon the Cross", c. 1936. Creator: Geoffrey Holt.
Noli Me Tangere [verso], c. 1600. Creator: Unknown.
The Small Crucifixion, 1605. Creator: Raphael Sadeler.
St. Margaret of Antioch; St. Praxedes; St. Mary Magdalene; St. Bridget of Sweden. Creator: Jacques Callot.
Death of the Magdalene. Creator: Jacques Callot.
Death of the Magdalene. Creator: Jacques Callot.
Christ on the Cross, 1553. Creator: Heinrich Aldegrever.
The Holy Family with Mary Magdalene and John the Baptist who embraces Christ, 1543. Creator: Giulio Bonasone.
Saint Cecilia standing in the centre accompanied by Saint Paul, the Magdalene, Saint John ..., 1531. Creator: Giulio Bonasone.
Mary Magdalene in Meditation (Madeleine en meditation), 1858. Creator: Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot.
Saint Mary Magdalene. Creator: Jacques Callot.
Saint Mary Magdalene. Creator: Jacques Callot.
Mary Magdalene Kneeling (Madeleine a genoux), 1858. Creator: Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot.
The Magdalen. Creator: Cristoforo Foppa.