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'The King's Procession', May 12 1937. Artist: Unknown.
'King George VI leaves the Abbey', May 12 1937. Artist: Unknown.
'Drive' - playing for the Generals in a match against the Admirals, c1926 (1937).  Artist: Unknown.
'Scout's Handshake' - Rally at Adelaide, 1927 (1937). Artist: Unknown.
'Off to a Rally of Scouts and Guides', c1931 (1937). Artist: Unknown.
'Family Joke' - leaving the Royal Yacht Albert and Victoria at Cowes, c1935 (1937) Creator: Unknown.
'The New Reign Dawns', 1936 (1937). Artist: Unknown.
'Official Coronation Group', 1937. Creator: Unknown.
'Christmas Morning, Sandringham, 1936', 1937. Creator: Unknown.
'King George VI', c1935 (1937). Creator: Unknown.
'An indication of a career-to-be: Sailor-suited Prince Albert', c1900, (1937). Artist: Unknown.
'Still-sailor-suited - Prince Albert at the age of six', c1901 (1937). Artist: Unknown.
'Aged sixteen - Prince Albert, Naval cadet at Osborne', c1910, (1937). Artist: Unknown.
'The Children of King George V and Queen Mary', c1910, (1937). Creator: Unknown.
'Sharing a Joke at Aintree', 1937. Creator: Unknown.
'With the Royal Air Force', 1937. Creator: Unknown.
'Curtsy To Her King', 1937. Creator: Unknown.
'Prince Albert, arrives at Devonport to board the cruiser Cumberland', 1913, (1937) Artist: Unknown.
'King George V', c1920s, (1937). Artist: Unknown.
'Married in Westminster Abbey', 26 April 1923, (1937). Creator: Unknown.
'A Right-Hand Glove', May 12 1937. Artist: Unknown.
'Two Crowns, Two Sceptres', May 12 1937. Creator: Unknown.
'The Golden Coach Leaves the Abbey', May 12 1937. Creator: Unknown.
'Acclaimed by Thousands at Westminster', May 12 1937. Creator: Unknown.
'Memorial to His Father Unveiled', Windsor Castle, 23rd April I937. Artist: Unknown.
'Rose-Petal Shower', 26 April 1923, (1937). Creator: Unknown.
'Bathing in the Adriatic', 1937. Artist: Unknown.
'Royal Honeymoon', 1923, (1937). Creator: Unknown.
'Round-the-World Tour Begins', Jan 6 1927 (1937). Creator: Unknown.
'Honour from a "King", 1927, (1937). Creator: Unknown.
'Partners - A game of deck tennis in the Renown', 1927, (1937). Creator: Unknown.
'Arriving at Las Palmas Canary Islands', Jan 10 1927, (1937). Creator: Unknown.
'Wearing the Balmoral Tartan', Balmoral, 1936 (1937). Artist: Unknown.
'Armstice Day, 1936', 1937. Artist: Unknown.
'Princess Elizabeth Manages the Train', May 12 1937. Artist: Unknown.
'HRH Duchess of York with Duke of York, launching Strathmore on April 4, 1935', (1936) Creator: Unknown.
'Big Game Fishing, Bay of Islands, New Zealand', c1927, (1937). Artist: Unknown.
'Home Again - The Duke and Duchess landing at Portsmouth June 27, 1927', 1937. Creator: Unknown.
'The Queen Presents The Cup', 1937. Creator: Unknown.
Prince George of Wales, c1900s(?). Artist: Speaight.
The wedding of the Duke of York and Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, 1923.  Creator: Unknown.
Queen Victoria with her great-granchildren at Osborne House, Isle of Wight, 1900. Artist: Unknown.
Royal family as a happy group of dog lovers, 1937. Creator: Michael Chance.
At The Derby, 1938. Creator: Unknown.
'King George VI and Queen Elizabeth on their Coronation Day', 1937. Creator: Unknown.
'Lady Elizabeth Bowes Lyon and the Duke of York upon the announcement of their engagement', 1923. Creator: Vandyk.
The King and Queen survey bomb damage, Buckingham Palace, London, WWII, 1940. Creator: Unknown.
'Prince Bertie of York drilling his brother and sister', 1900. Artist: Biograph Company.
The Royal Family, c1935. Artist: W&D Downey.
'His Majesty King George VI', c1936. Artist: Captain P North.
'His Majesty King George VI', 1937. Artist: Unknown.
''The Recognition: The King Stands Before the Assembly, presented by the Archbishop', 1937. Artist: Unknown.
'The Anointing: The Archbishop Making the Sign of the Cross on the King's Head', 1937. Artist: Unknown.
'The Crowning of the King', 1937.  Artist: Unknown.
'The Coronation Procession to the Abbey', 1937. Artist: Unknown.
'Cynosure of All Eyes in the Processions: The State Coach', 1937. Creator: Unknown.
The Inthronization of His Majesty, who is seen crowned and sceptred', 1937. Artist: Unknown.
'At Trooping The Colour Ceremony', 1932 (1937). Artist: Unknown.
'At the Brussels Exhibition', 1935 (1937). Creator: Unknown.
'HM King George The Sixth', 1937. Artist: Unknown.