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Empress Eugenie on Horseback, 1853-1876. Creator: Carl Fredrik Kioerboe.
Her Imperial Majesty the Empress of the French, 1856.  Creator: W Thomas.
Visit of the Grand Dignitaries of State to the Imperial Infant, 1856.  Creator: Unknown.
Visit of the Dames de la Halle to the Imperial Prince, 1856.  Creator: Unknown.
Ondoiement of the Infant Prince, in the Chapel of the Tuileries, 1856.  Creator: Unknown.
The Baptism of the Imperial Prince in the Cathedral of Notre Dame, 1856.  Creator: Unknown.
Her Imperial Majesty the Empress of the French, and the Imperial Infant, 1856.  Creator: Smyth.
Night fete at Tuileries, June 10, 1867, on the occasion of the visit of foreign sovereigns to the... Creator: Pierre Henri Tetar Van Elven.
The Panorama of the Century, 1889. Creators: Henri Gervex, Alfred Stevens.
Visit of Emperor Napoleon III and Empress Eugenie to the levelling site of Chaillot Hill, 1867. Creator: Louis Moullin.
The Emperor, the Empress and the Imperial Prince visiting an orphanage in Fontainebleau, c1867. Creator: Auguste Victor Pluyette.
Inauguration of the Cascades, in the Bois de Boulogne, Paris, by the Emperor and Empress of..., 1854 Creator: Unknown.
Marriage of Eugenie and Napoleon III (Furnishing Fabric), France, c. 1853/55. Creator: Unknown.
Empress Eugénia, 1860-69. Creator: André-Adolphe-Eugène Disdéri.
Eugenie Marie de Montijo de Guzman and Napoleon III, 1860-69. Creator: André-Adolphe-Eugène Disdéri.
Untitled [Napoleon III and family], 1860-69. Creator: Unknown.
Portrait of Euge´nie de Montijo (1826-1920) and Son, Circa 1860s. Creator: E. & H.T. Anthony.
L'impératrice Eugénie en prière, 1856. Creator: Gustave Le Gray.
[Carte-de-Visite Album of Prominent Personages], 1860s-70s. Creator: Pierre-Louis Pierson.
The Visit of the Emperor and Empress to the Crystal Palace, 1855. Creator: Philip Henry Delamotte.
Empress Eugénie, ca. 1864. Creator: Sergei Levitsky.
Empress Eugénie, ca. 1864. Creator: Sergei Levitsky.
Compiègne, Présentation du Prince Impérial, 1856. Creator: Olympe Aguado.
Empress Eugénie, 1860. Creator: Olympe Aguado.
[Empress Eugénie and the Prince Imperial], 1862. Creator: Attributed to François-Benjamin-Maria Delessert.
[Napoleon III and Empress Eugenie], ca. 1865. Creator: André-Adolphe-Eugène Disdéri.
The Imperial Court of Napoleon III, ca. 1866, printed 1940s. Creator: André-Adolphe-Eugène Disdéri.
The Empress Eugénie (Eugénie de Montijo, 1826-1920, Condesa de Teba), 1854. Creator: Franz Xaver Winterhalter.
Sketch for "Reception of Emperor Napoleon III and Empress Eugénie..., 1860", ca. 1862-67. Creator: Isidore Pils.
'Eugenie, Empress Regent of France', c1872. Creator: Francis Holl.
'The Prince of Wales' First Visit to France, 1855...', (1901).  Creator: Unknown.
Empress Eugenie, (1936). Creator: Unknown.
'Eugenie', (1933). Creator: Unknown.
'Kaiserin Eugenie 1826-1920. - Gemälde von Winterhalter', 1934. Creator: Unknown.
'Empress Eugenie surrounded by her ladies in waiting', c1920. Artist: Arthur Leonard Cox.
The Empress Eugenie in her bridal dress, 1853, (1902). Artist: Edmund Thomas Parris
The Empress Eugenie, 1857. Eugenie de Montijo (1826-1920) was the last Empress consort of France as Artist: Franz Xaver Winterhalter
Emblem of the Paris International Exhibition, 1867. Artist: Unknown
'The Empress of the French embarking in the 'Gazelle', 1870 (late 19th century). Artist: Unknown
Empress Eugenie of France, c1858-1870. Artist: Unknown
French Imperial Family, 1866. Artist: Unknown
Eugenie de Montijo, Empress Consort of Napoleon III of France, c1865-1875 Artist: Unknown
The French Imperial Family in exile, Chislehurst, Kent, 1871-1873. Artist: Unknown
Empress Eugenie of France, 1859. Artist: Unknown
Visit of Napoleon III and the Empress Eugenie of France, Guildhall, City of London, 1855.  Artist: T Turner
'HM the Empress Eugénie', c1879.Artist: Faustin
'The Empress Eugenie', 19th century, (c1920). Artist: Franz Xaver Winterhalter
Empress Eugenie de Montijo (1826-1920). Artist: Unknown
Empress Eugenie, Empress Consort of France, mid-late 19th century.Artist: H Gibbs
'Tear'em At The Tuileries', 1863. Artist: John Tenniel
Empress Eugenie presented with bouquet by peasant girl. Artist: J Carand
Empress Eugenie, (1826-1920), Empress Consort of France (1853-1870), 19th century. Artist: Francis Holl
Eugenie de Montijo, Empress Consort of France c1853-1857, (1910).Artist: George Baxter
Napoleon III and Empress Eugenie at Guildhall, London, 1855. Artist: Edmund Morin
The Emperor and the Empress of the French at Windsor Castle, 1855, (1875).Artist: CH Jeens
Napoleon III and Queen Victoria visit Crystal Palace, Sydenham, London, 1855. Artist: Unknown