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'Bonaparte Attacking Snow Forts at the School of Brienne', 1896. Artist: M Haider.
'Bonaparte, Turreau, and Volney at Nice in 1793', (1896). Artist: E.G.H. Del'Orme.
'Bonaparte Under Arrest, August, 1794', (1896) Artist: Unknown.
'Marie-Julie Clary, wife of Joseph Bonaparte; Queen of Spain', c1806-1808, (1896). Artist: Unknown.
'The Siege of Pavia', 1796, (1896).  Artist: Unknown.
'Bonaparte at the Military School, Paris, 1784', (1896). Artist: M Haider.
'Napoleon in Society at Valence. 1785', (1896). Artist: M Haider.
'Bonaparte at Auxonne, 1788', (1896).  Artist: Unknown.
'Mademoiselle Du Colombier - Napoleon's First Love', c1780-1800, (1896). Artist: Unknown.
'The Battle of Aboukir', 1799, (1896).  Artist: Unknown.
'Louis-Marie De Larevellière-Lepeaux, Member of the Directory', c1795-1799, (1896). Artist: Unknown.
'Felice Pasquale Bacciocchi', c1805-1820, (1896). Artist: Unknown.
'Marie-Josèphe-Rose Tascher De La Pagerie, Called Josephine, Empress of the French', 1896. Artist: Unknown.
'The Thirteenth Vendemiaire, October 5, 1795', (1896). Artist: Unknown.
'General Bathélemy-Catherine Joubert', 1790s, (1896). Artist: Unknown.
'Lucien Bonaparte, Prince of Canino', c1800, (1896). Artist: T Johnson.
'Bonaparte at the Council of the Five Hundred - St. Cloud, November 10, 1799 (19th Brumaire)', 1896. Artist: Peter Aitken.
'The Consuls Take Possession of the Tuileries', 10 August 1792, (1896).  Artist: Unknown.
'Josephine', c1805, (1896). Artist: Unknown.
'Installation of the Council of State...December 25, 1799', (1896).  Artist: Peter Aitken.
'Prince Camillo Borghese - Second Husband of Pauline Bonaparte', c1810, (1896). Artist: T Johnson.
'Napoleon and His Staff at Austerlitz', 1896. Artist: Unknown.
'Marie-Pauline Bonaparte', c1800, (1896). Artist: R. G. Tietze.
'Eugénie-Hortense De Beauharnais - Wife of Louis Bonaparte; Queen of Holland', 1807, (1896). Artist: Frank French.
'Madame Bonaparte Receiving Embassadors at the Tuileries', 1896. Artist: Unknown.
'The Prussian Noble Guard Sharpen Their Swords on the Steps of the French Embassy at Berlin', 1896. Artist: Unknown.
'Queen Louisa Reviewing the Prussian Army', 1896. Artist: Unknown.
'Death of Prince Louis at Saalfeld', 1806, (1896).  Artist: Unknown.
'Northern Italy - Illustrating the Campaigns of 1796 and 1797', (1896). Artist: Unknown.
'Bonaparte Aiming The Cannon at Lodi', 1796, (1896).  Artist: Unknown.
'Bonaparte, Surprised at Lonato..., Compels 4000 Austrians To Surrender', 1796, (1896). Artist: JW Evans.
'Bonaparte in Italy', 1797, 1883, (1896).  Artist: Unknown.
'Bonaparte in Italy, 1796', (1896). Artist: Auguste Raffet.
'Bonaparte at Arcole', 1796, (1896). Artist: M Haider.
'Marie-Anne-Elisa Bonaparte', c late 19th century, (1896). Artist: R. G. Tietze.
'Bonaparte Closing The Panthéon Club', 1796, (1896).  Artist: Unknown.
'Bonaparte at Arcole', 1797, (1896). Artist: Unknown.
'Jean-Victor Moreau', c1800, (1896). Artist: Charles J. State.
'Moreau and His Chief of Staff, Major Dessoles', 1800, (1876), (1896). Artist: Unknown.
'Napoleon', c1799-1804, (1896). Artist: Unknown.
'Louis-Nicolas Davout', c1800, (1896). Artist: RA Muller.
'An Episode of the Siege of Saragossa', c1808-1809, (1896). Artist: Unknown.
'Arrival of Napoleon Among The Bavarians and Saxons', 1896. Artist: Unknown.
'Marshal François-Christophe Kellermann, Duke of Valmy', c1810, (1896). Artist: Henry Wolf.
'Napoleon and Marshal Lannes at Essling', 1809, (1896). Artist: William Baxter Palmer Closson.
'Eugène De Beauharnais (Prince Eugène)', c1810, (1896). Artist: Unknown.
'Marshal August-Frédéric-Louis Viesse De Marmont, Duke of Ragusa', c1810, (1896).  Artist: T Johnson.
'Marie-Pauline Bonaparte - Madame Leclerc, Princess Borghese', c1806, (1896). Artist: M Haider.
'Josephine at Malmaison', 1896. Artist: Unknown.
'The Field of May, April 1815, (1896).  Artist: Unknown.
'Joseph Fouché, Duke of Otranto', c1820. (1896). Artist: H Davidson.
'Napoleon at St. Helena', c1815, (1896). Artist: Unknown.
'Death of Napoleon I', 1821, (1896). Artist: Henry Wolf.
'Henri-Gratien, Count Bertrand', c1850, (1896). Artist: T Johnson.
'The Funeral Cortège of Napoleon in the Place De La Concorde, December 15, 1840', (1896). Artist: Unknown.
'Pitt Drilling Militia at Walmer Castle in 1803', (1896). Artist: JW Evans.
'Bonaparte and Coignet', 1896. Artist: Unknown.
'Antoine Richepanse', c1800, (1896). Artist: T Johnson.
'Napoleon's Mode of Traveling', c1800, (1896).  Artist: Unknown.
'The Assassination of Kléber at Cairo, June 14, 1800', (1896). Artist: M Haider.