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'The South Sea Bubble', 1720, (1925). Creator: Unknown.
'Lord Mayor Beckford', (1709-1770), c1771, (1925). Creator: Unknown.
'Old St. Pancras Churchyard', c1780, (1925). Creator: Unknown.
'King's Mews', c1750, (1925). Creator: Unknown.
'Bank of England', c1781, (1925). Creator: Hare.
'Hackney-Coach', 1787, (1925). Creator: Unknown.
'Fragment of London Wall at St. Giles', Cripplegate', 1812, (1925). Creator: John Thomas Smith.
'Gateway of St. Saviour's, Bermondsey', 1794, (1925). Creator: Unknown.
'Cheapside on Lord Mayor's Day, 1761', (1925). Creator: Unknown.
'St. James's Street', 18th century, (1925).  Creator: Unknown.
'Old Bell Inn, Holborn', 18th century, (1925). Creator: CH Walker.
'Piazza in Covent Garden', 18th century, (1925). Creator: Unknown.
'St. John's Gate, Clerkenwell', 1813, (1925). Creator: Unknown.
'Beer Street', 1751, (1925). Creator: William Hogarth.
'The Foundling Hospital', c1753, (1925). Creator: Unknown.
'East India House', c1730-1800, (1925). Creator: Unknown.
'City Feast', 1747, (1925). Creator: William Hogarth.
'Interior of a Weaver's Workshop', 1747, (1925). Creator: William Hogarth.
'Covent Garden at Mid-Day', 1738, (1925). Creator: William Hogarth.
'Meux's Brewhouse (built about 1796)', 1808, (1925). Creator: Unknown.
'Flogging at the Old Bailey', 1809, (1925). Creator: Unknown.
'Treatment of the Insane', 1733, (1925). Creator: William Hogarth.
'Sport in the Eighteenth Century', c1720-1764, (1925). Creator: William Hogarth.
'Frost Fair on the Thames', 1825, (1925). Creator: James Stow.
'British Museum', c1753-1810, (1925). Creator: Unknown.
'Leadenhall Street', 18th century, (1925). Creator: Unknown.
'Humphreys and Mendoza', 1790, (1925). Creator: Charles Reuben Ryley.
'Gambling at White's Club', 1734, (1925). Creator: William Radclyffe.
'Jonathan Wild's House', 1813, (1925). Creator: Unknown.
'A Country Inn Yard', 1747, (1925). Creator: William Hogarth.
'Newgate, Inner Court', 18th century, (1925). Creator: Unknown.
'On The Road To Tyburn', 1747, (1925). Creator: William Hogarth.
'Geological Map of the Site of London', 1908. Artist: Unknown.
'The Marshes of Early London', 1908. Artist: Unknown.
'Tomb of Valerius Amandinus (A Roman General)', 1908. Artist: Unknown.
'Roman London', 1908. Artist: Unknown.
'Roman Remains Found In A Bastion of London Wall', 1908. Artist: Unknown.
'Gregory the Great, St. Benedict, and St. Cuthbert', 1908. Artist: Unknown.
'Anglo-Saxon Warriors Approaching a Fort', 1908. Artist: Unknown.
'King Edward the Confessor's Palace at Borstal (Brill)', 1908. Artist: Unknown.
'The Situation of Westminster', 1908. Artist: Unknown.
'Norman Soldiers', 1908. Artist: Unknown.
'Norman London', 1908. Artist: Unknown.
'Norman Arch in the Cloisters, Westminster Abbey, 1908. Artist: Unknown.
'The Temple Church', 1908. Artist: Unknown.
'St. John's Chapel, Tower of London, Norman Architecture', 1908. Artist: Unknown.
'The White Tower', 1908. Artist: Unknown.
Dr Johnson's House, City of London, c1900 (1911). Artist: Pictorial Agency.
London Bridge, City of London, 1911. Artist: Pictorial Agency.
Martyrs at Smithfield, London, c1600 (1904). Artist: Unknown.
Plan of London and Westminster, 1749 (1903). Artist: Unknown.
Whittington's House in Swithin's Passage, Moor Lane, City of London, 1823 (1906). Artist: Unknown.
The Peasants' Revolt of 1381, 1804 (1906). Artist: John Harris the Elder.
Ships at La Rochelle, France, in 1372, c1804 (1906). Artist: Unknown.
Tournament of the Earl of Warwick, 16th century (1906). Artist: Unknown.
South-west view of Gerrard's Hall, London, c1834 (1906). Artist: Unknown.
Interior of the Guildhall, City of London, c1904 (1906). Artist: Photochrom Co Ltd of London.
St Ethelburga's Church, Bishopsgate, City of London, c1905 (1906). Artist: Photochrom Co Ltd of London.
All Hallows Church, London Wall, City of London, c1901 (1906). Artist: Unknown.
North-west view of the ruins of Winchester Palace, Southwark, London, c1900 (1906). Artist: Unknown.