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'Chut! Papa Dort!', 19th century, (1921). Creator: Unknown.
'Le Cabinet de Napoleon', 19th century, (1921). Creator: Unknown.
Napoleon's birth certificate, 19 July 1782, (1921). Creator: Unknown.
Napoleon's birth certificate, 21 July 1771, (1921). Creator: Unknown.
Caricature of Napoleon, 1779, (1921). Creator: Unknown.
Letter from Napoleon to Le Saucquer, war clerk, 3 June 1791, (1921). Creator: Napoleon Bonaparte I.
Napoleon's constitutional oath, 6 July 1791, (1921).  Creator: Napoleon Bonaparte I.
Decree of the Committee for Public Health, 5 September 1795, (1921). Creator: Unknown.
Note from General Bonaparte, 13 September 1795, (1921). Creator: Napoleon Bonaparte I.
Proclamation by Napoleon to his 'brothers in arms', 20 May 1796, (1921). Creator: Unknown.
'Day of 13 Vendemiaire of the Year 4', 1797, (1921). Creator: Isidore-Stanislas Helman.
Decree of the Committee of Public Health, 26 October 1795, (1921).  Creator: Unknown.
Decree of the Executive Directorate, 2 March 1796, (1921). Creator: Unknown.
Napoleon enters Milan, 14 May 1796, (1921). Creator: Unknown.
Decree by Napoleon Bonaparte, 23 May 1796, (1921). Creator: Unknown.
The Battle of Lodi, 10 May 1796, (1921). Creator: Unknown.
Generals Bonaparte and Augereau storm the bridge at Arcola, November 1796, (1921). Creator: Unknown.
Napoleon in Italy, 1796, (1921). Creator: Antoine-Jean Gros.
Notes regarding the Treaty of Leoben, March 1797, (1921). Creator: Napoleon Bonaparte I.
General Bonaparte, 1798, (1921). Creator: Pierre Michel Alix.
Medallion portraits of Napoleon, 1797-1799, (1921). Creator: Unknown.
The Battle of Aboukir, 25 July 1799, (1921). Creator: Unknown.
The Concordat and Organic Articles, 5 April 1802, (1921). Creator: Unknown.
The French army crossing the St Bernard Pass, c1796, (1921). Creator: Francois Aubertin.
Busts of Napoleon, late 18th century, (1921). Creator: Unknown.
Letter from First Consul Napoleon Bonaparte to the Count of Provence, 6 September 1800, (1921). Creator: Napoleon Bonaparte I.
Rough draft of text for inclusion in "Le Moniteur Universel", 16 April 1801, (1921). Creator: Napoleon Bonaparte I.
'Revue du Quintidi', 1800 or 1801, (1921). Creators: Jean-Baptiste Isabey, Carle Vernet.
Preparatory notes for the Concordat, 22 November 1800, (1921). Creator: Unknown.
'Rétablissement du culte catholique', 1802, (1921). Creator: Thomas-Charles Naudet.
Report by the Minister of the Interior on the festival of Joan of Arc, 15 March 1803, (1921). Creator: Unknown.
Draft of the...reestablishment of the Gregorian calendar, 29 August 1805, (1921). Creator: Unknown.
'The first Kiss this Ten Years! - or - the meeting of Britannia & Citizen François', 1803, (1921). Creator: Unknown.
Ministerial order concerning...a...sabre for the First Consul, 10 October 1801, (1921). Creator: Unknown.
Napoleon as First Consul, 1803 or 1804, (1921). Creator: Mathieu Van Brée.
Ministerial order on the subject of La Tour d'Auvergne, 15 July 1803, (1921). Creator: Unknown.
Napoleon's will, 16 April 1821, (1921). Creator: Unknown.
'Napoleon the Great, Emperor of the French, King of Italy', c1806, (1921).  Creator: Louis Charles Ruotte.
Draft decree on the form and composition of the imperial seal, 10 July 1804, (1921). Creator: Unknown.
Arms of the French Empire and of the imperial nobility, 1806, (1921). Creator: Unknown.
The French enter the city of Moscow, September 1812, (1921). Creator: Unknown.
Additional act to the constitutions of the Empire, 22 April 1815, (1921). Creator: Unknown.
Sketch for 'The Coronation of Napoleon', c1807, (1921). Creator: Jacques-Louis David.
Sketch for 'The Coronation of Napoleon', c1807, (1921). Creator: Jacques-Louis David.
Sketch of Josephine at Napoleon's coronation, 2 December 1804, (1921).  Creator: Jacques-Louis David.
Napoleon's will, 16 April 1821, (1921).  Creator: Unknown.
Reception of the Emperor and Empress at the Hôtel de Ville, Paris, c1804, (1921). Creator: Jacques-Louis David.
Study for 'The Distribution of the Eagle Standards', c1808, (1921). Creator: Jacques-Louis David.
Proclamation to the army, 13 October 1805, (1921). Creator: Napoleon Bonaparte I.
Proclamation to the army, 13 October 1805, (1921). Creator: Unknown.
Bust of Napoleon, 1806, (1921). Creator: Unknown.
'Acte III Scene VI - 50 mille Autrichiens...Oh le beau coup de filet', 1805, (1921). Creator: Unknown.
Triumphant entry of the French into the city of Berlin, 27 October 1806, (1921). Creator: Pierre Adrien Le Beau.
'St. Napoleon Officier Romain, Martyr', early 19th century, (1921). Creator: Unknown.
Notice announcing the Emperor Napoleon's abdication, 11 April 1813, (1921).  Creator: Unknown.
Napoleon, Emperor of the French and King of Italy, 1806, (1921).  Creator: Johann-Friedrich Arnold.
Napoleon decorating David at the Salon du Louvre, Paris, 1808, (1921).  Creator: Unknown.
Napoleon's bivouac on the battlefield of Wagram during the night of 5-6 July 1809, (1921). Creator: Heinrich Guttenberg.
'Cortège nuptial de Napoléon et de Marie Louise d'Autriche', 1810, (1921). Creators: Unknown, Benjamin Zix.
'Napoleon premier Empereur des Français Roi d'Italie', c1810, (1921). Creator: Nicolas Colibert.