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'The Drawing Room, Queen Victoria's Marine Residence, Osborne House, I.O.W', 1900.  Creator: Works and Sun Sculpture Studios.
Queensmere, Wimbledon Common, London, 1903. Creator: Unknown.
'Proclamation of Queen Victoria at St. James's Palace , June 31, 1837', (1901).  Creator: Unknown.
'The Funeral of Queen Victoria...Royal Yacht 'Alberta' entering Portsmouth Harbour...1901'.  Creator: Charles John De Lacy.
'...Archbishop of Canterbury preaching...after Queen Victoria's Death, 1902', (1901). Creator: Unknown.
'Queen Victoria proclaimed Empress of India, 1877: The Imperial Durbar at Delhi...', (1901).  Creator: Unknown.
'Kensington Palace', c1876. Creator: Unknown.
'The Albert Memorial', c1876. Creator: Unknown.
'Interior of the Albert Hall', c1876. Creator: Unknown.
'Old View of Kensington, about 1750', (c1876). Creator: Unknown.
'Old Kensington', c1876. Creator: Unknown.
'The Bull, Rochester, Kent', 1936.   Creator: Unknown.
'Osborne House (Isle of Wight) - The Drawing Room'. Creator: Unknown.
'Cream State Carriage Horse. (Of Her Majesty's Stud)', c1879. Creator: Unknown.
'The "Scrap of Paper" ', (1919). Creator: Unknown.
'Hoisting the British flag at Pretoria: Lord Roberts Leading Cheers for the Queen', 1900, (1901).  Creator: Unknown.
'Victoria Memorial, Buckingham Palace and Guards, London', 1930s. Creator: Unknown.
'Laval University Buildings, City of Quebec', c1897. Creator: Unknown.
'The Jubilee Fête to Children of London Schools in Hyde Park', 1887. Creator: Unknown.
'The Albert Memorial Challenges Climate and Criticism', c1935. Creator: Unknown.
'Facade of the Victoria and Albert Museum In Cromwell Road', c1935. Creator: Donald McLeish.
'The Camera Catches a View of South Kensington from a Low-Flying Aeroplane', c1935. Creator: Unknown.
'HMY Victoria and Albert' and the Russian Imperial Yacht 'Standart' at Cowes, 1909. Creator: Kirk & Sons of Cowes.
'Victoria Memorial Hall, South Front', 1925. Creator: Unknown.
'Victoria Memorial Hall, from the North-West', 1925. Creator: Unknown.
Osborne House, Isle of Wight, 1894. Creator: Unknown.
The Queen's Tea-Room, Frogmore, Berkshire, 1894. Creator: Unknown.
Osborne House, c1920s. Creator: Kirk & Sons of Cowes.
The Royal Yacht 'HMY Victoria and Albert' (1899). Creator: Kirk & Sons of Cowes.
'General Post Office - New North Building', (c1897). Artist: E&S Woodbury.
'Buckingham Palace', (c1897). Artist: E&S Woodbury.
'The Houses of Parliament', (c1897). Artist: E&S Woodbury.
'The Funeral of the Duke of Wellington Passing Apsley House, November 18, 1852', (c1897). Artist: E&S Woodbury.
'The British Empire, 1897. Artist: Unknown.
'Critics', c1870, (c1897). Artist: E&S Woodbury.
'Funeral of H.R.H. The Duke of Clarence, January 1892', (c1897). Artist: E&S Woodbury.
'Driving the Tunnel for the Waterloo and City Railway', (c1897). Artist: E&S Woodbury.
'The Building of a War-Ship: A First-Class Cruiser in Progress at the Thames Ironworks', (c1897). Artist: E&S Woodbury.
'Radiograph of the Hand of H.R.H. The Prince of Wales', (c1897). Artist: Unknown.
'Arrival of the Canadian Premier (The Hon. Wilfrid Laurier) at Hyde Park Corner', 1897.  Artist: E&S Woodbury.
'The Royal Procession: Aides-De-Camp Passing the United Service Club', (c1897). Artist: E&S Woodbury.
'Lord Roberts Superintending the Arrangements in St. Paul's Churchyard', 1897. Artist: E&S Woodbury.
'Her Majesty's Arrival in St. Paul's Churchyard', London, 1897. Artist: E&S Woodbury.
'The Royal Procession: Passing the Eastern End of Cheapside', London, 1897. Artist: E&S Woodbury.
'The Naval Contingent Crossing London Bridge into Southwark', London, 1897.  Artist: E&S Woodbury.
'The Royal Procession: The Royal Horse Artillery Passing St. George's Circus, Borough', 1897. Artist: E&S Woodbury.
'The State Reception at Buckingham Palace: Entrance of the Prince and Princess of Wales', (c1897). Artist: E&S Woodbury.
'Her Majesty's Garden Party: Indian Visitors', (c1897). Artists: E&S Woodbury, Lucien Davis.
'Her Majesty's Watermen', (c1897). Artist: E&S Woodbury.
'The Jubilee Hymn. Appointed to be used in all churches and chapels on Sunday, June 20, 1897'. Artist: Unknown.
Crown Prince and Princess of Prussia and their family, c1875. Artist: Unknown.
Christmas at Osborne House, Isle of Wight, 2007. Artist: Phil Ripley.
'Performance Before Her Majesty in the Theatre of the Palace of St. Cloud', c1855. Artist: Linton.
'The Imperial Institute', c1896. Artist: York & Son.
'Banbury Cross', c1896. Artist: Edwin A Walford.
'Osborne House', c1896. Artist: A Debenham.
The Dining Room, Osborne House. Artist: Historic England Staff Photographer.
The children of Prince Henry of Battenberg and Prince Beatrice, c1896. Creator: Unknown.
Windsor Castle from above Romney Lock on the River Thames, Berkshire, 1888. Artist: Henry Taunt.
Parade commemorating Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee, Ock Street, Abingdon, Oxfordshire, 1897. Artist: Henry Taunt.