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'The Meeting of Napoleon and Pius VII at Fontainebleau', 1813, (1896). Artist: Unknown.
'Josephine - Empress of the French', c1808, (1896). Artist: Henry Wolf.
'Napoleon Decorating the Artists', c1808, (1896). Artist: Unknown.
'Destruction of Retreating Russians at Satschan Lake', 1805, (1896). Artist: Unknown.
'The Battle of Trafalgar', 1805, (1896).  Artist: Unknown.
'Meeting of Napoleon and Francis I after Austerlitz', 1805, (1896). Artist: M Haider.
'Charge of the Mamelukes at the Battle of Austerlitz', 1896. Artist: Unknown.
'The Passage of the Ford', 1896. Artist: Unknown.
'Napoleon and Alexander at Erfurt', 1808, (1896).  Artist: Unknown.
'Count Jean Rapp', c1800, (c1835), (1896). Artist: Unknown.
'Napoleon on Board H.M.S. Bellerophon, July, 1815', (1896). Creator: Unknown.
'Marshal Bon-Adrien Jannot De Moncey - Duke of Conegliano', 1806, (1896). Artist: Unknown.
'Napoleon, Goethe and Wieland', 1808, (1896). Artist: Charles J. State.
'Map of the Spanish Campaign', c1807-1814, (1896). Artist: Unknown.
'Antoine Charles Louis Collinet, Count of Lasalle', 1896. Artist: Unknown.
'Sir John Moore', c1800, (1896). Artist: Henry Wolf.
'Napoleon Dictating To His Secretaries', 1896. Artist: Unknown.
'Anne-Jean-Marie-René Savary - Duke of Rovigo', 1814, (1896). Artist: AE Anderson.
'Armand-Augustin-Louis De Caulaincourt - Duke of Vicenza', c1800, (1896). Artist: Gustave Kruell.
'The French Army in the Mountains of Portugal', 1896. Artist: Unknown.
'The Arrest of Ferdinand', 1807, (1896).  Artist: Unknown.
'Napoleon Leaving The French Army At Smorgoni', 1812, (1896).  Artist: Unknown.
'Russian Peasants Attacking French Stragglers', 1812, (1896). Artist: Unknown.
'Marbot's Soldiers Foraging On the Retreat', 1896. Artist: Unknown.
'Marshal Laurent Gouvion-Saint-Cyr', c1815, (1896). Creator: Unknown.
'The Passage of the Beresina', November 1812, (1896).  Artist: Unknown.
'The Empress Josephine in the Park at Malmaison', 1809, (1896). Artist: Unknown.
'Jean-Jacques-Régis De Cambacérès - Duke of Parma', c1800, (1896). Artist: Henry Wolf.
'Frederica Catherine Sophia Dorothea...Queen of Westphalia', c1810, (1896). Artist: Unknown.
'Jérôme Bonaparte - King of Westphalia', c1808, (1896). Artist: M Haider.
'Prince Clemens Wenzel Nepomuk Lothar Von Metternich-Winneburg', c1830, (1896). Artist: Maurin.
'Friedrich Wilhelm Von Bülow', c1810, (1896). Artist: T Johnson.
'Map of the Field of Operations in 1814', (1896). Artist: Unknown.
'Henri-Jacques-Guillaume Clarke', c1800, (1896). Artist: Charles J. State.
'Bonaparte Addressing a Jacobin Club in Corsica', c1789, (1896). Artist: Unknown.
'La Causerie. - Life in Paris in 1793', (1896). Artist: Unknown.
'The Battle of Jemmapes, Near Mons, Belgium, November 6, 1792', (1896). Artist: Unknown.
'Sir Hudson Lowe', c1815, (1896). Artist: RA Muller.
'Count Emmanuel-Augustin Dieudonné De Las Cases', c1820, (1896). Artist: Louis-Hippolyte Garnier.
Longwood, Napoleon's Residence at St. Helena', 1896. Artist: Unknown.
'Cardinal Joseph Fesch', c1830, (1896). Artist: M Haider.
'Lazare-Nicolas-Marguerite Carnot', c1800-1823, (1896). Artist: R. G. Tietze.
'The Conquest of Holland', 1795, (1896). Artist: JW Evans.
'The Battle of Quiberon', 1795, (1896). Artist: Unknown.
'Capture of the Pass of Tarvis', 1797, (1896). Artist: E.G.H. Del'Orme.
'The French Before The Ducal Palace, Venice', 1797, (1896). Artist: Unknown.
'Eugénie Bernardine-Desireé Clary - Mme. Bernadotte; Queen of Sweden', 1811, (1896).  Artist: R. G. Tietze.
'General Jean-Baptiste Kléber', c1800, (1896). Artist: T Johnson.
'The Example. - Kleber at the Assault of Acre', 1799, (1896). Artist: Unknown.
'Charge of the French Cuirassiers at Waterloo', 1874, (c1915). Artist: Felix Henri Emmanuel Philippoteaux.
'The Union Brigade Capturing the French Guns at Waterloo', 1902. Artist: William Barnes Wollen.
'The Allied Staff at Leipzig', 1902. Artist: Siegmund L'Allemand.
Napoleon Rode Away With A Small Suite Through St. Peter's Gate, 1902. Artist: William Barnes Wollen.
'The General's Horse Fell Into A Ditch', 1896, (1902). Artist: Gordon Frederick Browne.
'Column After Column Forced Its Way Into The Village, Only To Be Hurled Back', 1896, (1902). Artist: Gordon Frederick Browne.
'Battle of Waterloo', 1815, (1910). Artist: Edward Orme.
'Napoleon's Bedroom at Fontainebleau', 1911 Artist: Unknown.
Marie Louise, Empress of the French, Queen Consort of Italy', c19th century (1912) Artist: Unknown.
'Napoleon's House, Longwood, St. Helena', c1940. Artist: Unknown.
'The Passage of the Danube by Napoleon before the Battle of Wagram', 1809 (1810). Artist: Jacques Francois Joseph Swebach.