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Napoleon's will, 16 April 1821, (1921). Creator: Unknown.
Draft decree on the form and composition of the imperial seal, 10 July 1804, (1921). Creator: Unknown.
Arms of the French Empire and of the imperial nobility, 1806, (1921). Creator: Unknown.
Additional act to the constitutions of the Empire, 22 April 1815, (1921). Creator: Unknown.
Sketch of Josephine at Napoleon's coronation, 2 December 1804, (1921).  Creator: Jacques-Louis David.
Napoleon's will, 16 April 1821, (1921).  Creator: Unknown.
Proclamation to the army, 13 October 1805, (1921). Creator: Unknown.
Notice announcing the Emperor Napoleon's abdication, 11 April 1813, (1921).  Creator: Unknown.
'Marie Louise...Impératrice des Français', c1810, (1921). ADD info from plate 74 Creator: Nicolas Colibert.
Marie Louise, Duchess of Parma, c1810, (1921). Creator: Jean-François Ribault.
Napoleon II, 1811, (1921).  Creators: Unknown, Pierre-Paul Prud'hon.
Napoleon's funeral carriage, 1840, (1921). Creator: Unknown.
First telegraph despatch from Lyon, 4 March 1815, (1921). Creator: Unknown.
'Ney', (1769- 1815), 1830. Creator: Unknown.
'Demouriez', (1739-1823), 1830. Creator: Unknown.
'Alexander of Russia', (1777-1825), 1830. Creator: Unknown.
'The Archduke Charles of Austria', (1771-1847), 1816. Creator: Unknown.
'Taleyrand Perigord, Prince of Beneventum',  (1754-1838), 1816. Creator: Unknown.
'Marshal Blucher at the Battle of Ligny, June 16, 1815', 1816. Creator: Unknown.
'A Sketch of the Battle of Waterloo', (18 June 1815 ), 1816. Creator: Unknown.
'The Battle of Waterloo', (18 June 1815), 1816 Creator: Unknown.
'The Capture of Buonaparte's Carriage', (18 June 1815), 1816. Creator: Unknown.
'The Death of Murat', (1815), 1816. Creator: Unknown.
'The Island of St. Helena', 1816. Creator: Unknown.
Blücher takes possession of Napoleon's medals and hat after...Waterloo, 18 June 1815, (1936). Creator: Unknown.
'Arc de Triomphe de l'Étoile', . Creator: Unknown.
'The Battle of the Pyramids', (1798), 1890.   Creator: Unknown.
'The Battle of Leipzig', (1813), 1890.   Creator: Unknown.
'The Last Charge at Waterloo', (1815), 1890.   Creator: Unknown.
'Elisa. Grande-Duchesse de Toscanne',  (1777-1820), c1830. Creator: Francois-Seraphin Delpech.
'Berthier', (1753-1815), c1830. Creator: Francois-Seraphin Delpech.
Meeting of Wellington and Blucher after the Battle of Waterloo, 1815 (c1890). Creator: Edmund Blair Leighton.
'Fete Du Sacre Et Couronnement De Leurs Majetes Imperiales', 1804, (1920). Creator: Unknown.
'Dome des Invalides, where rests the mighty warrior - Tomb of Napoleon I., Paris, France', 1900. Creator: Underwood & Underwood.
'View from Mont St. Jean of The Battle of Waterloo...1815', (c1816). Creator: Unknown.
'Paris. - La Madeleine. - ND, c1910. Creator: Unknown.
'Paris. - La Place Vendome. - LL, c1910. Creator: Unknown.
'Paris. - La Chambre Des Députés. - LL, c1910. Creator: Unknown.
'Arch of Victory', c1950. Creator: Shirley Markham.
'Marie Louise', (1933).  Creator: Unknown.
'Napoleon II', (1933).  Creator: Unknown.
Embarkation of the English in Holland, 30 November 1799, (c1850). Artist: François-Louis Couché.
Battle near Hohenlinden, 3 December 1800, c1850).  Artist: Edme Bovinet.
The Taking of Ulm, 17 October 1805, (c1850). Artist: Francois Pigeot.
Battle near Jena, 14 October 1806, (c1850). Artist: Edme Bovinet.
Death of Prince Louis of Prussia at the Battle of Saalfeld, 10 October 1806, (c1850). Artist: Francois Pigeot.
Entry of the French into Berlin, 27 October 1806, (c1850). Artist: Edme Bovinet.
The Battle of Eylau, 9 February 1807, (c1850). Artist: Edme Bovinet.
Battle of Friedland, 14 June 1807, (c1850). Artist: Francois Pigeot.
The Imperial Guard Manoeuvring in the Presence of the Two Emperors at Tilsit, 28 June 1807, (c1850). Artist: Edme Bovinet.
Conquest of Ratisbon, 23 April 1809, (c1850). Artist: Francois Pigeot.
Battle near Wagram, 7 July 1809, (c1850).  Artist: Louis Francois Mariage.
Battle of Dresden, 26 August 1813, (c1850). Artists: François-Louis Couché, Edme Bovinet.
Retreat of the French after the battle of Leipzig, 19 October 1813, (c1850). Artists: Francois Pigeot, François-Louis Couché.
Battle of Mont-Saint-Jean, known as Waterloo, 18 June 1815, (c1850). Artists: François-Louis Couché, Edme Bovinet.
'Poster for Thomas Hardy's The Dynasts, 1919. Artist: Charles S Ricketts.
Tomb of Napoleon at Les Invalides, Paris, c1920. Artist: Unknown.
Map of the Waterloo campaign, 1815, Walmer Castle, Kent. Artist: Unknown.
French lancers of the Napoleonic Wars, 19th century. Artist: Delpech.
'Policy on Life of Napoleon, 1813', (1928). Artist: Unknown.