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'Prince and Princess Chichibu arriving on the Queen Mary, April 12th', 1937. Artist: Unknown.
'The Procession Into The Abbey', 1937. Artist: Unknown.
The Duchess of York at the time of her wedding, 1923 (1935). Artist: Unknown.
The Duchess of York, 1935. Artist: Unknown.
'The Archbishop of Canterbury Dr Cosmo Gordon Lang', 1937. Artist: Unknown.
'The Bishop of London Dr Winnington-Ingram', 1937. Artist: Unknown.
'York Cottage, Sandringham, Norfolk', 1937. Artist: Unknown.
'Georgian Cabinet, reproduced by permission of H.R.H. The Princess of Wales', 1908.
Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyons (1900-2002). Artist: Unknown
Queen Elizabeth visiting a children's ward at the Middlesex Hospital, 1935. (1937) Artist: Unknown
Crown Jewels of the United Kingdom, 1937. Artist: Unknown
Crown Jewels of the United Kingdom, 1937. Artist: Unknown
The Royal couple leaving Clarence House for Windsor after George VI's death, 1952.  Creator: Unknown.
The visit of Queen Elizabeth to Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, 1950. Artist: Unknown
Study of Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, 1923. Artist: John Singer Sargent
Ivy Cummings changing a tyre on a 1925 Singer 10/26, London, c1925. Artist: Unknown
Queen consorts crowned in Westminster Abbey, 1937. Artist: Unknown
The Royal Yacht 'Victoria and Albert III', 1937. Artist: Unknown
Queen Elizabeth II (b1926) arriving back in England from Kenya after the death of her father, 1952. Artist: Unknown
Queen Elizabeth II, Queen Mary and the Queen Mother at King George VI's funeral, 1952. Artist: Unknown
The Capitol Cinema, London, 1937. Artist: Unknown