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'Napoleon', (1769-1821), c1894-95, (1936). Creator: James Sant.
'Our Village', c1890, (1936). Creator: Hubert von Herkomer.
'St. Francis of Assisi and the Young Monk Returning from a Preaching Tour', 1936. Creator: Unknown.
'Ruth and Naomi', 1886, (1936). Creator: Philip Hermogenes Calderon.
'Who Is My Neighbour?', 1936. Creator: Unknown.
'John Wesley', c1766, (1936). Creator: Nathaniel Hone.
'The Pearl of Great Price', c1916, (1936). Creator: Eugene Burnand.
The Finding of the Saviour in the Temple (cropped)', 1854-1855, (1936). Creator: William Holman Hunt.
'Reading Aloud', 1884, (1936). Creator: Albert Joseph Moore.
'Don't 'Ee Tipty-Toe!', c1870, (1936). Creator: Jules Breton.
'One of many Temples at Nikko, Japan, a Pilgrimage site of sacred Shrines', 1936. Creator: Unknown.
'Entrance to a Shinto Temple, in the Nikko district of Japan', 1936. Creator: Unknown.
'The City of New York as seen from the air', 1936. Creator: Unknown.
'Narofiord, Norway', 1936. Creator: Unknown.
'The Leaven', 1936. Creator: Unknown.
'The Talents', 1936. Creator: Unknown.
'A Vision of Spring', 1902, (1936). Creator: Thomas Millie Dow.
'The Man with the Muck-Rake', 1936. Creator: Unknown.
'The Last Load', 1936. Creator: Unknown.
'The Open Door', 1922. Creator: Henry John Stock.
'Barbara and Margaret', 1922. Creator: Samuel Melton Fisher.
'The Hunter Hunted', late 19th-early 20th century, (1922).  Creator: Briton Riviere.
'She Shall Be Called Woman', c1875-1892, (1922).  Creator: George Frederick Watts.
'Dedham Lock, or The Leaping Horse', 1825, (1922). Creator: John Constable.
'The Colonnade', 1914, (1922). Creator: William Strang.
'Socialists', 1891, (1922). Creator: William Strang.
'Austin Hopkinson, Esq. M.P.', 1922. Creator: Lafayette.
'The Adoration of the Shepherds', 1922. Creator: Alphonse Legros.
'Queen Victoria', c1890s, (1922). Creator: Knight.
'Pathfinders - Sir Marc Isambard Brunel', c1812, (1922).  Creator: James Northcote.
'Pathfinders - Sir Christopher Wren', 1711, (1922). Creator: Sir Godfrey Kneller.
'Pathfinders - Sir Francis Bacon', after 1731, (1922). Creator: Unknown.
'Pathfinders - Sir Samuel Romilly', c1806-1810, (1922). Creator: Thomas Lawrence.
'Pathfinders - Bulwer Lytton', c1831, (1922). Creator: Henry William Pickersgill.
'Pathfinders - David Livingstone', 1922. Creator: Frederick Havill.
'Pathfinders - Sir Isaac Newton', 1922. Creator: Unknown.
'Pathfinders - Sir Thomas Gresham', c1565, (1922). Creator: Unknown.
'Pathfinders - Colley Cibber', c1740, (1922). Creator: Unknown.
'Pathfinders - 'Sir Arthur Sullivan', 1888, (1922). Creator: John Everett Millais.
'An Allegory', c1820-1825, (1922). Creator: William Blake.
'The King Drinks', 1881, (1922). Creator: Briton Riviere.
'Relating His Grievances', late 19th-early 20th century, (1922). Creator: Arthur David McCormick.
'The Briar Rose; The Garden Court', c1890, (1922). Creator: Sir Edward Coley Burne-Jones.
'Baalbec', 1841, (1922). Creator: David Roberts.
'A Galilean Flour Mill', late 19th-early 20th century, (1922).  Creator: William Brassey Hole.
'Once Upon A Time', early 20th century, (1922). Creator: John Hassall.
'Hindu Temple at Bindrabund on the Jumna', 1797, (1922).  Creator: Thomas Daniell.
'Christ in the Temple', 1879, (1914). Creator: Max Liebermann.
'The Descent of the Holy Spirit', 1619, (1914). Creator: Peter Paul Rubens.
'Fruit-Sellers Counting Their Money', 1618, (1914). Creator: Bartolomé Esteban Murillo.
'Charlotte Augusta Papendiek at the Age of Five', 1788, (1914). Creator: John Hoppner.
Japanese incense burner - Cloisonné ware, 1914. Creator: Unknown.
'The Grand Canyon, Arizona', 1914. Creator: Unknown.
'The Soul and Evil', late 19th-early 20th century, (1914). Creator: James Clark.
'St. Anthony of Padua with the Christ Child', mid-late 17th century, (1914). Creator: Bartolomé Esteban Murillo.
'Madame Tetrazzini', 1914. Creator: W&D Downey.
'Madame Sarah Bernhardt', 1914. Creator: W&D Downey.
'Mrs. Humphrey Ward', 1890, (1914). Creator: W&D Downey.
'Madame Curie', c1900, (1914). Creator: Unknown.
'The Company of the Civic Guard of 1645', (1914).  Creator: Govaert Flinck.