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'Marie Louise...Impératrice des Français', c1810, (1921). ADD info from plate 74 Creator: Nicolas Colibert.
Marie Louise, Duchess of Parma, c1810, (1921). Creator: Jean-François Ribault.
Baptism of Napoleon II, Notre Dame, Paris, 10 June 1811, (1921). Creator: Unknown.
Napoleon II, 1811, (1921).  Creators: Unknown, Pierre-Paul Prud'hon.
The Battle of Borodino, 7 September 1812, (1921). Creator: Unknown.
'A Bas Le Manteau, or The Murmer of the French Grand Army...1812', (1921). Creator: Matthew Dubourg.
Napoleon's funeral carriage, 1840, (1921). Creator: Unknown.
'Der Flanken-Marsch! Oder: Die Bedrohung Von Petersburg!', 1813, (1921).  Creator: Unknown.
The Battle of Leipzig, 19 October 1813, (1921). Creator: Unknown.
Caricature of Napoleon, c1814, (1921). Creator: Unknown.
Napoleon's Departure from Fontainebleau, 20 April 1814, (1921). Creator: Unknown.
First telegraph despatch from Lyon, 4 March 1815, (1921). Creator: Unknown.
'Vue intérieure de l'Assemblée du Champs-de-Mai...', 1815, (1921). Creator: Jean Pierre-Marie-Jazet.
Napoleon on board the 'Bellerophon', July 1815, (1921). Creator: Unknown.
'Napoleon Bonaparte', 1816, (1921).  Creator: Unknown.
Napoleon on his death bed, 1821, (1921). Creator: John Gibbs.