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'The Mighty Express passenger engine of the Great Western Railway', 1935. Creator: Unknown.
'Devastated. - Over sixty yards of snow-shedding destroyed by an avalanche in 1921', 1935. Creator: Argentine & Chilian Transandine Railways.
"The Princess Royal", a 4-6-2 type express engine on the L.M.S. system', 1935. Creator: Unknown.
'Between Bombay and Delhi. A striking view of the Frontier Mail passing over a viaduct', 1935 Creator: Unknown.
'America's Most Famous Train. The "Twentieth Century Limited'', 1935. Creator: Unknown.
'The "Flying Scotsman", famous locomotive No. 4472, leaving  King's Cross', 1935. Creator: Unknown.
'The Baltschieder Viaduct on the Lotschberg main line ...', 1935-36. Creator: Unknown.
'The "Cornish Riviera Express" drawn by a "King" class locomotive', 1935-36. Creator: Unknown.
'On the Route of the Lapland Express', 1935-36. Creator: Unknown.
'Express Passenger Locomotive of the "Royal Scot" 4-6-0 class', 1935-36. Creator: Unknown.
'The Overhaul of Underground Rolling Stock owned by the London Passenger Transport', 1935-36. Creator: Unknown.
'Passing at Speed. An unusual view from the tender of a goods engine', 1935-36. Creator: Unknown.
"King" Class Four-Cylinder Express Locomotive - Great Western Railway', 1935. Creator: Unknown.
'Speeding Across A Continent. America's first diesel-electric Express has opened up a new era in rai Creator: Unknown.
'The fury of the blizzard makes no impression on this mammoth locomotiv', 1935. Creator: Unknown.
'A Canadian Pacific Railway Giant at the foot of the Rockies', 1935. Creator: Unknown.
'Washing A Locomotive on the Canadian National Railway, at Montrea', 1935. Creator: Unknown.
'St. Pancras. A terminus of the London, Midland and Scottish Railway', 1935. Creator: Unknown.
'Automatic Coaling at Hornsey Station, Middlesex', 1935. Creator: Unknown.
'A Clear Road from the cab of a Southern Railway "Atlantic" locomotive', 1935. Creator: Unknown.
'The famous Lickey incline between Bromsgrove and Blackwell, Worcestershire', 1935. Creator: Unknown.
'The Night Journey. A mixed-traffic locomotive of the Southern Railway at a cross-over', 1935. Creator: Unknown.
'Building the "Rocket" - in 1935', 1935. Creator: Unknown.
'The "Sydeny Limited" leaving Spencer Street Station, Melbourne, at 6 p.m', 1935-36. Creator: Unknown.
'The "Flying Scotsman" leaving King's Cross Station, hauled by No. 2563', 1935-36. Creator: Unknown.
'Locomotive Cab Fittings', 1935-36. Creator: Unknown.
'Turbine-Driven "Pacific" belonging to the L.M.S. Railway', 1935-36. Creator: Unknown.
'Leaving Budapest. An express train departs from the Central Station', 1935-36. Creator: Unknown.
'Leaving Dublin. Great Southern Railways train, hauled by a 4-4-0 passenger express', 1935. Creator: Unknown.
'On the route of the "Cornish Rivera, Limited." An express on the Great Western line', 1935-36 Creator: Unknown.
"Grenadier Guardsman," one of the L.M.S. "Royal Scots,"', 1935-36. Creator: Unknown.
'119 Miles an Hour was attained on a trial run by this new German streamlined locomotive', 1935-36. Creator: Unknown.
"Lord Nelson", one of the most powerful locomotives owned by the Southern Railway', 1935-36. Creator: Unknown.
'In the Semmering Valley, Austria. A good train crossing the curved Gamperl Viaduct', 1935-36. Creator: Unknown.
'On the New York, New Haven, and Hartford Railroad', 1935-36. Creator: Unknown.
'The Ariel of 1865', (1936). Artist: Unknown.
'At The End, c1845', 1936. Artist: Unknown.
'Gravesend Sea School', 1937. Artist: Unknown.
'When Cotton Was Loaded, a forest of derricks and smoke-stacks', 1937. Artist: Unknown.
'Show Boat', 1937. Artist: Unknown.
'At the Royal Naval College, Dartmouth', 1936. Artist: Unknown.
'A Recompression Chamber', 1936. Artist: Unknown.
'Sir Ernest Shackleton', c1900s, (1936). Artist: Unknown.
'A Nest of Steel. Cunard White Star liner Georgic in construction, 1927-1929, (1936). Artist: Unknown.
'An unusual angle of the Normandie's deck', 1936. Artist: Unknown.
'Arrival at New York of the Normandie', 1936. Artist: Unknown.
'Eddystone Lighthouse', 1936. Artist: Unknown.
'Ice Bridge in U.S.A.', 1936. Artist: Unknown.
'Triumphant for Twenty Years. The Mauretania, built in 1907', c1927, (1936). Artist: Unknown.
'A Novel Method of Coaling at the port of Yokohama', 1936. Artist: Unknown.
'Exercising the Dogs', 1936. Artist: Unknown.
'A full load of Cotton often mounts high over the decks of the Mississippi steamboats', 1937. Artist: Unknown.
'Entering Grimsby Docks at the end of a North Sea voyage is the fishing vessel Saurian', 1937. Artist: Unknown.
'One of the Wireless Cabins in a modern liner', 1936. Artist: Unknown.
'Telephoning To The Shore from Mid-Ocean', 1936. Artist: Unknown.
'Control Centre of the Empress of Britain, chart-room and  wheel-house', 1936. Artist: Unknown.
' Forward Engine-Room of the Empress of Britain, with control platform', 1936. Artist: Unknown.
'One of the Largest Ships afloat, the Majestic owned by the Cunard White Star Line', 1936. Artist: Unknown.
'Former Queen of the Ocean, R,M.S. Mauretania of the Cunard White Star Line', 1936. Artist: Unknown.
'In an icefield, a superb illustration of the celebrated whaler Terra Nova', 1936. Creator: Unknown.