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'Fors Nothyn', North Wales, c1850.  Creator: Josiah Wood Whymper.
'Daguesseau', (c1836). Creator: James Mollison.
'View of a Geyser, or Hot Fountain', 7 December 1833.  Creator: Unknown.
'The Works of Shakspere - The Birth-Place of Shakspere (with Garic's Jubilee Procession)', c1870. Artist: Unknown.
'Puck and the Fairies. (Midsummer Nights Dream)', c1870. Artist: WM Lizare.
'Falstaff and his Friends (The Merry Wives of Windsor)', c1870. Artist: W Greatbatch.
'Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of York. (King Richard III)', c1870. Artist: H Robinson.
'The Lady's Tailor (King Henry IV - Second Part)', c1870. Artist: Charles W Sharpe.
'Volumnia Reproaching Brutus and Sicinius (Coriolanus)', c1870. Artist: J Stephenson.
'Disarming of Cupid (Sonnet Cliv.)', c1870. Artist: P Lightfoot.
'Christopher Sly (Taming of the Shrew)', c1870. Creator: Charles W Sharpe.
'Autolycus (The Winter's Tale)', c1870. Artist: Unknown.
'Timon and Flavius (Timon of Athens)', c1870. Artist: Charles Cousen.
'Imogen in the Cave (Cymbeline)', c1870. Artist: David Desvachez.
'Queen Isabella and Her Ladies (King Richard II)', c1870. Artist: T Sherratt.
'The Works of Shakspere - The Globe Theatre, Bankside, 1593', c1870. Artist: Unknown.
'Lear and Cordelia (King Lear)', c1870. Artist: W Ridgeway.
'The Seven Ages of Man (As You Like It)', c1870. Artist: H Bourne.
'Juliet and the Nurse (Romeo & Juliet)', c1870. Artist: Samuel Sangster.
'Prince Henry, Poins, and Falstaff. (King Henry IV - First Part)', c1870. Creators: William Quiller Orchardson, JC Armytage.
'Ariel (The Tempest)', c1870. Artist: Henry James Townsend.
'Juliet in the Cell of Friar Lawrence (Romeo and Juliet)', c1870. Artist: Herbert Bourne.
'Queen Katherine (King Henry VIII)', c1870. Artist: Charles W Sharpe.
'Prince Arthur and Hubert (King John)', c1870. Creator: David Desvachez.
'The Death of the Earl of Warwick (King Henry VI)', c1870. Artist: T Brown.
'The Death of Caesar. (Julius Caesar)', c1870. Artist: JC Armytage.
'Malvolio', c1870. Artist: R Staines.
'Macbeth', c1870. Artists: Alexander Keith Johnston, Charles W Sharpe.
'Macbeth Act V. Scene I', c1870. Artist: Henry Linton.
'Scene from Faustus. Margaret Meets Faustus in the Summer House', c1870. Artist: George Cattermole.
'Othello Relating His Adventures', c1870. Artist: T. Vernon.
Edward Jenner, English physician, 1837.  Artist: Unknown.
'Interior of St. Paul's, looking East', 1835, (1845). Artist: John Jackson.
'House of Lords in the time of George II', 1845. Artist: Unknown.
'House of Commons in the time of George II', 1845. Artist: Unknown.
'Radcliffe's Library', 1845. Artist: Unknown.
'Christ Church Hall Oxford', 1845. Artist: Unknown.
'Cathedral of Kildare', 1845. Artist: Unknown.
'Painted Window - Two Saxon Earls of Mercia, and Seven Norman Earls of Chester', 1808 (1845). Artist: William Fowler.
'Robin Hood and Little John', 1845. Artist: Unknown.
'Edinburgh Castle', 1843, (1845). Artist: John Jackson.
'Edward III. and the Countess of Salisbury', 1845. Artist: Unknown.
'The Nave, Westminster Abbey, looking West from St. Edward's Chapel', 1845. Artist: John Jackson.
'St. Nicholas Church, Newcastle-upon-Tyne', 1845. Artist: John Jackson.
'Cathedral of Elgin', 1845. Artist: Unknown.
'Remains of the Shrine of Edward the Confessor, Westminster Abbey', 1845. Artist: Unknown.
'The Tower of London', 1597, (1845). Artists: Gulielmus Haiward, John Gascoyne.
'St. George's Chapel, Windsor', 1845. Artist: John Jackson.
'King's College Chapel', 1845. Artist: Unknown.
'Westminster Abbey. Southern Aisle of the Choir', 1845. Artist: Stephen Sly.
'Wolsey's Hall, Hampton Court', 1845. Artist: Unknown.
'Sir Philip Sidney', 1845. Artist: Unknown.
'Tomb of Queen Elizabeth', 1845. Artist: Unknown.
'Hall at Ockwells, Berkshire', 1845. Artist: Unknown.
'Vault beneath the Old House of Lords', 1845. Artist: Unknown.
'Charles I', 1845. Artist: Unknown.
''Fac-Simile of Letter by Cromwell to Lenthall, announcing Victory of Naseby',  1649, (1845).  Artist: Oliver Cromwell.
'Eastern Front of the Banqueting room, Whitehall', 1835, (1845). Artist: John Jackson.
'Tomb of Sir Francis Vere in Westminster Abbey', c1845, (1864). Artist: Unknown.
'Tomb of Queen Elizabeth. - Westminster Abbey', c1845, (1864). Artist: Unknown.