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'On the Downs Near Harting', c1870-1906, (1906). Creator: James Aumonier.
'The Tombs of the Kaliphs, Cairo', c1850-1906, (1906). Creator: Frank Dillon.
'The Rotunda and Chapel of the Holy Sepulchure', 1902, (1906). Creator: John Fulleylove.
'A Wet Day, Old Berwick Bridge', c1877-1906, (1906). Creator: Robert Buchan Nisbet.
'The Little Jacob', 1876-1906, (1906). Creator: Hans von Bartels.
'Sadness in Spring', c1878-1906, (1906). Creator: James Clark.
'Salmon Nets, Gairloch, Ross-Shire', 1860-1906, (1906). Creator: Frank Walton.
'The Izar at Tolz', c1875-1906, (1906). Creator: Yeend King.
'Sussex', c1870-1900, (1906).  Creator: Edmund Morison Wimperis.
'Misfits', c1840-1906, (1906). Creator: John Tenniel.
'An Old Cornish Woman', c1880, (1906). Creator: Walter Langley.
'Those Who Swim In Sin Must Sink In Sorrow', 1895, (1906). Creator: Frank Dadd.
'The Hayfield', 1872-1906, (1906). Creator: Claude Hayes.
'S. Maria Della Salute', c1852-1891, (1906). Creator: Keeley Halswelle.
'The Student', c1860-1898, (1906). Creator: Charles Green.
'A French Fisher Girl', c1890, (1906). Creator: James Dromgole Linton.
'An Allegory', c1869-1892, (1906). Creator: Jules Lessore.
'The Street Show', c1892, (1906).  Creator: Catherine Greenaway.
'Lincoln', c1860-1906, (1906). Creator: James Orrock.
'The Birthday', c1870-1906, (1906).  Creator: Edward John Gregory.
'April', c1850-1905, (1906). Creator: George Henry Boughton.
'Wareham Bridge', c1863, (1906). Creator: George Henry Hine.
'Morning Mists, Hemingford Grey', 1906. Creator: Frederick George Cotman.
'Peonies', c1887-1906, (1906).  Creator: Dudley Hardy.
'The Infant Pan', 1875, (1906). Creator: Guido Bach.
'A Fisherman's Treasure', c1870-1906, (1906). Creator: George Faulkner Wetherbee.
'Southwold from the Beach', c1860-1890, (1906). Creator: Thomas Collier.
'The Last Flight', c1866-1886, (1906). Creator: Randolph Caldecott.
'In The Park', c1864-1906, (1906). Creator: Alfred Edward East.
'This-All This Was In The Olden Time Long Ago', c1877-1906, (1906). Creator: St George Hare.
'The Art School', c1884-1898, (1906). Creator: John Percival Gulich.
'Near Florence', (c1900).  Creator: Unknown.
'Pastoral Landscape', (c1900).  Creator: Unknown.
'View on the Exe', (c1900). Creator: Unknown.
'A Harvest Scene', (c1900).  Creator: Unknown.
'The Tower of London', c1827, (c1900).  Creator: Unknown.
'Whitehall from Charing Cross', c1899, (c1900).  Creator: Unknown.
'P.J. De Loutherbourg, R.A.', (c1900). Creator: Unknown.
'M.A. Rooker, A.R.A.', 1793, (c1900). Creator: Unknown.
'Glasgow Cathedral', c1807, (c1900). Creator: Unknown.
'Ripon Cathedral', c1800, (c1900). Creator: Unknown.
'Dover', 1832, (c1900).  Creator: Unknown.
'Scene in Glen Lochy', (c1900).  Creator: Unknown.
'Every Inch a Man', (c1900).  Creator: Unknown.
'Bamborough Castle', 1891, (c1900).  Creator: Unknown.
'Francis Nicholson (1753-1844)', (c1900).  Creator: Unknown.
'Thomas Hearne (1744-1817)', (c1902). Creator: Unknown.
'Joshua Cristall, R.W.S. (1767-1847)', (c1902). Creator: Unknown.
'Thomas Rowlandson (1756-1827)', (c1900). Creator: Unknown.
'Landscape near a Lake', 1785, (c1900).  Creator: Unknown.
'Classical Landscape', (c1900).  Creator: Unknown.
'High Wycombe from the Marlow Road', c1802, (c1900).  Creator: Unknown.
'A Harvest Scene - an Outdoor Sketch', (c1900).  Creator: Unknown.
'A Cornfield', c1840s, (c1900).  Creator: Unknown.
'Landscape, near Wareham, Dorset - an Outdoor Sketch', (c1900). Creator: Unknown.
'Caudebec en Caux', 1901, (c1902).  Creator: Unknown.
'James Baynes (1766-1837)'.  Creator: Unknown.
'John Constable, R.A. (1776-1837). Creator: Unknown.
'Thomas Girtin (1775-1802)'.  Creator: Unknown.
'Drusllwyn Castle, Caermarthenshire', (c1900).  Creator: Unknown.